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Is This Love

Is This Love

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Once in a very blue moon, you are confronted by astonishing beauty, a beauty so ethereal its forces to open a door and bursts upon you like a ray of sunshine. That moment happened to Brandon as he walked in through the door one Monday morning and a blur of orche caught his eye. The girl looked very young. She had walked passed him and her hair fallen over her face, partially covering it. Looking at her he almost lost count of time.

Isabella had been working at the newspaper for years. She was always good at her job and she had become invaluable to the editor.

Brandon trusted Isabella more than anyone else and was taken up by her beauty and charm but the new girl Raina came and tore everything Isabella had worked so hard to build. She'd managed to get four good reporters fired.

Raina couldn't get Isabella fired but she trusted Brandon to get her promoted to the job Isabella had been promised.

Isabella couldn't take it anymore and gave her two weeks' notice.

Brandon had fired Isabella. He had degraded her to the core but at the same time, he couldn't handle Isabella leaving. She burst out crying in front of all the employees. Deep within the cursed himself for letting those acid drop leak over her beautiful face. Raina was In cloud nine. She seemed much happier looking at the filmy scene going on in front of her.

As Isabella turned to leave he requested her to stay. He complimented her and told her how she was better than Raina in every possible way.

Isabella was totally confused, at one time Brandon had called her Useless and then he says I'm better.

Raina had interrupted them and had begun putting in bits of unnecessary things. Isabella knew that Brandon would never want her to leave by his side. But this time she wasn't sure whether he wanted her or not. She wasn't sure of his feelings whether he liked her or not. But all she knew that there was something that he kept within him.

Is it love or is infatuation, She gasped.

Isabella was confused over what was happening.

The New York guys are here Brandon explained in a loud voice. You should meet Raina the most beautiful and trustworthy employee.

Isabella couldn't hear more. Everything flashed before her eyes. All she could think of was to leave her job. The job which she shed every drop of blood for.

She left without even saying a single word. Her heart shattered into pieces.

A week later, just when she had begun to give up hope, he called Isabella about the meeting and then, strangely enough, sent her an email saying he would appreciate it if she would be back. He was pursuing her as much as she liked to pursue him.

After a few seconds, a message popped up on my screen.

Brandon: Hi! How are you? I hope you. keeping fine.


Brandon: Hope to see you tomorrow at work.


Brandon: It's 4 pm Can we meet up for a coffee. I owe you a threat. Take it as an apology.


His messages kept coming in continuously.

What does he want? Why does he make situations so difficult? I couldn't understand what exactly was happening.

All I could think about was the moment when he let Raina in and pushed me away like as if I never meant anything to him.

A sharp pain overcame her chest as her heart and had been broken into bits of pieces.

She took a deep breath and thought about the good times she had spent with Brandon.

Isabella finally asked Brandon to take her to dinner. She stared at him, refusing to blink until he held her hands tight and said

'' You know what? " A day without you is like a year without anything sweet.

A moment of silence.

Do you love me?

He looked into my eyes and said, No, but at the same time I don't want to lose you.

She looked straight into his eye, with tears rolling down from her eyes, ''But Why? "

What place do I hold in your life?

I want to be nice to you Isabella. ....he paused. I don't know what exactly I want.

I'm confused.

So am I confused Brandon.

He wiped my tears and laughed. He tightened his grip, pulling me snugly into his embrace.

'' Because you are my little psycho. ''

I wish I could live this moment again and again. Underneath my breath, I whispered his Name but all he spoke about was he being a Successful businessman. I wish he could himself through my eyes. Then he would know how much I want him.

A few seconds later two beautiful young couples had entered the same restaurant and were sitting just opposite us. I couldn't take my eyes out of them. You could actually see that love they had and the beautiful spark which carried out their relationship so beautiful. I smiled. I wish someday I may find Someone who .uld treat me right and love me and here was Brandon who wasn't sure over what he wants.

He kept looking at me in that awkward way as if he was to eat me up like his plate of meal. I could feel my heart beating faster and faster. I began questioning myself.

'' Is this love? ''

I couldn't get the answer to my question.

The second I'd seen him, our eyes locked. I could stare into his chocolate brown eyes all day. I knew instantly that there was something more than this and that's when I realized'' love is not always about being together. It's about being there for each other. ''

I smiled at him.

I looked at him and said, we will hold this forever.

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