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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Happy Place

Happy Place

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It was a mundane day when I was returning from work. I was a teensy bit exhausted but in a perfect mood to tease my darling husband. My husband and I live together in our small happy nest. He is very loving, caring and extra possessive. He can be easily described as a “perfect man” living in a mythical world. Our love story can be traced back to our school days, and it is amazing to share the love with each other every single day ever since.

Our lovey-dovey days in school weren’t as normal as high school couples usually have. Sneaking out at the right time of our classrooms just so to get a glance of each other was ‘the quickie’ for us. We usually couldn’t talk over the phone because obviously we were afraid of getting caught at our homes. But later when both of us completed our courses in our colleges and were hooked up with our jobs, we decided to let the chips fall wherever they wish to… We made up our minds to disclose the truth of our relationship to our parents. Our families to our surprise didn’t give us any kind of Bollywood Drama for being with a partner from another caste. They were so happy for us and were quite amazed at the fact that two idiots were able to find the perfect partners for themselves!

 We had our share of “THE-BIG-FAT-INDIAN-WEDDING”! The customs and the whole marriage affair kept us drained for like a whole month. ‘The first year of every marriage is quite tricky’, I’d always heard people say that. But when I got to have my first-hand experience with the whole thing, I realized how much truth the statement holds. Getting settled in a new environment can be very frustrating but when you have someone like my husband by your side, it might not be that difficult. He exactly knows what we might want to cheer up our mind-numbing day.

From spending money in pricey restaurants to settling for pizza plus movie nights we’ve had a taste of almost everything together. He would take care of me like a kid. Even on my worst day when I might be PMSing, he would take me in his arms where I felt safe and happy and most of all… loved.

Two years flew like the wind and none of us realized that we’d made it this far. We got too busy in our work lives that the fun we used to have in our college days was lost somewhere. I wanted to have that ‘kick’ back. He’d been way too dramatic in the early days of our relationship just so that he could have the enjoyment he desired. This time I planned to get my comic plus sinister side out!

So the usual me planned to amuse myself by lying to him that I faked love all this while and that I can’t be with him. I knew that I was going over the top, but my desire to play around for fun was overpowering my senses. I entered home grumbling in an irritated tone. He was sitting in the hall working on his laptop. Then he saw me and said,

“Hey, honey! What has happened? Is there anything which is bothering you?”

“No, it’s nothing,” I grunted.

By this time he knew that something was fishy. So he snuggled towards me, hugged me from behind and said,

“I know there’s something wrong sweetheart… I’m all ears to you. Tell me if you love me.”

“The problem is you! I don’t love you. It seems like you are forcing yourself on me!! I’ve grown tired of taking all this!” I shouted.

His released his grip from me and was taken aback. Obviously my words had hurt him badly!

“Whh… What?” This was all he could manage to say.

 He had his head in his hands for a long time when I sat beside him and started giggling, tucking into him. He looked at me… bewildered! I told him that I was merely teasing him since it had been a long time I’d pranked him like that. I counted seconds in my head, it took him a minute to absorb what I’d just said. He got up quickly and started to mutter to himself saying that I really didn’t love him and I did not need him.

I tried convincing him that it was just a silly joke I was playing on him and nothing more. He was so deep in shock that he didn’t listen to me and kept burbling the same words.

Even after many tries, I couldn’t help him get back into his senses. I even said that I didn’t mean a single word of mine, but he was just not ready to believe it. Little did I know that my unsuccessful tries to make him believe me were only further aggravating his anger.

He shouted at my face,

“You don’t love me! I’m so not required in your life! I can’t push you further to live with a man whom you don’t even love. Just go away..!”

His words brought tears to my eyes. I could see him sobbing too.


My voice broke and I uttered my last word for the day timidly.

I went straight upstairs, undressed and crawled into my bed, and lay there in the burning dark while he still stood fuming in the hall below. I kept on cursing myself to even think about hurting my beloved like this. For the sake of humoring myself I’d crossed the line. After a long pause of silence, I could hear his steps ascend the stairs and – past my door to the guest room beyond. And then after a couple of centuries elapsed, the clock struck three, and I dozed off to sleep with a heavy heart and pale eyes.

The next day when I woke up, every fad he had brought in for me leered at me brassily. Everything there was reminding me of how I had ruined everything. A stupid joke of mine had changed the small happy place in which we lived… happily.

He didn’t speak to me for days. I couldn’t fathom my guts to reason with him. He would ignore me whenever our eyes met. Things started to become awkward. He wouldn’t sit with me at the dinner table. He had completely stopped talking to me. I tried making up for my mistake. I left flowers and sorry cards in the room when he was taking a shower. He didn’t react even a little bit to it. I was filled with guilt and found myself super helpless…

And then finally came a day when he decided to break his silence.

“I’m sorry… I became too harsh on you. I think I was being reckless and very unreasonable. I should’ve at least tried to talk to you about it. Moreover, I should’ve known that you are capable of doing such things full of idiocy” He smiled slyly as he said this.

“Hey… I’m so sorry. I didn’t know that this would go this far. I think I’d lost my track of sense somewhere. I swear I won’t do anything like this ever again in my life” I promised.

“Babe, you aren’t that good an actress you know” He teased and laughed lightly.

I knew it in that instant that I was forgiven and nothing else mattered to me right now than being with my most favourite person on the planet. I wanted to make it up for all these days which we’d wasted because of my stupidity. 

Since I wanted him to be happy, I ordered his favourite pizza and we playfully sat on the couch waiting for it to be delivered. He kept playing with my hair while I kept on talking non-stop. I repeated my sorry a zillion times in between thinking that maybe they weren’t enough in the first place. When the food got delivered, he chose a movie for us to watch. To be honest, none of us were watching the movie but each other. He looked into my eyes like he used to back in our old days. I blushed and my eyes fell from his gaze. He pulled my face up so that he could look back into my eyes. The expression on his face was so resolved and I knew it at the moment that he was about to say something very serious.

“You are my world. I love you as much as I loved you eleven years back and I promise to love you like crazy as long as I shall live. I can’t think of spending even a day without you my love. My life is all yours and I’ll always be with you as long as you want me”. He said.

His words made me overwhelmed and tears of joy sprung out. I couldn’t think of any words to his reply so I clutched myself firmly to him. The feelings were so intense and were self-explanatory to him, to tell him not to leave me ever. I loved him so much. And he knew it. His soft lips brushing against my forehead swiftly were very assuring and were enough to tell me that he loved me too…

Once again I could feel safe and feel loved in my happy place!

“Forever,” he said. 

“Forever…” I promised.

The end  

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