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Ignite the reading passion in kids this summer & "Make Reading Cool Again". Use CHILDREN40 to get exciting discounts on children's books.

Gayathri Murugan

Drama Crime


Gayathri Murugan

Drama Crime

Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat

Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat

12 mins


A voice raised a rough voice, “Yes, get in” then the woman with her child of age 5 entered the room of the officer. When she entered she saw a man with a tonsured head, lengthy beard was sitting in the chair of the Inspector. He was in a perfect suit, with the edge of the tie in his mouth, curiously solving a tricky puzzle in the reputed newspaper, he wore an expensive leather shoe, with his leg kept over the another and he had a pen in his hand. Suddenly he shouted, “Only one more to go!”. Then he slowly lifted his head, where he could find a woman covering her face with her saree and a cute little girl of age 5 standing in front of him. He saw some fear in the eyes of the child, who is hiding herself at the back of the lady.

Later he realised that she is the mother of that child. With face full of glory, he greeted the lady and asked them to sit in the chair which was in front of him. Once she sat on the chair, the girl forced her mother to keep her on her thighs. She grabbed the child and make her to sit comfortably on her. The man asked , “Yes Madam, How can I help you?”. The girl saw the face of her mother, whose eyes was filled with tears which started running over her cheeks. The child with her little fingers wiped the tears in the eyes of her mother. The man got confused and asked the lady not to cry. She wiped her tears and was struggling to start the conversation with him. Then he heard a clear voice of the lady whispering, “Sir”. Her way of answering his question made him to understand that there is a serious problem in her life. She again tried to say something but the man stopped her and asked her to feel free and relaxed. He rang the bell which was on his table.

 Within a few seconds, a man arrived inside the room. She saw the man, he was a young cop with a big moustache, he stood stiff with one among the pair of head phones hanging down from his pocket. It looked like that he was actually waiting for a order from the senior officer who was sitting in the chair of the Inspector. the young man said yes sir" ïn a strong voice and then he looked at the lady sitting in the chair. the child who was sitting on her lap, smiled at him. he stared at the smile of the child and "Hi" to the child. the officer asked the young cop to bring some water. the man then went back to his chair and came with a half litre water bottle in hand. the senior officer asked the lady to drink some water. She said, "No". but the officer compelled the lady to drink.

The child asked for some water, but the lady resisted to give that to her child, as she would sip and drink the water. the young cop with an attractive face said "That’s ok" let the child drink the water. then the child held the water bottle with her two hands and drank the water. the officer said "Thank You, George" and shook his hands with him. the young man left with the words "that's my pleasure sir" and said "Bye dear" to the child. he was impressed by the innocent smile of the child again. though he left the room, his heart was blank about the reason for their arrival to the police station, in order to know the exact reason he kept his hear on the wall of the officer's room and tried to hear the conversation secretly. Once again the lady whispered, “Sir”. But this time the officer looked at the child and asked her “ what is your name?”.

The child didn’t give any reaction, then her mother by using some sign language asked her to tell her name to him. The officer couldn’t even understand what was happening there. The child in went near the officer and asked him to come near to her. Then she took the pen from his hand and started to write her name on the paper which the officer had in his hand. With astonishment, he saw the paper, where the child has drawn a picture of a beautiful girl and under that, she has written “Jacquilene”. On reading that the officer read the name written by the child and then he realised that the child was deaf and dumb. Then his face reactions have changed. He felt sorry for the child and promised her mother that whatever may be the problem he will help her to come out of it. Then slowly the women raised her voice and narrated the problem.

She started the problem with her current situation that she was a daily wage working in a building construction place. Her husband was a temporary worker in a petrol bunk but as he was a drunkard and wouldn’t even give a single paise of amount to them. They both had a child named “Jacqueline” who is a pretty little girl but she was a deaf and dumb by birth. So her husband failed to take care of her and asked her to leave the child in an orphanage home but as she refused to do so, he left her and married another women in the same locality. But with her earnings, she developed her child and made her to study in a government school in English medium.

 Later, she decided to file a case against him, so that she asked the help of a lawyer but he cheated her by getting a sum of amount from her and absconded from the place. Her husband also troubled her often as he had stolen the jewels and money from her and spent it for drinking alcohol. She fought against him to get back all the jewels but he has beaten her in a severe manner and attempted to murder her, but fortunately, she was escaped then later she was admitted into the hospital for bed rest. She added that she has came to the police station seeking their help to file a complaint against her husband. T

he young cop who was standing outside the room felt bad on hearing the story of the lady. With his overwhelmed emotions, he suddenly entered the room and said that he will surely help them to get a remedy and to provide enough punishment to her husband. The officer who was sitting in the chair with a pretty smile in his face said, “George, Let we all join our hands and help her to provide remedy to her”. After that he realised the situation and apologized for what he said. The senior officer asked the lady to go home happy, with her heartful of victory against her husband. She joined her hands together and thanked them with face of glory. The child on seeing her mother, smiled at the police officials.

