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Jefrin Baby

Drama Romance


Jefrin Baby

Drama Romance

Love From Infinity To Infinity

Love From Infinity To Infinity

12 mins 5.9K 12 mins 5.9K

“Her hands trembled to hold that coffee cup firm which she once held romantically, with a kiss from her beloved”.

It was college final year. Semester exams and projects were around the corner. April 11, 1999 was marked as the date for the farewell party of the seniors by the sophomores. Memorable gifts and slam books were prepared for every individual senior. A dozen day practice for the cultural events with huge audio sets and well-decorated auditorium was the juniors’ preparation. Priya, a fair tall girl, a Mathematics student was to host the show.  

April 11, 1999. Seniors were in colourful paijamas and salwars and the entire campus was filled with seniors clicking photos with their cameras. The aroma of the food prepared poured into the nose of every individual of that campus. Dhiya, a physics student and beautician by intertest was engaged with coating Priya’s face. “All the handsome seniors will have an eye on this salacious Priya”, boasted Priya herself. “You damn! Shut up”, popped Dhiya in her sweet tone giving another touch-up. 

The programme was a great hit and Priya glowed with the grace of Dhiya. Neeraj and Khabir, arrived there and gave Priya a tight hug. Khabir and Neeraj were the seniors of Priya’s department. Priya introduced them to Dhiya and Khabir took his new Motorola phone and said that his dad had gifted him. He gave his number to Priya and Priya shot of mobile phone asked Dhiya to note down his number. Dhiya had a Nokia. In those days people with mobile phones were considered as humans with two wings and ability to fly. Neeraj and Khabir bid farewell. 

April 17, 1999. A week after farewell Bakrid arrived. Priya texted Khabir, “HAPPY BAKRID”. Khabir was a sunny Muslim who strictly followed 5 times namaz. Khabir texted her back, “THANK YOU PRIYA. Tum biriyani kaeliyae wish karthahoon!Sahi hi...Hahahahahahaha”. After a long while popped up a message in Khabir’s phone, “This is Dhiya. Priya came to my home by morning and left just a while ago. And by the way how are you Khabir?”, texted Dhiya.

“Ahhh...doing good. How are you Dhiya? Hope you are performing well in your studies. How is your college life going?” was his reply. Texts grew until both fetched bye to leave to bed. Texting a new person, eagerly waiting for their reply and having a comfortable feel are indeed common for all. That was not an exception to them.  

27 May, 1999. Dhiya with her best friend Luvani, Rikshana and Teenu was busy shopping in the Crossroads Mall, Worli. Shopping beyond a necessity has become the hobby and trend and the youth pursue it as their young age custom. No doubt the girls entered at the time of brunch and exited only after it was nearing a High Tea. Having completed their shopping and waiting at the bill counter with large trollies, Dhiya, to her astonishment met Khabir. “Hey Khabir ji!” shouted Dhiya with amusement and Khabir in no doubt responded quickly at the top of his voice. “Hey Dhiya! How are you? Am glad that I met you”, was his response. After billing they all marched to the nearby cafeteria and had a very good time. Dhiya introduced Khabir to her batchmates and they giggled giving a response that they knew him earlier. Rikshana whispered in Dhiya’s ears, “How come I am unaware of Khabir, for he was the Mr. Handsome of that Espatanos – Batch”. Espatanos – “Spartans” was the batch name of their seniors and all the members were uttered by that name. “You bitch...shut up!”, murmured Dhiya in her ears with a smile and being much aware that Khabir had not noticed. Khabir was the handsome hunk of their college. He performed everyday work out in gym. Every girl on the campus had an eye on him. All the four spent almost an hour discussing about their college and mocked their professors as well. Khabir fetched bye and asked if he has to drop them at home in his car. Luvani, who was residing nearby, thought of moving by herself and Rikshana’s house was on the way to Dhiya’s house. Khabir opened the car door for them both. Shahrukh khan’s kuch kuch hota hai headed the play list and Khabir hummed it. “You sing well”, applauded Dhiya and, “Its my favourite” replied Khabir. In the half way Rikshana’s got down. Khabir noticing Dhiya’s smile from the mirror admired her and fell. The time arrived for Dhiya to get down. Dhiya thanked and Khabir expressed her that he was impressed by her million-dollar smile. Both the souls reached their destination but missed something that made their hearts think. Mark this! Hearts think.  

