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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Litmus Test For Love

Litmus Test For Love

2 mins 266 2 mins 266

Lust or Love?

09:00 AM

Viraj, I don’t know whether you love me in the same way I love you or not.

Saanchi why you doubt my love? Viraj felt dejected.

I find lust in your eyes. Can you stay without touching for twenty-four hours? She asked.

He said yes.he can.

But it is too tough for him. Without caressing her hair his day won’t start.

She said think again, whatever happens, you should not touch me.

If you touch me by any means, our relationship can be ended.

She thought she was just trying to see whether he is able to do it or not.

09:30 AM

He promised he won’t touch her for the next twenty-four hours.

She smiled at him and they both parted.

Next day 08:30 AM

Hello, Is this Viraj?

Yes. He answered the phone and ran into the parking to take the car.

He never drove with that much speed.

He reached the City hospital and enquired about the accident case.

09:20 AM

Saanchi’s parents are crying outside the operation theatre. Saanchi got an accident and severely injured.

Viraj asked what happened?

They said Doctors are saying her body is not responding after the operation. If she does not get consciousness within some time, we have to consider her brain is dead.

Doctor, can I see her once? Viraj asked with tears in his eyes.

By seeing his eyes, the Doctor was unable to say no.

He went inside the Operation Theater.

09:28 AM

He felt the instinct of her last breath.

09:29 AM

He kissed her on the forehead.

09:30 AM

There is movement in her hand. Her neurons are busy circulating the information of his touch.

Her heart is ready to beat normal.

The nurse has seen and informed the Doctor.

They reached to check her condition.

They thought the operation got success.

He felt his task is done. He left the hospital first.

But he does not know where to go by leaving her.

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