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I Am Not Alone

I Am Not Alone

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Living 23 years in Hyderabad never known when I fell in love with it. I have unforgettable memories and friends without whom I could never imagine my life. But life decided something else for me. I got a job in Chennai. The job was important for me to support my family's financial status. It was my father who supported going ahead with it. I was never alone and now I have to stay in a strange city all on my own.

Far away from my family life in the hostel was very boring and left me alone. Just like a ray of sunlight in dark. I met two girls who shared the same hostel as mine. And in no time we three are the best buddies forever. The feeling of loneliness vanished and I enjoyed this to fullest.

As time passed by and all three of us departed to achieve our goals. Again I was all alone by myself. Usually, I used to travel alone to and back from the office. And it was that rainy day in Chennai and you all know how the roads would be when it rains in Chennai, So I wrapped up my work and left early to my hostel. I boarded into a city bus, but meanwhile, there was a lot of traffic and the driver said he won't be able to move forward. It was already 9 and I was worried if I could be able to make up to my hostel. So I decided to head to one of my friend's room who stayed nearby that place all alone. Luckily I got a few students who were heading in the same and coincidentally from my place where the hostel is.

After 5 hrs of the terrible journey by walk, I reached my hostel I am very thankful to those students.

This incident has made me strong and made me realize that I am an independent woman who can handle all the drastic situations that life throws at her all alone.

A new phase of my life was waiting for me. The marriage proposal was put forth to me in August 2011. As I was still in a dilemma of my ongoing financial situations, I was not prepared to say 'Yes'.

But when my husband said yes without any second thought just to support me through this tough situation. I was astounded and there was no reason to say 'No' to such a lovely person. He will be always there for me and supported, respected my views and decisions.

There's a saying " Behind every successful woman there is her 'dad' and 'husband' who believed in her.

My life transformed after my marriage and the person who believed in me was my husband who made me strong enough to face all the situations and this competitive world with a smile 'Alone'.

And I believe that throughout my journey I was never alone some or the other way the Almighty has always helped me out in the form of family, friend, stranger, and HUSBAND.

Isn't it amazing how God brings the right people into your life at the right time? People who support love and pray for you regardless of your circumstances.

He says

"Yes" and gives you what you want.

He says "No" and gives you something better

He says "Wait" and gives you the Best

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