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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Vikram Patwari

Drama Fantasy Thriller


Vikram Patwari

Drama Fantasy Thriller

King Zygote & King Mermitan - Game On

King Zygote & King Mermitan - Game On

9 mins 316 9 mins 316

Still in the Mermitan’s world

King Mermitan brought the beautiful lady in front of Charu and said, ‘Your mother looked like this, Charu. Anthony Delsworth had amassed enormous wealth in his lifetime while his only brother fell into bad ways and became a pauper. His evil eyes fell on Anthony’s fortune and that evil tendency extended to his next generations as well. It became their sole purpose in life to somehow get rid of Anthony and Sherry’s family line so that they’d be the heirs to the fortune. Your parents were killed in this bloody family feud, but your mother in her dying moments managed to safeguard and hand you over to their trusted family friends, the Oomens. The Oomens who were childless, wholeheartedly accepted you and raised you as their own child. The ones who killed your parents thought you were dead too and amassed all the assets that are rightfully yours.’

Charu asked for some water and was given a bottle; She was able to sip the water through the bubble that engulfed her without breaking it. Yuvaan who was seated next to Abhay on the homely sofa found the sight of Charu drinking water while being under water a bit weird and surreal. But it was real and happening.

He nudged Abhay and said, ‘How I wish I had a Video Cam to shoot these unbelievable scenes.’

Abhay stared at him and said, ‘In this era of advanced CGI & VFX, do you really think anybody would believe the footage to be real even if we shot it? I’d bet they’d be able to create something similar that’d be more realistic than this reality!’

Yuvaan sighed and nodded in consent while King Mermitan continued, ‘Charu, you are the only living rightful heir to the entire Varghese fortune. However, that’s a battle that you must fight on your own. As far as we are concerned, it’s been an awful long wait; so please help us get to our home.’

With moist eyes, Charu reached out to the lady and touched her cheeks with both hands and kissed her forehead. ‘I can no longer relate to what’s real and what’s unreal. The past few weeks have been crazy for me. I can’t believe I am still sane with what’s going around with me. Now tell me one thing; Why wait till now? Why didn’t you and the Zygotes approach me all this time? What if I didn’t discover you folks on my own?’ asked Charu trying to regain her composure whilst wiping her eyes.

‘We had to wait till you turned 25 years of age. That was the age when Sheryl's divine powers were at its peak, until she got married and lost it. You’ve turned 25 a couple of months ago. Now, do you think you discovered us, or we guided you into discovering us?’ said King Mermitan with a sly smile.

‘But, why make us go through all this stuff? You could have approached me directly as soon as I landed in Fort Kochi from New York.’

‘Hmm…Seriously! Just imagine us, Aliens, coming to you in our actual handsome forms and asking you to help us reach our planet as you happen to be Sheryl reincarnated. Wouldn’t that have spooked you out of your senses?’

‘Getting it now. So, all the voices in my head were a kind of appetizer for me to become acquainted and prepared for the sumptuous ‘Alien-Supernatural-Reincarnation’ frenzied main course ahead,’ said Charu striking her forehead with her palm.

‘Not only the voices in your head. The book stall, the book, the pic of the villa, the Museum, the book in the Museum, the half-finished idol, the papyrus; All these were clue points created by the Zygotes and us parallelly. The picture of the lady on the book and the half-finished idol were inspired by your mother’s face. As you humans say, we wanted to give you enough ‘Net practice’ before the ‘Main match’ begins. The alpha numeric code however is something that existed and not our creation. Deciphering the code, ‘MV02FK09’ is the only way to establish yourselves as the true heir to the Varghese fortune and we’d help you with that, eventually.’

‘You mean to say that whatever theory we’ve deduced, whichever direction we took, we would have reached you, ultimately?’ asked Charu.

‘Yes, everything was pointed in only two directions – Either us in the Water or the Zygotes in the Cave. You took the water path and reached us.’

‘What if I hadn’t selected that particular book in the book stall? What if I hadn’t checked that book in the Museum?’ asked Charu still unable to come to terms with King Mermitan’s proclamation.

King Mermitan laughed out loudly, ‘You see, this is the advantage of having powers to transform into anything. Any books you might have selected, one of the Zygotes present there was supposed to transform into the exact book we intended for you to possess, which the zygote did, and you bought. I personally was ready at the Museum and transformed into the ‘The Rich and Affluent from Fort Kochi's past’ book perfectly timing with your glance on me. Even the Museum executive at the Helpdesk was a Zygote in the Executive’s form. Unknowing to you, you must have interacted with more Zygotes in human forms than humans themselves. As my folks cannot survive on land, I took much of the initiative as I can survive on land and water; my folks of course were mostly the brains behind all this.’

Abhay stood up and asked, ‘What about the missing sword, then? Was stealing it too a part of your meticulously designed scheme?’

‘The sword is an important object needed for our getaway. We always felt it was safe in its position in the Museum. We planned to obtain it at the right moment, but alas, some human or Zygote seems to have stolen it before us. We should have been more careful about it. But don’t worry, we’d retrieve it soon,’ said King Mermitan.