That night Dhiya texted Khabir, “I enjoyed your company. Thank you” and waited. In no doubt Khabir texted, “It’s me who has to thank you. I enjoyed this unexpected meet but meeting you was something more special.” “Ahh…special? In what way?”, texted Dhiya. “Words are not sufficient to express every feeling and I’m short of words to tell how I enjoyed yours”, texted Khabir. This widened Dhiya’s smile and brought goosebumps. Her hands trembled in excitement and unable to text further she lied on her bed. What’s this? What does my heart feel? Did only this meet catalyst this agitation?..........nah this agitation has just increased which already was at the level of control. Am I in love with him? Questions circled her mind. On the other hand Khabir felt warmth in Dhiya’s meet. He stood in his balcony with a mug of coffee recalling his day with Dhiya and felt it was her who would be his perfect pair. The next day Khabir began his conversation with a usual good morning. Dhiya who was waiting for how to begin her conversation earned a good chance. “Good morning pops! What’s up?”, began her. Khabir called her and asked in a husky tone, “What are you doing?” “Reading the Romeo and Juliet, Khabir” replied her. “If I’m your Romeo, will you be my Juliet?”, asked him. These words made her speechless. In her lowered soft tone responded, “You spoke my mind out. Answer me, will you be my Romeo?” A deep silence prevailed and Khabir responded, “My love, for you I can eat fire!” The smell of romance spread among the two was that too strong to spread to the destined ends of their mobile phone.

That was the season of winter. The college was closed for Christmas. Both planned to meet for the first time after falling in love. Preplanning was done well. Dhiya, told her parents that she was going to meet Teenu. Dad wished to take her in his moped to Teenu’s house but, Dhiya resisted and added that she would take the bus to west Andheri. Dhiya went to the Versova beach, Khabir picked her up. Both went for lunch and movie. Even boring movie seems to be adventurous if you are with your beloved.

They both enjoyed the movie with French kisses and popcorns. Khabir dropped her near her home. Late night chats under their bedsheets were Dhiya’s usual and waking up late was his daily task. Things went well with mini fights and patching up with love. 

After 8 months of love Feb 14, 2000. The valentine’s day arrived. Khabir planned to take Dhiya for a dinner. Dhiya purchased prim roses. Luckily Dhiya’s parents were out of station, for a wedding at Sholapur and Dhiya avoided citing important internals. Dhiya waited at bus stop and there arrived Khabir. Dhiya entered the car and gave Khabir a warm hug uttering no words. Dhiya felt comfortable lying on his shoulder and Khabir drove the car with romantic music being played by the car’s speaker. Surprisingly, Khabir kissed her lower lips with a mild bite and fled to the upper lip infraction of millisecond and locked her. Dhiya not knowing what was happening looking into his eyes without a blink expressing her complete love to that manly divine figure. This lasted until the hotel arrived. Both marched into the reserved cabin. Dhiya said that convincing her parents was easy and Khabir felt that it would not be much easy as they were of different religion. Khabir asked Dhiya to meet his friends as they were eagerly waiting to see her. Dhiya was much excited and both destined at the beach. Introducing Dhiya to his friends, Khabir knelt down and took the ring from his pocket and held Dhiya’s right hand and asked, “Will you be my valentine?” Dhiya’s eyes welled with tears and hugged Khabir tightly leaving him no space to breathe. Khabir with a million-dollar smile on his face kissed her forehead. Khabir’s friends cheered them up with hurrah! Everyone celebrated the their ardent love. EVERY STORY OF LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL INDEED!

It was 11:00. p.m. Khabir felt that it was time for Dhiya to leave home and took his car. Deep fresh kisses and love bites made their ride romantic. Imprinting the symbol of Love in each other’s lips and drowning in the flavor of expectorations! What is more essential than this for a perfect Valentine’s day? It was a 40 minute ride which led to Dhiya’s home. Dhiya stepped down and called Khabir in. Khabir resisted. On compulsion, Khabir entered in. It was a middle class house in which things were neatly set. Dhiya made Khabir sit on the sofa and left into her room for changing her attire. 2 minutes after Dhiya left, followed Khabir at her back. The room was dark and Khabir closed her eyes from her back. “Hey you!” Giggled Dhiya feeling the warmth of his palm. “Tell me how much do you love me?” asked Khabir. “If there is a number beyond infinity it would be up to that!”, responded her. “Then show your love!” commanded Khabir in his manly tone. Turned back Dhiya and Khabir held her chin near his face. Both kissed passionately. Some Butterfly kisses and Eskimo kisses were passed by Khabir. This foreplay lasted an hour. Khabir took the essence of Dhiya’s armpit as his drug for his further performances. Dhiya went near his ears and gave him an earlobe kiss. “Ahh!” he shouted. “Let your manly power kneel down in front of this mighty woman”, commanded her. Will her wish be left? He bent down and buried her face between her breast and sealed with a kiss. Moved further he slipped down and knelt!

