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Loser Arun

Loser Arun

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Not so many years long ago, lived two young brothers, Shubham and Arun. Arun was good in studies but he was not so much well in sports. But Shubham was good in studies and as well as in sports, Shubham played cricket very well but he was over confident also that no one in his Colony could play cricket better than him.

After sometime a match was organised in between juniors and seniors. Arun and Shubham both practiced a lot before the match. On the day of the match Shubham scored the highest 50 runs in an over. He gave only two runs but in the case of Arun he was out on 0 and give 20 runs in his first over. The juniors lost this match and blamed Arun that because of him they lost. So, they moved Arun to the extras.The new junior player in the place of Arun was Alok.

Shubham became very overconfident and and he did not practice for the next match because he thought that he will surely win the match. But Arun practiced a lot from dawn to dusk.

On the day of the second match Alok the junior player was absent and hence Arun was moved into playing 11. This time the reverse happened! Shubham could not score too many runs and gave out 20 runs in his first over. He was too sad and become very angry. But Arun, this time scored 75 runs in just 30 balls and give only two runs in In an over.

This time as a result of very excellent batting the juniors won. Shubham was very sad and was very angry but when his brother said that if you were not overconfident you would have surely won the match.

MORAL: Never be overconfident.

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