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Ayana Pearl

Drama Romance


Ayana Pearl

Drama Romance



5 mins 65 5 mins 65

Mᗅℕᗅℕ ~ 1- Messing With Fab-5!


The Stars And Moons glisten Brighter in the Night When Our journey Begins! 



RajMata Durga Dev Singh Malhotra; The head of the Malhotra family. She's The woman who handles her whole family as well as the Royal Name of their family in the Whole world after her husband's demise. Her husband passed away when her Elder Son Was just 5 and her younger son was only 3 and till they grow up she handles the Malhotra business and her prestigious Royalty in the nation intact. She loved her family allot specially her elder grandson. 

" Naira Puttar..Abhi Tak maan nhi aaya!? Kitni der ho gyi hai! ", Durga asked her daughter-in-law Naira, Who's the wife of Kartik her Elder Son Manish's Son. 

" Nhi dadi.. Kartik ne call kiya tha but he's not picking up the call.. ", Naira replied while slicing apple for Durga. 

" Par Puttar.. Dekh kitna time ho gya hai.. Abhi tak kyun nhi aaya!? ", Durga asked worriedly. 

" dadi darling.. You just chillaxx.. Bhai will be here at anytime.. He was having some meeting regarding album so he will might be got late. ", Kartik Said while Side hugging his dadi. 

" Par puttar.. Tu toh jaanta hai na.. Itna kaam karega toh voh beemar ho jayega.. ", Durga Said worriedly. 

" Mom aap toh jaante ho na.. Manik is really serious about his work and he just forget everything when it comes to work.. Toh aap chinta mutt kijiye.. Fab-4 bhi uske saath hi hai.. ", Mahesh Said while picking the piece of apple from the plate as Naira forward the plate of apple infront of him. 

" haa Maa aap tension mut lo.. Woh aapna khayal rakh sakta hai.. ", Sawarna Said. 

" Waise chote papa aur choti Maa kaha hai!? ", Kartik asked eating apple. 

"Kartik.. Chote papa aur choti Maa.. Randhir and sanyukta ke saath party main gye hai.. Tumhe yaad bhul gya!? ", Naira glared at him. 

" Oh.. Haan! ", Kartik bite his tongue while others just chuckle. 


The great Manik Malhotra Was busy from the morning as he was attending back to back meetings after completing all his meeting when he was resting in his cabin fab-5 Comes and they all moved to Mr. Sinha's Studio for the next Album which Mr. Sinha want to do with them. 

They all settled in a limousine car and started the journey for the studio followed by two cars of bodyguards. 


" So, Sir.. Shall We Proceed with the album!? ", Mr. Sinha asked with hope as who won't want to do an album with Fab-5 and especially with Royal Family's heir Manik Malhotra!? But there was a hidden Smirk on his face. 

" Sure Mr. Sinha.. And yeah send the contract Papers to my office tomorrow We will read and sign it after reading the contract.. ", Manik Said While wearing his shades and he stand up and fab-4 also stand up. 

And without giving another chance to say anything Manik left followed by fab-4

As they step out the Media is present there and asking a lot of questions but Manik didn't give a damn and bodyguards make way for fab-5..

And all sit in limousine car and driver start the car as fab-5 sit Inside. 

" Manik.. Why you delay the signing of the contract!? ", Cabir asked as soon as they settled in the car. 

" Haan Buddy.. We were having a great Chance with him.. ", Dhruv Said as he didn't get why his buddy was all cold with Mr. Sinha!? 

" Oh! Come on.. Dhruv, Cabir.. You know an, if Manik decides something it will always be for Our betterment.. ", Mukti Said interrupting them as she always knows her Brother like buddy will always takes a decision for their betterment. 

" Haan guyz.. My baby will always Decide for our betterment.. ", Aliya said completing clinging on Manik. 

Manik separated Aliya from himself and Said glaring at her, " Aliya.. Please can't you just sit properly..? I'm already tired are you are completely clinging on me. ", Manik Said feeling irritated with her overflowing love for him. 

And then he turned to fab-3," guyz.. It was just Mr. Sinha playing with us.. I know we heard allot of things about his studio but I investigate about him.. He was the man who stole Song of someone and labeled as his studio.. You guyz are getting me Right!? ", Manik Said informing that how he call his private agent to find about Mr. Sinha the way he always does before taking any album. 

" What the Fish! Matlab he was cheating us! ", Mukti Said totally in disbelief State. 

" It's true mukti.. He was just a beggar.. ", Cabir gritted his teeth. 

"But buddy.. Then how can we just let him go!? ", Dhruv asked as he knows no one can escape if anyone tried to mess with fab-5.

" Buddy.. You know me very well.. Right!? ", Manik Said while a dangerous smirk was playing on his Face which makes fab-4 realize that Now Mr. Sinha went.. 


She hurriedly closed the door of the storeroom, where she lives and slides down crying bitterly.. Her forehead is filled with sweat. A few blue marks on her arms and Necks.. She hugged her knees crying bitterly. 

She jerks in fear when she hears the thudding door behind her and Voice of her cousin brother - Shyam, " Nanduuuu.. Kya yaarr.. Abhi toh shuru bhi nhi kiya and you are crying.. Aww.. Darling, I'll be gentle on you..", his voice held with lust for her. 

Nandini cried mercilessly as she remembers after her mama, mami left to attend a function how Shyam hugged her from behind when she was making dinner in the kitchen and how she, with lots of difficulty, pushed him and ran to storeroom! 

To be continued

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