Dinakar Reddy

Drama Tragedy


Dinakar Reddy

Drama Tragedy

Journey to the Center of Heart

Journey to the Center of Heart

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Don't act so stupid.

His voice was given me a command which I never wanted to follow.

My father wanted to protect me but I wanted to heal me.

I think you have to go through enough suffering to get the feeling of healing.

I took a bouquet white roses on the way and entered the graveyard. My eyes searched eagerly for his grave. I found it and sat near it.

Everyone. Everyone blamed me. I have started crying without control.

I am complaining to my friend about everyone who is commenting that I should have rescued him from suicide.

One evening my bestie Charan called me and said He is feeling low and life seems uninteresting. Everything is looking grey and living life is becoming a burden.

He recently broke up with his girlfriend and I have told him to come to my place for some time.

I have advised let's talk and sort out something. I have thought it was a post-breakup depression thing.

He can feel better once he talks in person.

The next day I got a call from his home that, charan committed suicide last night.

I felt bitterness in my breaths.

When I entered his home to see his parents asked me the reason for his suicide.

I have convinced them He did not tell me he is going to kill himself on that night.

But no one believed. His last call shown my name and everyone blamed me.

I did not get an opportunity to see his face at least.

It is not easy.

Your bestie committed suicide and everyone is looking you could have a bit more sensitive.

It has been the year to the incident and I miss him every day. I wanted to ask him by grabbing his collar. I wanted to slap on his face to say why you didn't come to my place? 

Why did you take this decision?

For a long time, I wanted to visit his grave. I sat near his grave and kept white roses on it. His picture on grave looked at me.

His eyes said Friends do understand. His eyes did not blame me. We both made our tears as snowdrops on white roses.

I traveled to the center of my heart and met him there.

I felt I am healing.

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