Making her fall in her bed he bent down. She slipped her hands down to feel his manhood and took a hold firm as a monitor lizard. He dropped his manhood into her holy ‘Altar of Venus’, making that mighty divine woman feel utmost pleasure. That continuous cuddle lasted till the dawn. She laid her head on his hands and both felt the utmost pleasure. 

8:00 a.m. woke up Khabir and found no one near him. It seemed to be a mirage. In a minute, entered Dhiya with a coffee mug. Came her near him and made her nose touch his nose and he felt the warmth of her breath. “Coffee or me?” asked Dhiya. “Coffee in the dawn and you in the dusk”, he replied and grabbed the coffee from her hands. Later that eve, Khabir fetched bye from Dhiya and promised to talk to his parents and convince them for their wedding. Dhiya, for the whole day dreamt of those sacred hours spent with him and smiled.

March 27, 2000. Khabir texted Dhiya that he wanted to meet her urgently. Khabir came marching and said, “My Dad wants me to fly abroad. Through his influence he has a job for me at Qatar as a manager of an Oil well. I have to move there as it’s my father’s wish. I’ll be back soon. Please understand. May I leave?” asked Khabir. Dhiya responded positively and she was happy for him. She made a condition that he has to convince his parents when he comes back. Khabir promised her and informed that he will be moving by tomorrow at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport by 4.00 p.m. Dhiya wished him and told him to text from the Qatar number. He kissed her on forehead and asked him to take his meal on time. Dhiya came home and informed her dad about Khabir and his family. Her parents didn’t object to her decision and asked to make Khabir come and speak to them and then convince his family too for their wedding. She was on cloud nine. It was 3 days since he left. Dhiya’s eyes were fixed on the last text received from Khabir and she was in a state of mind unknown what happened to him. The next day at Radio F.M, she heard the News, “The flight from India to Qatar found crashed near the Gulf of Oman. None survived and 169 passengers died”. Hearing this Dhiya’s heart broke. She went to Priya’s house and urged her to ask Khabir’s parents about it. Priya called Neeraj and asked about Khabir. Neeraj informed that he was in Khabir’s house and his parents were in grief as the news of Khabir’s death arrived only that morning. Hearing that Dhiya’s heart shattered into pieces. Tears rolled down her eyes. She left to her home and laid on her bed and wept. Her parents tried to console her by all the ways they could. How come one bear this grief of separation. “Is God that much cruel to perform this act?” asked Dhiya. Every love story is beautiful indeed. But all love stories are not blessed to have a happy ending.

 MAY 27, 2000. Khabir’s father, Mansoor arrived at Dhiya’ s house. Dhiya’s parents couldn’t recognize him and asked. Mansoor gave a reply, “Khabir’s papa”. There prevailed a deep silence. He pleaded them to meet Dhiya. Dhiya’s mom opened the door. There rested Dhiya on the chair in the dark room. On seeing her condition, Mansoor was broken. He revealed that when he opened Khabir’s cupboard. He found a letter saying, “Dad, I am moving to Qatar as per your wish. But promise me that you’ll fulfill my wish too. I’m in love with Dhiya, a junior student of my college. She has all the good characters that my future wife deserves, but with a simple misfortune. She is a Hindu. Love has no role for religion. Please do promise me that she’ll be my bride”. Tears rolled on everyone’s eyes. “Dhiya was fed up after his death and finally became depressed. She was admitted in Hospital and now she is receiving home treatment from a rehabilitation center. I’m unable to see my daughter at this state of mind”, cried him. Dhiya’s mom came with a cup of coffee for Mansoor. Mansoor went near Dhiya and stretched the cup near and said “Have this Coffee my dear. Do you know me? I’m Mansoor, Khabir’s dad”. Her hand stretched to receive the cup and it trembled. Tears rolled down her eyes and fell on Mansoor’s hand.

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