‘Why would you doubt the Zygotes? You both are working together, right?’ asked Charu.

‘Here comes the twist, guys. For the first time in our history has a situation arisen, when we are beginning to doubt the motive of the Zygotes. There’s a strong reason behind it. You see, after Sheryl’s failed attempt to send us back, the Mound from our planet had split into two halves. The half pertaining to us fell in the lake and the one for the Zygotes fell in the cave. Now, once you obtain the powers and the time comes to send us back, it’ll be either us or the Zygotes who’ll make it, depending on whose mound you’ll be plunging the sword in. It’s a strong theory we believe in and I think the Zygotes too must have realized it and gotten hold of the sword before us.’

‘That'd be disastrous. Wouldn’t it lead to an All-out war between you and the Zygotes?’ asked Charu.

‘If it were to happen, it would be the first time and there won’t be a second time for any of us.’

‘So, both you and the Zygotes need me, and I can technically help only one of your races. And the disappointed party would deal with me as they like. Wow, I seem to be in a perfect catch 22 situation,’ said Charu clutching her face with her hands.

‘Don’t worry, we are with you. Even if the Zygotes get hold of you and the sword, they’d still need us as only we have the power to time travel and transport Sheryl’s soul into your body to acquire the divine powers!’

‘WHAT???’ Charu, Abhay and Yuvaan all shrieked at once, flabbergasted.

‘Don’t panic. The plan is…’ King Mermitan was about to continue when Charu interrupted. ‘Enough for today, please. My Dad would be worried about me. Allow us to go home and we’ll discuss the plan some other day.’

‘Fair enough. Meanwhile, watch out for the Zygotes; they could be anything and anywhere. If you feel suspicious, just sprinkle some water and if that thing or person happens to be a Zygote, it’ll disintegrate into oblivion. Meanwhile we’ll be looking for the sword.’

King Mermitan then gestured to one of his accomplices who brought the luminous looking object to him. Abhay, Yuvaan and Charu already familiar with the procedure came forward to hold it.

‘I’ll be calling you,’ said King Mermitan smiling.

‘Don’t call in my head. Show up in this form and we’ll speak,’ said Charu and the trio held the luminous object and, in a flash, emerged at the surface of the lake.


Back on the boat

Yuvaan took the helm and steered the motorboat towards their starting point. None of them spoke. They were immersed in their own weird thoughts.

As they reached their point, Yuvaan said, ‘You guys carry on. I’ll have to return this boat and the equipment. I’ll call you guys later.’

They all changed into their dresses and left the Scuba suits in the corner of the boat.

Abhay and Charu stepped down the boat and Yuvaan headed the boat to the point where he had to return it.

While Yuvaan was handling the helm, Charu’s scuba suit slowly started transforming into a cloudy form and flew off behind his back.

The cloudy form emerged in the cave in the mountain. There were several similar creatures in the cave, and they all assembled upon its arrival.

The one that had transformed into Charu’s scuba suit was none other than King Zygote himself.

‘Dear fellow Zygotes, I’ve been to the Mermitan’s hide out. Even they are aware that only one of our races would be able to head home. It’d be the mound that Charu in Sheryl’s form chooses to plunge the sword in, that’d decide our fate. We are one step ahead in this game as we have the ‘Khopesh’,’ said King Zygote pointing towards the magnificent sword placed on a rock.

‘What about them?’ asked a Zygote pointing to the persons tied up at a corner.

‘They’d stay here as our guests. Two of you take their form and come along with me. Charu will be definitely visiting Vincent for more information on the Varghese family. We’ll be ready and lead her along,’ said King Zygote.

Their hands tied, Martha and Ruth started trembling with fear. With a shivering voice, Martha begged, ‘Please spare our lives. We’ve got nothing to do with Charu, Vincent or any of these weird happenings. We’ll leave Fort Kochi and never return.’

‘Oh, Dear Martha. You’ve been serving me for two years and is this what you think about me? We don’t kill anyone unless it becomes absolute necessary. Oh, you poor damn humans; your poor intellect and exaggerated emotions. We just need your human forms temporarily. Once our objective is fulfilled, we’ll let you go. You’ll be properly taken care of during your stay here. You should be privileged to be the first ones from your human race to enjoy the hospitality of aliens,’ said King Zygote.

 He then gestured to a zygote which transformed into a Big Glass Cabin and Martha and Ruth found themselves in it. The ropes tying their hands transformed into a couple of zygotes and came out of the glass cabin.

‘I’ve been serving Vincent; why do you say that I’ve been serving you?’ asked Martha.

King Zygote pointed towards a tombstone in the corner of the cave and said, ‘Your poor dear Uncle Vincent died in our captivity a couple of years ago. Not our fault; he got a heart stroke as you guys call it. I was residing in his form in that home ever since, waiting for Charu.’

Martha collapsed in shock while Ruth sat stone-faced in utter disbelief.

King Zygote signaled to a couple of Zygotes and they all emerged in Vincent’s home in Vincent, Ruth and Martha’s form and waited for Charu.

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