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Children Stories Drama


Anu Menon

Children Stories Drama

In Search Of The Magic Ring

In Search Of The Magic Ring

6 mins

In the village nearby, there lived four children - 2 boys - Tommy and Sammy, and 2 girls-Shina and Tammy. Tammy likes fashion and Shina likes all muddy stuff. The two boys have different personalities too. Sammy likes to be organized and Tommy likes to be messy. They aren't the best of friends.

Their parents always asked them to go to the forest and collect some food. So, off they went into the forest. Since the children loved exploring the eldest one, Sammy, suggested they take the long route which was from the Safe Harbour to the Mighty Mountains and across the Red River into the forest. The children all agreed and set off for their amazing adventure.

The village people looked at how bravely they walked as they wondered "Don't they know about the new monster in the forest? 

“Let us tell them how to defeat it before they go in so that they can save us." said another. 

The villagers stopped the children on the way and told about the merciless, evil curse Monster who loves giving curses to anyone who tries to defeat him. All he has to do is give them a little touch and then select the curse he wants like venomous snake hair like Medusa,half-bull half-human body like the Minotaur and the worst of them all, falling down from a cliff into the sea like Theseus's Father. He also has a ring that gives him all the power he wants. His one and only weakness are shuffle berries but they are super hard to find in the forest the kids are going into. But little do the kids know he hates mirrors and gets distracted by mud.

Among the group, Tammy nodded and she told the rest the plan of getting the ring and defeating the monster.

When they got to the Safe Harbour, Shina could hear something weird.

 "Guys, Ssshhhh I can hear something," whispered Shina but as soon as they all became quiet the noise was gone.

 "I knew I heard something. Hmmm." thought Shina. 

She scanned the Harbour from the colorful buildings to the size of her friends and on to the ground, there was no sight of anything weird or strange. 

Suddenly, she heard the noise again but louder her friends must have heard it this time.

She asked them again "I heard it again.did you?"

Tommy could not stand it and shouted "We don't have time for your imagination Shina!"

Shina burst into tears of sadness and angriness. 

Sammy the eldest of them all, said to himself "Calm down, All you have to do is get them on the boat." So as quick as he could, he pushed them on the boat and sailed away onto the Red River.

The young ones disagreed with the idea of going to the Red River as it was a creepy name for a river and there was not any dirt or mud around to play with. All Tammy cared about was if she would get her dress wet or not. 

Tommy was so hungry and impatient that he almost started eating Shina's hair. Sammy was really irritated that he asked them to go for the long route but what could he do the villagers pleaded them to defeat the monster. There was no going back now. They were almost at the mountains and the rest were getting seasick.

Finally, after two minutes, they all got down and gazed at the Mighty Mountains. 

 "Ew Ew Ew Ew Ew Ew EEEEwwww! There is no way I am climbing that dirty, unclean mountain and giving up my fabulous look” explained Tammy. 

 "And there is no way you are not doing it." imitated Shina.

But Tammy went back in the boat and wore a weird costume that looked like she was going to catch bees. Tommy and Shina could not control themselves and immediately started laughing so hard. 

"Now I am ready since the dust won't come on my dress but this cloth I have not worn for a long time." said Tammy. 

"OOOOKKKKK? Then Let us climb!" shouted Sammy.

Once they had finished climbing the mountain, Tammy took off her suit and looked at the view and smiled but suddenly she saw something shimmering below her. She asked everyone else to check it out as she will 'ruin her fashion' by climbing down. Sammy looked down, quickly realized what it was, and asked everybody to run without explaining. 

"Whoa Whoa whoa smartypants, why are we running?" asked Shina. 

"No time to explain!" said Sammy. 

Shina did not listen to him and stayed behind. She heard some rumbling. 

"Shina! Shina! Come on! Hurry!" all her friends shouted but Shina did not listen and did something not even a very strong person would do..... JUMP DOWN THE MOUNTAIN! 

Yes, Yes... Seriously she did until... 

"Gotcha" cried Sammy with relief that his only kid sister, Shina had been saved. He put her in his backpack as his bag was the size of a 7-year-old and ran under a shelter. " 

“BLABSUTAMALAMAGIDUH" blabbered Sammy as he was shocked about what his little sister had just done.  


 "Ooooooohhhh Shina's in trouble!" said Tommy.

 "Be Quiet Tommy!" yelled Shina then she immediately closed her mouth and covered it with her hands.


"Shina why didn't you listen to me." whispered Sammy, "You could have almost got crushed." 

But Shina was not listening. She could not help but think where has she heard this voice before. 

"That was it I heard the same noise at the harbor. The monster knew we were coming here and wants to curse us all!" said Shina.

 She went outside and threw all the mud she had on the sparkling thing. The monster could not resist and accidentally stepped on the ring that was buried under the ground.

"NO... ME POWERS... NO NO No No no…. Me get you next time" said which was now a really squeaky voice. 

They all thanked Shina and went into the forest to get some rest but Tammy felt like she was forgetting something "My Bee Suit!" But there was another thing they were forgetting...

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