His Last Wish- Greediness Is Next To Cowardiness

His Last Wish- Greediness Is Next To Cowardiness

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 A desperate person prayed to god to fulfill his last wish before his death

God appeared in person and blessed him so with certain conditions. 

The conditions included if anything is done over and above specified or in excess, All your wishes would end abruptly and death will fall on you so he started his journey

His wish included

To be the richest man with no illness best health to live a century age

To be king of share market to win lotteries to play casinos and win all games

Having neglected that God had granted him his last wish with a condition

That if he overplayed or overdo anything he will lose all his wisdom, a kingdom

And his death would fall on him suddenly.

Having neglected and forgotten he did everything in excess and over and above

The specified limits he was put in deep trouble and was in real difficulties

His wishes came to an end and his death conquered him

Never be greedy never cross your limits never overdo anything and never kill anyone

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