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Supriya Jawrani



Supriya Jawrani


It Was Destined

It Was Destined

9 mins 336 9 mins 336

Chaudhary Charan Singh Airport, Lucknow.

3rd October, 2019

2 p.m.

I was striding across the airport frantically. The flight had already been delayed by 3 hours. Each and every minute that passed by, was increasing the level of my frustration but by bit. I was in a desperate situation, I had to go to Mumbai. My patience was wearing out.

"We regret to announce that in light of the extreme weather conditions persisting in Mumbai, all flights to Mumbai have been cancelled. It is for the safety of the passengers that this step is being taken, we regret the inconvenience caused", came the announcement.

Wow. Perfect. This was exactly what I needed (note the sarcasm). Cherry on the cake. Maybe it was divine intervention, maybe it was a sign. Maybe some supreme force of being didn't want me going to Mumbai. But I have no option. I need to go.

Charbagh Railway Station, Lucknow.

8 p.m.

It was nearly impossible, the seats were almost full, but I managed to get a ticket nevertheless. Thank God for some passenger who decided to cancel his trip last minute. I could feel myself getting absorbed in the throng of crowd. Since flights were cancelled, everyone was travelling by train. I was jostled not just by people, but also by suitcases, trunks and cartons. A woman almost stomped over a poor kid fallen on the ground, saved in the nick of time by a man whose face I couldn't see.

Just by seeing his back, I could make out that he had a perfectly sculpted body - broad shoulders, well-built muscles, long legs. If a man could be so hot from the back, I wonder what he would look like from the front. I was hoping that he would be in my coach, I would love to ogle him. Devour him with my eyes.

No Meera, these thoughts, these feelings, they are wrong. You shouldn't be thinking about any other guy, let alone staring at him. I was so busy reprimanding myself that I didn't notice that my coach had arrived. I entered inside and put my luggage under my seat, fastening the chain around it securely. I had barely sat on my seat when i noticed that man coming towards me.

I could feel myself sweating nervously, my heart pounding inside my chest. It was beating so loudly I was sure it was about to come out. Well, no harm in that . I would give it to this man. Literally. He came and sat on the lower berth directly across from me.

Today was a weird day. My flight had been cancelled, but here I was, sitting in front of an absolutely breathtaking man. If this was my compensation, then I definitely didn't mind missing my flight. I felt like I was cheating, thinking about him. But I couldn't help it. I was drawn to this man.

Staring unabashedly at him, I realised that his looks did not disappoint my expectations. His eyes were a unique shade between blue and green, unlike anyone's eyes I had ever been lucky enough to see. His jawline was sharp, cheekbones were high and his beard. Oh so sexy. I imagined what it would feel like, rubbing across my skin. It was as if God had made him with a lot of time and precision, everything about him was perfect.

Suddenly I saw his lips, oh those tempting lips, moving.

"Excuse me miss, could you exchange seats with me? I like the direct air of the A.C", he said, eyeing my upper berth.

"Sure, no problem," I accepted. How could anyone say no to those eyes of his. It would be a sin.

"Hi, my name is Aditya," he introduced himself.

"I am Meera."

After the introduction and the basic pleasantries had been exchanged, I realised that conversation flowed naturally between us. It was usually very awkward for me to open up to someone so soon, but he was something different. As we continued talking, I realised that he had much more to offer than this delectable body of his.

He was a pilot, flying with Air India. I realised that he was supposed to fly the same flight I was travelling by, which got cancelled. What a lucky coincidence it seemed. But I didn't believe in coincidences, I firmly believed in fate, in destiny. It was not a matter of chance that we were here, in the same place, at the same time. There has to be a purpose.

I got to know that his family stays in Mumbai. In fact, he was travelling there to celebrate his sister's birthday. Then came the question that I dreaded.

"Why are you going to Mumbai?", he asked me.

I wanted to lie. Every inch of my body was ready to spurt out some random made-up story, but I decided to go with the truth. Something about him, made me want to tell him the truth. I was tired of lying to everyone. To my friends, my family, my colleagues.

