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Vaman Acharya

Drama Inspirational


Vaman Acharya

Drama Inspirational

Goodbye To Worry

Goodbye To Worry

4 mins

Say Goodbye To Worry 

 (Short story by Vamanacharya)

It was a bright cold day in Pavanpur and the clocks were striking twelve noon. Postman was knocking the door no. 102 belongs to  Shyamala and Mahesh,an old couple. Shyamala came out and received the cover. 

 "Mahesh, where are you? You've got a post."

  Mahesh was in the backyard reading the newspaper and hearing a Kannada film song on the mobile ignoring the chilled weather.  Mahesh was eager to see the cover and ran fast. In old age he was supposed to walk slowly to avoid risks. When he opened the cover, Shyamala noticed his happy mood and asked,

 "Is it really happy news? Can I be a part of your happiness?"

Instead of saying yes or no, he started singing a Kannada movie song. 

 "Shyamala, you are my life partner. I share this joy with you only, not with anyone else?"

 Couples were of the view that involving in such humorous talks forget the worry of having no children.

 "Mahesh, I have been listening to your movie songs and your words of love for the last thirty-five years. Tell me what good work you have done this time to get happiness."

 "Shyamala, have a little patience. You don't understand the technical problem. Just listen, what I say.  The Bangalore Bluedot Private Limited Company, from where I retired as a mechanical engineer, called me to find out the defect  in the machines. Within half an hour I was able to set  the  things in order. Company accounts manager asked me about my remuneration. I said  Re.1 / - for myself and for my technical Knowledge Rs 24999/-.  Then he laughed and said Mahesh bhai you are an intelligent guy. Now the cover I have received contains a cheque for  rupees twenty five thousand."

 "I wonder how the company has paid you so much for your little work. I know you are exaggerating the issue. But this is nothing when compared to my work." said Shyamala 

 "Shyamala, your words are going overboard in a humorous vein. Humor is good for health. But it's not good for your ego. Okay tell me quickly what was your good work, which excels my technical work?

 " Mahesh, when I was working as a librarian at Pragnya College in Bangalore, the library was equipped with over one lakh books (in Kannada, Hindi and English). The teaching and nonteaching staff had access to the books. After reading the books, they leave the books in a haphazard manner like  leaving the books on the large table, on the floor and beneath the big tamarind tree attached to the library. In the evening, I sit late  and pick up all the books outside and keep them in the proper place. There was no complaint against me  during that year. The management was impressed with my excellent performance. Since I was retiring that year, I was honored with the 'Best Librarian of the College 2015' award, Rs. 10,000 in cash and garland."

 "Shyamala, you have done a really good job. I am proud of you. Anybody can take up the work of the arrangement of books. But technical jobs are difficult."

 "Mahesh, what I have done is not a simple arrangement of the books but a thematic repository. I don't understand why there is a competition between us?

 The dialogue of the day was not over but finished for that day.

 Shyamala visits Anjaneya temple near her house. She started listening to a religious discourse on mobile.  One day she was very much  impressed with the discourse on 'Say Goodbye to Worry'. Mahesh came home that night at eleven 'o'clock.  The wife knew where her husband would spend time late at night. 

 Shyamala then said, "Mahesh, what's the time now? Is it time to come home? Where are you going? What are you doing? I know everything."

 Mahesh laughed and said, "I play cards with my friends and give company for drinks. Do you know why I am involved in this? The answer is simple. Only to come out of childless worry."

 "Look, stop all the bad habits from today. From tomorrow, get up early in the morning, take a bath, worship God, and then focus on spiritual thinking.

 "Shyamala, you know my nature. It would be difficult for me to change my lifestyle at once."

 "Mahesh, where there is a will  there's a way."

 Mahesh did not mind to do all this. He stopped talking with her. Sweet home became a deserted home. Fifteen days later, he realised the truth and agreed with his wife. She was enlightened. They continued to spend most of the time in spiritual thinking. One day both said at a time, "Say goodbye to the worries of a childless couple."

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