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It’s All About Lying

It’s All About Lying

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“Jhooth bolna paap hai.” (Lying is a bad habit), is something we grew up listening to as a kid. Every adult just tried to teach us that how bad it is to lie. I remember many ‘myths’ my parents and other relatives associated it with, just to scare me like ‘your nose will get a little bigger every time you lie’ or ‘you will be punished by God’, and to be honest that scared me to some extent and I am sure many of you have also been through this.

I am not saying it was wrong what we have been taught or it is good to lie. Every kid needs to learn the basic concept of truth and lie and according to me the main reason to do so is to differentiate between right and wrong. This is something that is very essential to incorporate in us right from childhood.

Let's leave our childhood back and be back in our current scenario. Admit it or not, as we grew older, we started lying. Obviously, the lying is not for bigger issues but for smaller things like results, lost stationaries, those school fights, and fake signatures on leave application. After school life, in college life, we lie about partying, trips, results, and much more.

This can be a topic of debate that till how much extent is lying legal???

From my P.O.V., there is no measuring unit. Everyone has to accept it that everyone lies and there is no harm in it, but there is a click.

One is allowed to lie to an extent, it is neither harming you not the people related to you. You cannot lie to your parents and do anything even if it a small act like bunking school if it includes risking you or your parents at any point and this is the reason, we, as kids, were taught the basic parameters and impacts of truth and lie. Yes, it is the time to imply them now. Let us leave that to you to choose what is the limit for you as you know your best.

What makes me curious is why people actually lie, even in the situation when there is totally no need for it?

Let us just create a scenario here. Imagine I want to go somewhere with my friends but one of them just serves me with some lame excuse despite upfronting me that he/she doesn't want to go. What made you lie to this? I mean seriously.

Some people just lie to your face and expect you to accept it. Some of us know you are lying and that, for sure, doesn't improve your image. What I could think of is, either they just assume that we are too immature to understand their real reason or problem or they just take us as some judgemental aunty residing near their house. There may be some genuine reasons too.

What I am trying to point is there is no harm in lying, I also lie, you know the limit, but if you have doubt, even a little bit, that the person knows that you are lying just stop right there. Encouraging that lying even after that point is what is going to make you a certified liar in his/her eyes.

All the above points are from my perspective, you can differ and there is no harm in that. Just make sure that your lies should not harm anyone in any circumstances. You are mature enough (at least I think so) to make clear decisions about it and yes if sometimes you fail in that, seek help.

Disclaimer: - This is not anything related to psychology and for sure it is not encouraging any act related to lying. It is something I think of lying as.

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