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Just Us And The Environment

Just Us And The Environment

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Simba woke up from his slumber and stared at the starless night sky. He closed his eyes and instead of seeing the unfathomable darkness of his eyelids he saw stars. He saw the night sky ten years ago. He remembered standing on the edge of the wilderness and peering at the two-legged creatures in mammoth structures that they call 'buildings' blazing with so many lights that they call 'bulbs' and 'tubes'. He had been instructed by his father that these lights had sheathed the twinkling diamonds embedded the velvety night sky. His mother came by and licked him back to sleep.

According to me, these must be the thoughts of all the wild animals before they succumb to a ruthless and oppressive force called humans.

But wait! This was fiction speaking, let us come back to the real world. From the reel to the real - Our World. I have no idea whether you all are familiar with the cold-blooded murder of a pregnant elephant in India's most developed state - Kerala. Well, I for one wasn't. I only got to know about it a week ago. This female elephant (which, by the way, is called a cow) was offered a pineapple full of crackers which we burst on Diwali, and she died standing in a river. But the irony is that, she was supposedly hungry and the inhabitants had given her food, only it was filled with certain death. She died standing in a river, drinking water, supplying her body with liquid life where a solid death was already imprinted on her fate. Such is the cruel kindness we possess. A woman is raped, a famed hero is kidnapped, a politician is murdered and the whole country and probably even some parts of the world get to know about it in less than a fortnight. News such as this spreads like wildfire and then we have riots, hunger strikes, powerful speeches, etc., etc. erupting even in the most remote places. Sadly, this unborn elephant fetus died more than half a month ago and yet half the country doesn't know about it. And let me remind you once again that this horrific, heinous crime took place in the most literate state of our beloved country. What is the great use of education, if you can't save an innocent life?

What a luxurious hell have we created for ourselves? We should actually be out in the streets laughing and shouting in our gleeful sorrows, shouldn't we? But sadly, we have been locked up in our houses having to maintain distance from our fellow Homo sapiens. But what about the dogs? Over 3 crores of dogs live on our streets and live off the meagre food provided by passersby. During this uneventful lock down lacks of dogs have died because of lack of food!

Sometimes, people have this wrong notion that nature only consists of jungles. Well, let clear it up for you. Nature is everything, from the soft breeze caressing your face to the thunderous waterfalls crashing down with a ferocity we can only have an inkling to. From microscopic bacteria to the mighty blue whale to the humble elephants who might squash the life out of you........................only if they wish to do so.

This year's theme for Environment Day is 'Biodiversity and Time for Nature' with a focus on it's role in providing the essential infrastructure that supports life on Earth and human development. Nature alone has provided us with everything. It is our foundation. We wouldn't be here where we are today, without nature. Us existing without nature is an unthinkable thought! But, nature, would sure as hell exist mightily fine without us! 

India has always been the thriving grounds for a varied array of cultures and religions.

Our faith in God is unshakable. We kill in the name of God, We donate lives in the name God. But have you ever taken a moment to set aside your tumultuous thoughts and feelings and praise God's creativity?      

When He chiseled a rain drop, how did he think of a stem, Bearing a lovely satin leaf to hold this tiny gem? These intricate details are the things that we are destroying. If not for a life, at least for your God, think twice before giving your consent in the death sentence of nature.

World Environment Day is held each year on June 5th. It is one of the principal vehicles through which the United Nations (UN) stimulate world wide awareness regarding the environment and enhance political attention and action.

I would like to take a famous hindi quote, "Boond-boond se sagar banta hai". Small drops of water make a mighty ocean. Change comes from within, Change comes from oneself. Many people including my own family, when talked to about saving the environment, they just say, no one does it, so why should we? You start it, people will follow it and adopt it! I know it is said that, it is never too late, but there will come a day when it is truly too late and there is no nature, no humans and no humanity left.......................if you don't act now!   

To me Environment Day has held a sacred place in my heart, but what is it for you? Is it just a day to waste or is it a day to take a step towards making a significant change?

I'ld like to quote a short poem by Christy Ann Martin,

She lost herself in the trees,                                                                                                               

Among the ever-changing leaves.                                                                                                          

She wept beneath the wild sky,                                                                                                            

As stars told stories of ancient times.                                                                                                        

The flowers grew towards her light,                                                                                                         

The river called her name at night.                                                                                                          

She could not live an ordinary life,                                                                                                          

With the mysteries of the universe hidden in her eyes......................... 

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