It's Just You What I Want

It's Just You What I Want

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I just look at your pictures and long to meet you. The feeling that we belong to the same world makes me feel blessed. To just have you somewhere and wait for the moment when I will touch you. You will make me feel your presence and I might lose my sanity. I might just faint or smile or cry or simply blush . You make my heart skip. My heart starts sinking whenever I hear you. Your smile makes me blush. My breathe becomes heavy when I think of you. You make me think of all the unlikely things.

It's been a long time when I started loving you. It's just the same even after my sincere attempts to forget the impressions which you left on my soul. It's just you that I want.

You are my home. After the entire hectic day you sooth me. Your presence makes me feel loved. You still make me feel the pain and zeal of loving someone secretly.

I feel myself responsible to show you that there is someone who loves you more than anything. You are my hope, my life, my everything, my love.

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