When she tends to go outside the room, the young cop stopped the lady. With a shocking face, she stared at him. He said “Mam, relax” “let me leave you both at your home”. With sorrow in her face, she replied that they have no house to stay and they both were residing in a platform since the house which they were staying once was fraudulently seized by her husband. The heart of the police officials begin to fast and they couldn’t control their feelings. With glittering eyes, they promised the lady that she will win the case and get back her properties soon. on hearing this she had a glowing smile on her face and then she left with her child. The two police officials started discussing her situation but they couldn’t even imagine how a lady with her child was living in the platform without anyone’s help. With a great shock, they both started to think in order to get a way to help her. Then on the next day, they took the lady to the Court. Where a case has been filed against her husband to provide her with a matrimonial remedy. But she couldn’t even understand the procedure of the Court but she had a faith on those two police officials. After some two months, the court sent the summon for either party of the case to assemble at the court on a particular date. The lady with the help of the police officials hired a lawyer and he argued on her side. But the man with his full temper against his wife assembled at the court.

 But when the lady saw him after a year, she was not able to recognize him as he was wearing costly clothes and shoes. With fingers full of golden rings and the chain which he was wearing was almost more than 8 grams. She wondered how a temporary worker became this much richer. Later a man wearing a black gown came out from a luxury car and started to speak with him. Then she came to know that he was his advocate. He pointed out her and said something to his advocate. He shook his head and smiled at her in a crispy manner. On seeing him, the lady trembled with fear, questions like “What is going on here?” “Whether I would get a remedy?” “if not then what is the situation of Jacqueline” started to acquire her mind. All the questions erased from her mind, once she heard the voice of her husband, threatening that if she assembled in front of the Judge, he will kill her.

She suddenly turned her face and saw her husband. He has shrunken his face and took a knife from his pocket. He showed it at the neck of a doll. Suddenly something has struck her mind, then she realised that her child was missing and she was searching for her child all around the Court, shouting her name again and again. The lady went to the police officials who were sitting inside the Court with her advocate, waiting for her and she ran inside the room, with her voice full of fear, hands shaking, lips blabbering and crying eyes was telling something which they could not understand but they could clearly find only one thing from her that something happened to her child. The police officials asked the advocate to take care of her and went on a search of the child and but after an hour they returned with empty hands. They all then sat on the table with hands on their heads. After few minutes, there raised a sound “maintain silence !” then the Judge arrived. As soon as he arrived, everyone inside the hall stood up and greeted the judge. He asked everyone to take their seats, then the cases one by one were getting over.

The lady was waiting for her case with a heart full of fear. Only a few more cases were left for the arrival of the lady’s case. When her fear level reached the peak, she fainted and fell on the floor. Everyone inside the hall including the Judge was frightened. Then the Judge ordered his assistants to help her by giving her some water. When she became conscious enough to remind whatever happened to her, the Judge asked her, “ Whether you had your breakfast?” she replied, “No sir”. Then the Judge ordered to deal with her case first, suddenly, she replied “no sir”. He asked her for a reason.

She said, “sorry sir, I don’t want my case to take place today”. Everyone scolded her. The advocate of her side and the two police officials were confused. The Judge realised that there is something wrong with the particular case. The Judge called for both the parties of that case and asked the advocate of her side to proceed with the facts of the case. Once he completed the facts, without hearing the proceedings of the other side, the Judge called the lady and enquired her “Is there any threatening from the other side?” at the next moment, she said “No sir”. Then he came to know that there is some threat from the other side. The two police officials raised their hands in order to get the attention of the Judge. The Judge asked them, whether they are related to this case, they replied that they wanted to deliver the truth of the case.

On hearing the entire story of the lady till that current moment, the Judge felt bad about the pathetic situation of the lady and asked them to take their seats. When the advocate of the other side was about to say something about the case, the Judge stopped him and asked him to sit down. The Judge then decided to complete the case by delivering Judgement for that case. When there raise oppositions from the other party, he ordered everyone to maintain silence or get out of the hall. He depicted that the husband of the lady is liable for stealing the jewels from the lady, attempt for murder, Cheating under Section 378, Section 307 and Section 420 of the IPC respectively.

When the opposition party asked for the evidence, the police officials provided the second wife {illegal wife} of the husband of the lady. As on the day when they met the lady for the first time, the police officials tried to contact the second wife of the man and recorded all the information in a tape recorder. And his illegal wife arrived at the Court Hall with the lady’s child. She ran and hugged the child tightly. She kissed on her forehead. Later, it has been revealed that this was also a secret plan made by police officials. Without any excuse, the husband of that lady was immediately arrested. The Judge in the Judgement of the case, added that the property of her husband should be transferred to the lady and her child, also the imprisonment of about 10 years was provided for her husband. Everyone except her husband and his advocate left the Court Hall happily.



·      Though the police officials are impliedly mentioned as careless in the first paragraph, they are perfect in their work and their way of response expresses them as the pride for their job. So “Never judge a book by its cover”.

·      The character of the Judge here mentioned is not in a partial manner, but a man who is sacrificing his life to provide Justice for the people. He is depicted here for the lady, as the God in Human form.

·      The child is a beautiful gift presented by God, so don’t hesitate them with their disabilities. Disabled are Differently abled.

·      The husband here expressed is the man of cruel nature. He is an example for a being who should not exist in the earth with such a character. He is Animal nature in human form.

                                                        Thanking You.

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