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Amit Kumar

Drama Inspirational


Amit Kumar

Drama Inspirational

Grahan in full moon Happiness

Grahan in full moon Happiness

7 mins 46 7 mins 46

It's a story of my friend who has passed through the most crisis period of life which also exposed him to a divine experience.

My son Amol is working in a MNC as Branch Manager. He is highly qualified and never failed in any interview. Most of the good qualities which we generally expect from a professional, God is kind enough to bless him all of those. He is charming personality and a good friend of many. He is good sports man and well built. 

He is humble but always takes a strong stand when situation demand so. 

One fine morning Amol was Riding in his Sports bike for a long drive. He was driving in very high speed as he feels excited. Amol was hungry and decided to take breakfast in a small hotel of a village. Foods are good and home made. 

Suddenly he observed one young lady well dressed is walking fast and looking around helplessly.

The village was located outskirts of main highway, no one may be coming here for any reason. 

He enquired from the shop keeper , why the lady is looking so good zs helpless, any incident here. 

As no one knows about her , Amol reached to her and enquired whether all ok. 

It's of great surprise to Amol that someone can be so childish that to follow a small girl, she left her car in highway and reaches to this village in a public bus. 

Amol requested her to come with him and take breakfast, thereafter he will drop her in the parking spot of her car.

While talking , she narrated the incident to Amol. She was driving the car in the highway, suddenly a public Bus come close to her car . A girl of age around 5 yrs was setting window side and smiling. Something special was in her smile which could be a good subject for her next canvas. 

She decided to board in the bus to meet the child at her home. 

She reaches in the village and able to meet the parent of the child. 

She feels helpless as since long no bus is coming to return back to highway. 

Amol dropped her in the car and greet her best wishes. The young lady says her name is Arpana and she is a professional Artist. Mostly working for Ad agencies.

They meet again and decided to live life together. 

Father was very happy to know that his son is now ready to marry a nice girl.

Amol was an excellent performer and highly reputed CEO of the city.

Amol was enjoying happy married life. 

Life was going with best of happiness. Since his childhood Amol have never seen any reason for her family for any matter of worry and unhappy. Only concern was that his father was working in Air force and often deployed near border areas. 

One fine morning when Amol was fixing his tie knot, suddenly he experienced momentory black out. 

He just neglected the incident and reach to his office as usual. 

Days are passing by with all excitement and no sign of any worry .

God is really kind and blessed the family for ever happiness and glory.

Amol was expecting his first child. 

One morning Amol was feeling a little low which very uncommon for him as every day he spent around 2 hours in his private yoga room and go for cycling in every morning.

After few days he started coughing and having low fever.

Amol visited his family doctor, started taking some medicine.

2 weeks passed by , but no improvement. Amol father decided to took him to city hospital for a specialized doctor. Doctor asked him for some tests. 

After one week all test reports are ready at hospital.  Doctor thoroughly examined the reports and explained that Amol is having lung cancer of 3 rd stage , it's a very advanced situation.

It is of great surprise to Amol and his father , both are shocked and no words to express. They are speechless for sometime. Doctor prescribed the treatment process and try to counsel them. 

The news spread in the house and it's changed a bright and shining house in to total darkness. 

Those who are always under sadness and grief, hardly tested any happiness in life, if something happened like that, may be they have strength to fight the situation. But Amol family is always in opposite situation and they might have no experience to fight such situation. The father who was work in front line of war, start crying all the time as his most loving son is now under threat of life and suffering with the deadly disease. 

Amol's situation was rapidly dropping and he start coughing with blood. Also feeling mentally exhausted. All his well-wishers are started praying to God for his recovery. 

Amol's uncle was working at Mumbai in a sr position . He was totally disturbed but try to handle the situation more with maturity and ask his elder bother to send his nephew to his place for treatment. 

Next week his nephew and his wife reached Mumbai to his uncle's place.

Amol uncle said my son you are never defeated in your life and always take all matter with right Spirit.  Let us consider the matter that some divine power is always with those who are not doing any harm to others and  keeping sympathy for others.

Amol uncle managed to get an appointment with the best Cancer specialist in the city. 

 Next day Amol and his uncle visited Doctor chamber . The doctor examined all his old reports and advised to visit the hospital for further examination.

Amol lost all his hope for survival as he is well aware that lungs cancer over 3 rd stage is having less chance of recovery and his life is limited. His wife is almost expressionless and only holding hand of Amol like she is also in similar pain. 

Amol underwent all test and examination as advised by his Doctor.

All reports are expected next day, Amol was restless all the time and not able to take any food. After a sleepiness night, Amol and his uncle reach Doctor chamber next day.

Amol's father who always projects his logic that being a good person is enough. Universal energy is present everywhere and whenever any distress comes in life, the universal energy spread life energy to overcome the situation. But now when his entire family is in distress and lost all hopes ,. his belief is shaken up. All are praying to God for giving them strength and extend blessing for his loved son. 

Amol was waiting in Doctor chamber with his uncle. His heart is beating like a drum, he could hear the noise. His uncle his continuously pushing his nephew to keep a positive frame in mind.

Amol was watching the face of all the patients who are coming out from doctor chamber. He may be searching if anyone is coming with smiling face . There may be no big expectation as his earlier diagnosis are based on lab report from a reputed lab. 

Amol was reading all the posters which are  framed in Doctor chamber. 

Amol was feeling weak and some time coughing. His tissue papers are with full of blood marks.

The Doctor to whom they are visiting today is best in India and of international repute.

Next patient name is displayed on the board ,. some one is calling Amol.  

Uncle was holding the hand of Amol and both enter in doctor's chamber. 

Doctor is busy checking all his reports and not asking for taking the seat. Both are standing and watching the Doctor's facial expression while looking into the reports. Doctor is an old person and soft-spoken. 

Amol was smelling odd fragnence of Doctor chamber.  Doctor is not at all organized person all his papers and books are occupied most of the space of doctors table. He hardly has space to write prescriptions.

Suddenly Doctor said Dear Amol , my son you are the most lucky person in the world.  

Be cheerful and remove all your sad expression from your face.

Doctor asked to take the seat and be comfortable.

Amol was totally confused and waiting for Doctor  next word.

 With all surprise Doctor said that he is not suffering any lung cancer, rather he is having some abnormalities in blood cells which can be cured by taking chemotherapy and other cancer medicine. The treatment to be continued for 3 months and thereafter he can live a normal life.

It's like some one spread water in the desert in full sun with burning heat.

After taking treatment for a few days, Amol was feeling good and more healthy.

It is like some one temporarily shadowed the happiness of the family. Now again the shadows are moving out and happiness is returning with new hopes. 

God gives enough strength to those who are live only with expectation of momentory happiness and those who are only tested the happiness never experienced the distress, generally feels weak to handle when exposed.

Life is all about new challenges and journey to accept as it is. 

No matter whatever is waiting for the next moment, be courageous to accept everything as a blessing of God.

Not sure whether anything happens in life due to past karma or influence of universal energy as attract to any individual.

Amol is now fully cured and again back to routine life. As a gesture of happiness he decided to donate his fifty percent salary for the cancer patients who are not having money for treatment for his entire life. 

May God bless him.

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