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Samanyu Mittal

Thriller Others Children


Samanyu Mittal

Thriller Others Children

Jurassic World: Azoo Bazoo Boom

Jurassic World: Azoo Bazoo Boom

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It was 6 o'clock and Ash was wandering in a grove near the neighbourhood. He was fascinated by the tall trees and varieties of flowers. Suddenly he saw a baffling sight in front of him. There in front of his eyes was a piece of land floating in the air. He rubbed his eyes in utter amazement. He touched the bottom and some dirt fell down. It was true! He remembered that he had started a new book club with Aaron and Amber. He ran to their house and told them that he had found the perfect location for their book club. They all were very excited and grabbed their favourite books and piled them all in a large trolley. Aaron and Ash played Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who would pull the trolley.

As usual, Aaron got bad luck. Aaron pulled the books and Amber sat in the trolley while Ash cycled behind making sure none of the books fell off. Ash had bought his favourite disc and CD player and just when they reached the secret point he played the music of Jurassic Park. It was cool like when Grant and Malcolm were seeing the Brachiosaurus, now they are seeing an unbelievable sight. Aaron lifted Ash onto the floating piece of land and they started handing out the books. Once they were settled they grabbed the first book of the pile and started reading it. The book was called "Journey through time". They started reading it and laughing at some pages. When they were reading the part when Stilton was getting chased by a colossal dinosaur called a Tyrannous Rex. Suddenly Ash noticed something written on the leaves of the only plant on that piece of land. It said "Azoo Bazoo Boom". Confused, Ash spelt it out. "Azoo Bazoo Boom". Suddenly they all felt a vacuum feeling and the very next moment they were in the book! Back on the piece of land, you could see Ash, Aaron and Amber in the picture of T-Rex chasing Stilton. "What the heck!" thought Amber. She yelled at Ash for getting them in this place. Aaron frightenedly said, "Are we in the book??". Ash replied "Yes.".

Now, what will happen to them??? Read on to know if they will die or live to see another day!

They hid behind a bush and saw the T-Rex plummet to death from falling off the cliff. Suddenly a spider climbed up Amber and she screamed. The spider hopped off frightened by the scream but now they were in trouble as they had alerted Velociraptors! Aaron heard the roar of the velociraptors and quickly grabbed a sharp, long stick. He found two rocks and started rubbing them together and small sparkles shot out. He eventually started a fire at the tip of his stick. Ash looked at Aaron and crazily said "Are you out of your mi-". Suddenly there was a rustle in the nearby bush. Then two scary looking velociraptors jumped out and surrounded the kids. Aaron courageously waved his stick around scaring the raptors. He hit one raptor and the eye and blinded it. The raptors backed down and slowly ran away. Ash happily said, "That was jolly brave of you to stand up in front of these scary animals". "Never mind. We need to find our way out first...." said Amber. "I think we need to find the book we were reading and say the magic words Ash said.". They all agreed and started hunting for the book. "I am sure I kept it here," said Aaron, he absent-mindedly dug beneath and found a letter. He yelled in joy "Look guys, I found somethin'! ". They all gathered up and read the letter. 

HeLLO FeLLOw StRaNgErS, I LiKeD YoUr BoOk AnD NoW It'S WiTH me If YoU WaNt it bACKk YoU will HAVE To WriTE A Story In REPLACemenT.

"What who does that person think he or even she is? God? He has no right to d-" Ash interrupted "There is no turning back, we have to write a story". They all decided they would rewrite the story "The wolf and the seven lambs"..... A masterpiece. They flipped the letter and started writing only to find they didn't have a pencil and they didn't know this person. They all started finding clues in the letter but there was no clue. Suddenly an arrow came flying and hit a nearby tree. Ash plucked the arrow and found a map, they followed the map to an X on the ground made out of sticks. They dug with their already dirty nails and found a small box. They opened it and found a paper, a quill, a bottle-shaped out of leaves storing carrot juice for ink. They also found a map on which it was written. "Adress". You mean address thought Amber. They grabbed the paper and wrote up the story. Modifying a few parts. They finished in around 30 minutes but, were also covered with carrot juice. Stop laughing, even you wouldn't be able to use a quill with perfect mastery. They rolled up the paper and tied it with a leaf. Then they followed the map to the address. On the way, they saw a big patch of sand surrounded by the thorniest of plants. Aaron simply stepped into the sand but suddenly he started sinking. It was no regular sand.....It was quicksand!

