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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Akshay Singh

Drama Romance Fantasy


Akshay Singh

Drama Romance Fantasy

I Love You More

I Love You More

6 mins

‘Can you change your phone’s alarm tone, please? It’s so irritating to wake up to this sound on a Sunday morning!’ said Param, turning off the alarm.

‘Less irritating than you.’ Meera whispered in her sleepy voice.

Param noticed the smile on Meera’s face as she pretended to sleep.

Param and Meera were working in the same office for the last two years and have been in a live-in relation for over a year now. 

‘It’s time for Sunday’s special breakfast made by the most talented chef of the house!’, Param praised himself.

Meera knew what Param was going to cook. So, she tried convincing, ‘Listen, baby, can you make something else except for Pasta? How about Poha?’

‘Seems people from Indore are obsessed with Poha!’, Param resisted himself from saying anything further.

Meera got up from the bed angrily, ‘Do whatever you want, I am just working on my laptop.’

Param went to the kitchen and started preparing breakfast. His mother had given him a good cooking lesson before he left his hometown, Rishikesh, to make a living in Delhi. He would travel to Rishikesh every alternate weekend to meet his family. Sometimes Meera would also join him. Both, Param and Meera, were planning to settle abroad before tying the knot and they had recently appeared for an interview in their dream company in the U.S.

While Param was in the kitchen prepping breakfast, Meera was scrolling through the emails on her laptop.

Suddenly, she saw an email that made her sit right up! Curiously she started reading the email and by the time she got to the end of it, her heart was full of joy and a bright smile emerged on her face. 

‘Param!’ Meera shouted in glee.

‘Cooking Pasta is an art, so do not disturb me unless it is a matter of life and death!’ said Param. 

‘I just finished reading an email from DAT Technology, but, I do not know if that can be counted as a matter of life and death.’ Meera said.

Param rushed out of the kitchen and stood in front of Meera, ’What did you say?’

‘I said that they have sent the offer letter along with air tickets for next week!’ Meera pulled Param’s cheeks lovingly.

Param became silent after hearing that.

 ‘What happened? Are you not happy?’ Meera quizzed Param for his strange reaction.

‘Why would I not be happy? Your dreams are getting fulfilled. So, I am happy for you.’ Param responded in a dull voice.

‘What?’ Meera was puzzled.

Param had prepared for months to get this job. He had taken several certifications and online courses before applying for this profile. Param somewhere believed that he deserved this job more than anyone else, including Meera. He felt completely shattered from inside, as he could not get the job, and now Meera would be gone soon. He was deeply in love with Meera and never imagined a life without her by his side.


‘Yes, you can go and start a new life there. I will stay here and make Pasta for myself every day. ‘said Param walking towards the kitchen.

‘But listen.’ Meera tried speaking but Param did not let her complete.

‘We just rented this 2-bedroom apartment on the 11th floor. You know how scared I am of heights, but still, I agreed because you like to sit in the balcony and watch city lights at night. What am I going to do here alone?’, Param spoke in a breath.

Param was in a long-distance relationship before he met Meera. He had such a terrible experience that even the thought of another long-distance relationship made every cell in his body shudder.

Meera tried to speak again but Param signaled her to stop.

Param continued, ‘You know it really well that I am not in favor of a long-distance relationship. I have closely witnessed the complications arising due to time-zone differences. It was frustrating, to say the least, trying hard to catch-up on video calls constantly confirming – “Can you hear me?”, “Can you see me?”, “Is it your network or mine?”, “Let me call again!”. We are better together Meera, I want to wake up every morning to your phone’s alarm.’ 

Param sat on the chair disappointed. Meera could not restrain any longer and she went to the bedroom, Param did not even lookup.

After some time, she came out with two suitcases and stood in front of Param.

‘Where are you going, and these are my suitcases, not yours,’ Param stopped speaking as he saw Meera bursting with anger.

‘Now you will stay quiet, enough of your drama.’ the irritation in Meera’s tone was apparent.

‘I know these are your suitcases! I am not going anywhere, but you are. I have packed your formal shirts and trousers. Just pack your designer superhero pajamas that are drying in the balcony.’ Meera finished speaking.

Amidst the chaos, Param asked Meera ‘What are you saying’?

‘When did you last check your emails?’ Meera cross-questioned Param.

Param tried recalling, ‘I think Friday evening, but how does that matter? I can’t understand why you are asking me to leave the house!’

‘Not just the house, you will soon be leaving the country. It is not me, but you who received an offer letter from DAT Technology yesterday. You were using my laptop on Friday and did not log out from your mailbox. I happened to read through that email while you were in the kitchen’, Meera explained.

Param became impassive; he did not know how to react. Now he could figure out what Meera was trying to tell him and he being an impatient creature totally misunderstood the whole context.

 ‘And what about you Meera, you too got the offer letter, right?’ Param anxiously asked.

‘I checked my email as well and I am not selected. ‘Meera said without showing any signs of disappointment.

Param remained quiet, a few minutes back he was trying his best to convince Meera to not go and now he did not know what to do. It was his dream to work for that company and settle in New York but since Meera came into his life, Param always imagined his life being together with her.

Meera understood the confusion going on inside Param’s mind, she came close to him and held his hands.

‘Is this not something we both wanted?’ Meera tried convincing Param.

‘Not without you, Meera!’ 

‘Listen, I do not want you to miss out on this opportunity. I know the effort and time you have invested to get this job. I will reappear for the interview in a few months and will be with you soon. Till then, you can send me your Mom’s recipes over email, and I will learn to cook as well. Also, share your songs playlist with me, I will listen to it sitting in the balcony. Not all long-distance relationships are meant to be broken Param.’ Meera had tears in her eyes and she could not speak any further.

‘I cannot go, Meera. I just cannot, leaving you here.’ Param was crying like a kid.

‘You are going next week, and I do not want any more discussion on this.’ Meera wiped Param’s tears.

‘Give me a minute,’ Param got up from the chair and went to the kitchen.

A few minutes later he came back with a plate of Poha that he cooked for Meera and said ‘You think you are the only one who is good at giving surprises.'

Meera was pleasantly surprised and applauded Param’s lovely gesture with a hug.

Param hugged her as well for the selfless love and understanding Meera had shown.

‘I am selfish Meera, I could not have done what you are doing. You are the best. I love you!’ Param closed his eyes.

I love you more!’ Meera replied

‘You do love me more Meera.’ Param hugged her tight.

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