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Diksha Tomar

Drama Romance


Diksha Tomar

Drama Romance

Heartless Without You

Heartless Without You

7 mins 473 7 mins 473

“Life doesn't end when someone leaves Kiara. Until when do you plan to hole up in your room for that dipshit? Let me tell you, girl, he doesn’t care one bit. Here you are wasting your career, your dreams, your music and most importantly your tears for someone who doesn't even deserve your sympathy let alone love. You are the diva of the music, best among us. Enough of this sadness. It's high time, start a new chapter of your life.

Start living again.

Come out with me this evening else I will lecture you to death.” said Priya.

“I don't know how to say no to a death threat,” said Kiara smiling for the first time in a few days.

“I love you Priya. What would I do without you” said Kiara hugging her.

“Love you too babe and the answer to that is nothing”

“Now get ready girl I promise you won't regret. We will have a blast just like old times.”

They reach the party. And have every bit of fun that Priya promised.

Amidst the dancing, Priya pulls Kiara aside pointing towards a guy “ Do you see that hot guy in the middle surrounded by the ladies, He is Atharv, a newbie. It's been just a week and he already has a terrible reputation of Casanova of the college.” 

“Oh, Priya! stop pointing at him. He is coming our way” says Kiara fidgeting. 

They rush back to the crowd and starts dancing again.

Suddenly someone holds Kara's hand and turn her around with a jerk. Startled, she slaps the person.

It turns out to be Atharv.

Kiara leaves the party without saying a word. Priya follows her.

Next day at college Kiara accidentally bumps into Atharv. He is surprised to see her there. She ignores him and goes her own way. 

To Atharv, Kiara turns out to be an interesting challenge. He inquired about her and find out that she is the senior student and heads the committee responsible for organizing all cultural events. Every now and then Atharv pulled a prank on her and intentionally interrupts her work to get her attention. Kiara is frustrated by his stupid acts. She tries to ignore him and her ignorance leads to Atharv's unnecessary attention.

It is shortly announced that prestigious annual fest of the college is to be held after two months like every year on founders day. Kiara is in charge of organizing it.

Next few days are very busy. Kiara sets up the auditions for the lead singer of the musical play.

Atharv also signs up for the audition. He cannot help himself to pull another prank on her. This time due to added stress and responsibilities Kiara is super angry and lashes out on him.

She says some harsh things to him that reminds him of something bad in his past. He immediately leaves from there.

Being all drained out, Kiara decides to visit her favorite coffee place.

 She is lost when a voice pulls her out of her thoughts. It is so intense that she feels the emotions of the singer. She follows the voice and finds out the singer to be Atharv. She listened to him and felt all of his agony and pain. She managed to hide from his sight. 

Next day the cast of the play is displayed on the notice board. Everyone is surprised to see Atharv as the main lead after yesterday's fiasco.  

Atharv is totally confused by it. He acts out and his pranks get worse but now Kiara isn't bothered by them anymore. She patiently teaches him and helps him prepare for the event.


Atharv is frustrated by her kindness and patience with him. To provoke her he intentionally messes up the lines of the play. Event is very near and seeing all this Kiara finally loses her calm and tells Atharv about the day at the cafe and also that she can tell that he has gone through something very terrible and has been betrayed in love. She tells him that she knows that he is heartbroken as she also has been through something very similar. She tells him if he goes about this way to heal his heartbreak he will lose his original path and will regret forever.

She told him that he is a good singer and not to jeopardize it for anything or anyone. All this makes him even angrier and he asks her to leave. Kiara wells up and leaves.

He later feels bad for his behavior and searches for her the next day to apologize. He is unable to find her so he asks Priya, her best friend about her whereabouts.

Priya refuses to give any information on her so he tells her everything and how he needs to apologize to her. She tells him angrily that Kiara has gone through very much recently and warns him not to bother her anymore. 

Kiara is absent on the next day too. 

Atharv is filled with guilt.

On the third day, she comes back. Atharv is happy to see her and asks her for a moment to talk.

He apologies to her and tells her that he was very angry and scared the other day as nobody else ever saw through him so clearly. He promises her to give his best for the event. 

Kiara also apologizes for her harsh words.

 Slowly and gradually working together friendship grows between them. They begin to like each others company. Then one-day Atharv asks Kiara the reason why she is not singing in this event. She gets sad and chokes up while answering. He holds her hand and tells her that it is fine if she doesn't want to talk about it. But Kiara wants to tell him.

Through the heavy throat, she tells him that she won't be able to sing in front of the son of the trustee as he is her ex-boyfriend. They met last to last year in the same event. They talked, visited places, had fun and fell in love. But after a year he became distant and started avoiding her. At last, he cheated on her and left her saying that he was bored with her.

 Saying this she starts crying. Atharv consoles her and told her that the person who betrayed him was his mother. She cheated on his father with his best friend.

He tells her that he lost trust in both mother and friendship. Being with her changed his perception and he is beginning to trust people again. He further tells her that he is happy to have such a great friend besides him.

Kiara is happy to hear this.


Everything is prepared for the event and finally, the day comes when they have to perform. Kiara is nervous to face him but Atharv comforts her. They reach the venue. All the dignitaries are present there. The event begins with the lamp lighting. Now the performances start. Finally, the musical play is performed at the end of which the auditorium is filled with praises and cheers. At the end of it, Atharv calls Kiara up on stage and thanks to her for choreographing the play and organizing the event. He holds her hand and takes her to the front of the stage and requests on behalf of everyone to sing with him.

Kiara is shocked at first but seeing his smiling face and all the cheering she loses all the nervousness.

They sing together and get lost in each other, both forgetting the presence of others. At the moment they feel something for each other. Something that they do not understand at the time. Everyone claps. This ends the event.

 After their performance, she thanks him for bringing back the confidence within her which she thought was lost. 

 She was ecstatic. Seeing her so happy Atharv finally realized what he felt on stage. He is silent for a moment organizing his thoughts.

  He looks at her and holds her hand “I know Kiara that it won't be easy for you to be with another person again but I want to be that person. I want to make you as happy as you make me. I want to cherish every moment with you. Will you give love another chance with me?”

Kiara is filled with happy tears she says” I’ll be lucky to do so”

They both hug.

The end.

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