Will Aaron survive or will he drown???? Read on to know!

Ash and Amber started pulling out screaming Aaron suddenly a rope lowered down. Wait, not a rope.... a snakes tail. Aaron managed to pull himself out and the snake swung Aaron to the other side. Ash and Amber followed and then slowly the snake came out from above. Wait it was not a snake. It was a pack of rats in a snakes skin! The rats slowly came out and started squeaking in joy. Ash took out some of his emergency cookies from his pocket and gave them to the rats in gratitude and after some playing the young adventures continued the trip. They set up a tent out of leaves and sticks and slept after eating some tasty berries and apples. They woke up in the morning having finished a lovely sleep. But whaattt! Ash was nowhere to be seen. They searched all around but no sign of him. Confused Aaron and Amber sat down and studied the map...They had lost Ash and now all they could do was keep themselves safe. They continued the journey now all they had to do was cross a thick jungle and enter a cave.

They reached the jungle and started cutting through their way. Suddenly they saw a big triceratops in front of them... It was growling at them. Poor Aaron and Amber didn't know that a triceratops was a herbivore and started screaming. The triceratops got scared and charged towards them suddenly someone said "STOP Tricy". The triceratops stopped. Out came Ash with a limp and bloody foot. He said "You guys are here! By the way, this is Tricy, my new friend. When I was sleeping a dinosaur called Deinonychus was dragging me by my foot which thus is wounded badly. Then suddenly kind Tricy came and knocked over the dinosaur and took me in her care". Aaron and Amber were too stunned to reply and just stood there until Ash told them to hop on Tricy's back and ride. They soon crossed the jungle and could see a cave from behind their hiding place, a big rock. After a long time, they gathered up the courage and crawled into the cave leaving behind Tricy to watch guard over. When they went in they were greeted by the most strange sight. A group of young children who were dressed like some dinosaur hunters. They even spoke nice English.

They sat around a fire and shared all their stories. The group of kids were also victims of the 'Azoo Bazoo Boom" time machine trick. They said they couldn't find their book and had lived here for two years! But now it was their luck when Amber, Ash and Aaron popped in. They all sat around the book and were about to say the magic word when-Roaarrrrrrrrrrrrr! They all ran out to see Tricy in battle with a T-Rex. Suddenly the cave kids handed out sharp sticks to everyone and started pinching the T Rex's legs and belly. The T-Rex roared in frustration, pinching from Tricy's horns and pinching from the sharp sticks was just too much for him. All of the kids watched as the T-Rex fled from the scene in terror. But the T-Rex had harmed Tricy a lot and she was surely taking her last breaths. All the kids gathered around Tricy, hugging her and trying to heal her but it was too late. Before they knew it she was dead. Dead...

After digging a hole and burying her with a lot of effort. They grabbed a stone and wrote. Tricy. The best triceratops to ever exist. Thank You for your help. They planted the stone in the ground as a tombstone and cried till they nearly drowned of the tears. Finally, all the kids gathered around...They had to do this.


Before they knew they were back to their timeline. All the kids returned home. When Ash reached home the first thing he did was hug his Mom and go for a bath. After the bath, he turned on the TV and saw the news. The headlines were: 1) Paleontologists find Tombstone for Triceratops above its fossils. 2) Disappeared kids return after two years. Kids make strange stories about going back in time. : But Ash knew the truth and would surely never forget it.


Ash had woken up from his sleep after finishing the best dream in the world. He had gone back in time to the Jurassic period and had a wonderful adventure. He was happy as he had the dream of his life and a story to write for his creative writing for school.

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