"Trouble in paradise, you may call it. I am engaged, about to be married next month. He is supposedly the "epitome of the perfect husband" according to my parents. He is a successful businessman, looks good, his family is good. That's what my family sees. What they don't see that he is extremely short-tempered and abusive, physically as well as mentally," I could feel myself getting angry and upset, tears threatening to spill from my eyes.

"Hey listen Meera, please don't cry. You don't want to talk about it, it's okay. Just don't trouble yourself over it," he said consolingly.

"No I want to tell you. Yesterday, I posted a picture of my colleague and I on social media. He is just a friend though. But my fiancee got angry about it. He called me up and really abused me. Called me a whore, slut and what not. We had already been fighting over other things and this just added to it. He threatened to break our engagement. I was a little relieved, because I didn't mind that at all. But my parents told me to go meet him and apologise to him. They don't want their reputation to fall in the society," I told him and started crying.

For a few seconds, he didn't say anything. Then he just wrapped me in his arms, hugging me as tightly as he could. I don't know what was it. The warmth of his embrace, or the comfort that he provided me, the feeling of safety and security that he gave me, but I instantly felt better. And not just better momentarily, but it was the happiest I had felt since a few months.

When he realised that I stopped crying, he broke apart.

He looked at me for what felt like ages. Then, gently wiping my tears, he caressed my face lightly. And he kissed my forehead. I had never dated before. The only romantic relationship I knew had been with my fiancee Paras. But I was frightened of him. I would feel disgusted when he would touch me. But with Aditya, I realised how loving someone's touch can be.

"Meera, you are the purest and the kindest soul I have met. I can't even imagine the torture Paras has put you through. I am going to punch him if I ever see him, for doing that to you. For damaging you, for making you doubt yourself. Don't be with such a person Meera who treats you like that. You deserve to be treated better. Come with me. Meet my parents. They will be more than happy to know that I have brought a daughter in law for them," he said.

"Daughter in law? You would marry me Aditya? But why? We barely know each other."

"Because I love you," came his reply.

Love me? How could he love me? Wasn't it too soon? Love is a strong word. All these thoughts were crossing my mind.

As if reading my mind, he said- " Love doesn't see time, place, age. It happens in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment. With the right person, it can happen just in seconds. And with the wrong person, how much ever time passes, it will not happen. Meera, you are beautiful, independent, brave, you are everything a man would want in his wife. Paras is a fool to not realise that. But, I should be grateful to him. Because of him, I will get to have you in my life. I am not forcing you into anything Meera. You take your time. I will wait. And even if your answer is no, I will gladly accept it."

After 1 year:

3rd October, 2020.

Today is the day we met, 1 year ago. How time flies. It felt like I met him just yesterday. The time we spent together was blissful. We went out whenever our schedules allowed us to, and made the most of that time. He was already in love with me and slowly, even I was falling for him. I had decided that today, on our 1 year anniversary, I was going to propose to him.

I had set up my living area just like a train, to symbolise the train journey that brought us together. I had even made a cute little ticket with his berth number on it. That was supposed to his invitation to this date. All the arrangements were done and he should be here any minute now.

When I heard the doorbell ring, I ran to the door. As soon as I opened the door for him, I blindfolded him and got him inside. As we reached the living area, I opened the blindfold and gave him the ticket. It took him a few minutes to take in everything. And suddenly realisation dawned upon him about what was going to happen.

I had already got on my knees by the time he got his senses. I looked at him with eyes filled with love and emotion.

"Aditya, you have taught me the true meaning of life. Yes, I was living life earlier, but that's all. With you, I learnt to enjoy life. We were both busy, and couldn't meet as much. But that is what made it all the more special. I missed you so much when we would be apart and when we would meet, I wanted to cherish each and every minute of it. I know you have been waiting for this day desperately. I had realised my feelings some time back, but I wanted to make this special. I love you, Aditya. Will you marry me and bear me for the rest of your life?"

He just held me and hoisted me up. I suddenly felt his lips on mine. I had imagined this and dreamed of this for so long. But this was much better than any dream or imagination. He suddenly moved apart, said "Yes", and started kissing me again. He kept saying Yes between multiple kisses and that feeling was great. I had never felt so happy before, so content with life.

We don't meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason. And this was our reason. Everlasting love.

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