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Inspirational Abstract



Inspirational Abstract

Locks Of Your Wishes

Locks Of Your Wishes

2 mins

We are the locks to our wishes.

Each of us has a different story to tell. Story of those people who chained their desires and wishes and locked us here. We don't know how many of those wishes were fulfilled or how many of those desires burned into ashes. We don't know what's our role in it. Once we are locked, we can stay here still, without moving, without being opened for years.

We usually observe when a new one is chained. It's shy at first and then it gets to know us. It knows its purpose to just be here so that they get some comfort thinking we would do something for them. But it’s their desires, their feelings, their emotions, and their wishes. Some wish for the loved one, some wish for a bright future, some may wish for others and some just do it for fun.

The newest lock had joined the chain today ...

"Welcome to the chain new one... What’s your purpose here... Another love story? ", I asked... The new lock nodded in affirmation.

"There are loads of us here, we aren't even aware how many of us have fulfilled those love stories...", I said to the new one...

"Master wished his love to be happy where ever she is now and if possible return to him again... ", said the new one...

"She always used to come here... She once came with that boy... I carry her wish... She wished to be with him forever till the end of her days", said my locked friend pointing those other locks that she might have tied for her other wishes.

"She tied me when she first came here wishing that her father allow her to go to visit her mom... ", said the smallest lock.

"Why she left him?", I asked

"She left the world but him... And she finally got to visit her mom... I guess her first wish has been fulfilled now... ", the new lock said.

I was speechless...

I have listened to many stories... But not as heart-wrenching as this one. Wishes buried under two of my friends were fulfilled...

I had perplexing emotion of whether I should rejoice for my fellow locks that their purpose was well served, or feel bad for the new lock whose wish will never come true ...

I have a similar wish inside me and I hope this doesn't turn out this way... While my master wants it to be fulfilled.

I'm confused about my role will be... But someday we all hope to be opened and all those wishes locked inside us will be known, without a key...

Maybe we are just the locks, carrying your wishes...

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