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Lockdown College Diaries

Lockdown College Diaries

3 mins

You can stay out of your college but it is impossible to stay out of your's teacher reach.

Everything was going well then all of a sudden Corona Virus came and changed the way of living.

I returned back to my home on 14th March. Since then, I am here at home.

It's so irritating to stay at home for back to back months. I miss my Bangalore life.

From May 3rd, my college started and I jumped into second semester of MBA. I don't know whether I will get passing marks in my 1st semester or not. Results are yet to come.

Since May we are having online classes. They started with Zoom then, switched to Google Meet and now, on Webex.

I have set my time table in such a way that I sleep at day time and wake up at nights(Full night).

Sometimes, I wake up because of alarm to attend classes, I put on the call, turn off my audio and video and I use to sleep again.

As they are taking the classes at the time when I am suppose to sleep :p

I am into many works, so I can't change my sleeping cycle. At nights, I do my work with full concentration and no disturbance.

Everything was going very well until I attended my Research Methodology session.

So, yesterday I had a class on Research methodology. I woke up by listening alarm tone at 11:00 am.(I slept at 8 a.m.), I was in deep sleep.

I entered the login details and joined the session.

I turned off the video and audio options and I kept my phone next to my place where I was sleeping.

I removed earphones from my ear and started sleeping.

I woke up at 12 pm., after a nap and checked my phone if class is going well(attendence is very important, right?).

I checked the number of participants and there were about 60 students out of 73.

Just a glimpse, haven't shared the complete list.

I took a long breath as there were some good students who can answer the question if in case mam asks.

And again I fell asleep.

I woke up at 5.00 PM and took my phone. I looked at my phone, the meeting was still going on which was supposed to finished at 2 p.m., I rubbed my eyes and again saw.

Then, I noticed it was only me who was attending the meeting.

I was so shocked and started thinking what if mam called me before disconnecting the call.

Then, I went to the Google Classroom app to listen the audio of the same class.

I started listening the last few minutes of the minutes. It went damn funny.

Mam- Thank you students.

So, I am wrapping the session here, we will continue it in our next meeting.

Bye bye students.

Students- Bye mam. Thank you.

After 30 seconds, Shraddha?


Bye Shraddha.

You haven't left the session yet.

How can I end this meeting until any of my student is there?

Shraddha, are you there?

I have unmuted your audio, speak up!


Ohh! May be you have technical glitches.

Do you have any doubt?

You have raised your hand.

(May be by mistake I touched that hand raise button in my deep sleep).

Any doubts?


And then, she left the meeting.

It was me who was there for the next 3 hours.

I thank and bow down to my Airtel data which didn't wipe out even after an extra 3 hours of Webex meeting.

It was not that funny until and unless I didn't share this with my sisters.

They were laughing like hell.

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