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Inspired by MS Dhoni

Inspired by MS Dhoni

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The coach of James cricket academy went into the meeting room with the list of cricketers name selected for district level and all the player's eyes were looking at the paper.

Then Gopal spoke to Raj that they both will surely get into the 16 membered squad. Then the coach started reading all the names by order and Gopal was 12th member and Raj wished him but the name of Raj was not in the list and Raj was not happy with that and Gopal said he will get the best next time.

Now Raj's mind fuming with jealousy pushed Gopal and walked out of the room. Then he went home rash driving in his bike and fell down on the road with injuries on his hand.

His father rushed to the spot when someone informs him about the accident and he takes Raj to hospital but his face was filled with jealousy and after the treatment, his father took him home and that night he slept well. Then the next morning, he saw Gopal waiting at his house but Raj closed the door and went to eat.

Raj's father noticed this, he went out to speak with Gopal and Gopal narrated what happened, then he apologized to Gopal for what happened.

Raj's father went into the house and started to watch the highlights of world cup 2011 then Raj goes near the tv and offs it.

Raj's father asks him to sit with him and share the problem when Raj hesitated, he asks who is your favourite cricketer?.

Raj replies Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

His father asks if you like him why don't you follow his life and take inspiration from him.

Then he sees Raj and continues.

In the days I went to college our entertainment was to play and watch cricket.

When our family sees Sachin playing and hitting, we all celebrate but when he gets out then we turn off the TV and sleep.

But when I saw Dhoni getting into the match versus Bangladesh as a youngster carrying the hopes of many Indians but he gets run out.

Then comes our critics to do their job and starts criticizing his skills and Calibre.

But we must have the belief and take the criticisms that are helpful to us.

Dhoni's career changes in 2006 but the loss of 2007 world cup was painful as the fans attacked his under-construction home because he didn't win the cup.

But he gave them the return gift by bagging the inaugural world T20 cup.

He changed the careers of many players and made them successful.

He also changed the dimension of Indian cricket.

He had the vision to success and do you know he was not selected for Indian cricket during the selection in railways but he practised hard and got selected.

"If you are not selected that means you are not able to do it, that means you have not realized your full ability".

Then raj took his phone to apologise to Gopal and when Raj's father on the tv, he hears the voice of Ravi Shastri "Dhoni finishes off in style and India lift the world cup after 28 years".

Thank you  Dhoni for All the time you inspired the fans.

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