Gowroju Archana

Drama Romance


Gowroju Archana

Drama Romance

Fortuitous love

Fortuitous love

24 mins

Hey guys!

             I'm here today to reveal my story.

literally this is one of the best opportunity who can share and express their stories. Thanks a lot.

         It was mine world when I'm 5 years old. Mine ever happiest place is grandma's home. I loved a lot. So we all brothers ,sisters ,and in law's gather here for every event. we used to enjoy a lot. we all have a spot where every evening makes our day. It was a pool. I love the birds and their beautiful nests , small rabbits , big tress and when the dusk appears the green golden light worms with blinking light the whole scenario was beautiful and Awesome. Our days won't end without these. our days starts with yoga early in the morning , then fresh up and having breakfast , then going to the neighbors house and having chit chats , playing games with the elder ones and lunch. we used to sit together and have our lunch with great discussions and thunder laughs. Then again playing, and in the evening we go to the terrace and again do some walks along with my brother- in - law.His name was Aadhi. when I grow up like 15 years old , slowly he started expressing feelings towards me. He never proposed. But as a girl I can understand his feelings. But I swear he is such a good person in and out. Aadhi always tries to make me won. Even when ever we play he loose to make me won and watch my happiness. If at all I'm playing with another people and if I'm loosing the game Aadhi will disturb the game completely or else save me to won.Aadhi parents too like me a lot. They want me as their daughter in law. But we people don't meet regularly but only during fest's. When I'm studying my inter Aadhi became mine best friend because of these bonds and conversations. when I come from hostel I end up my chat at 12 midnight gossips. A lot conversation went between me and Aadhi.

                     I joined in a professional course and continuing my degree. I became busy and lost my conversation with Aadhi. Few days later I got calls from him and asking about college how it makes me sense , how I'm doing. Everything was fine but I can sense he was hiding something and unwilling to say. But I never asked him why and what?.

                      Few days later my mobile was ringing and it was a call from Aadhi. Normal chit chat was done. But after 2 min of silence.A low voice came from Aadhi saying that he's in love. And you know who's that loved one. shes from different state and named  Poorna. Actually Poorna loved Aadhi a lot. And Aadhi too. He said the whole story and was little upset. I asked Aadhi why? He responded me that I regret a lot dear because I hide u from saying my love matter. And I said its okay anyway both of you guys were happy. Its a super fine to me.

                           Slowly Aadhis parents started searching for matches. They enquired me but I'm too small in age 7 years gap between us. Matches were still proceeding.One auspicious day he opened up his love in front of his parents. Aadhis parents didnt accept because of caste , different state and some financial issues. But both still loves. In today's generation love is an understanding between two. But in rural villages it was a sin. They don't consider people who love as a person. When ever he is seen in the market or out of the house people start discussing like anything. So Poorna is still loving  him a lot. Shes never gonna accept her life without Aadhi. But Aadhis parents made him strict rules not to talk, chat on phone and shouldn't meet Poorna ever.

                But one day Aadhi got fever. Their parents didnt care him as before. Aadhi got totally upset with their behavior. Slowly a gap came. And he should work from home instead of going to office. I visited my grandmas house because of holidays. slowly again our conversations took new life. Aadhi started expressing the same feelings when I'm child like 14 yrs old.

                            Our walkings on terrace took a big inhalation. I treated Aadhi as my bestie ever. whom ever he may love or care but Aadhi was my bestie. I trained Aadhi to do Yoga. we do go for cycling in the early morning on two cycles as like Dear zingadi. In the background a lovely pleasant song was running.. cool breeze with bluish cottony clouds , and guttation from the plants ,chirping of the birds , our two legs pedel at the same time with great and super fine freshness. We stoped at one kalvart. There are charming and attractive guavas to the plant. Aadhi plucked for both of us. We ate and started returning with same feel. we eat out snacks on terrace sharing. The very hot cute pot with popcorn giving a delicious smeell.I asked Aadhi to have it. But he refused. I fed him, without his presence he had the snacks. Aadhi love my long hair. Im having a long , brown and b black long hair. When ever i do my head bath I go the terrace and allow it to dry. He like the way i move my hair with my cute dolly hands. He like me when I leave my hair loose without being tied. He want to tie me a long plait. He asked me one day in innocent tone , which made me to nood my head and I said yes. He tied with great struggle as my hair is too long to adjust and tie . Next day when we are playing cricket Aadhi came and joined. Its time for my batting. He came and stretched around my arms like a support of pole and showed a demo along with my wet arms catching the bat. Aadhi showed me dadds love. And treated me as like little prince and child.. Slowly I stated feelings towards Aadhi fortuitously.

Part 2

  Our @12 am chats never ended. I liked the way Aadhi do. He respect the women a lot. None of his conversation hurt anyone. He is a 5.10 feet tall with great charisma and average Indian color. He's a man with heart full of values and curtesy towards people. A black dancig thick forest like hair makes him look more attractive. Aadhi cares me a lot. I never saw him Raunchy. But I'm a nerd almost.


          Its time to catch up my studies. All my holidays are spent at my grandma's house with Aadhi.

      I miss Aadhi. I miss his sweet , cool conversation. I miss our cycling 😟...I miss our traid chats and Sunday buffets. I miss his his adore and complements of comparing me and the white.. .cool. beautiful moon.

             Its time for our college fest. I want to perform a dance on stage. I informed Aadhi via text.

    His reply made me feel possessive and frown too. And no more chats as he was busy with his office works , and me with my college.

              After a week a message from unknown number. Hey cutie !

          Hi ! How are you my dear ?

       me : replied with Hi and asked him to let me know his name.

         He replied that he's my college friend named Raghav.

        I recognized him and continued my chat normal and formal. Slowly our chats and meets became us to form a batch. Raghav and me became best friends as the time passed away. Our batch has a special reputation in college. We are combo of pros , con's, stupidity, nonsense, jovial , emotional , fellows. we excel where ever we got and even in studies. Raghav and me became kith and kin. Of course we are of two different souls.. but I can say he is the soul of kind hearted. During sundays we used to go movies. parks , and some social awareness camps to protect our culture and ethics. Aadhi messages, calls are completely vanished.

    Raghav helps me lot during camps , I ask him what ever I needed. He noodes his head and make it available for me asap.

     We got a 5 days off. So our batch planned for a tour to chennai. We saw a lot of piligrimages. It was a nice experience in bus. I had my seat at window. At the entrance to chennai. I allowed my head out of window and enjoyed the cool.. .cloudy.. .breeze with beautiful and colourful flowers along the lanes. The memories never fade out. We also enjoyed in bus playing dumsharads ( a game where a person should act the whispered thing infront of his team and make them recognize , which was given by the opposite team )


             During this trip I observed some changes in Raghav. As a girl I can found but I'm not sure. I acted normal as didn't know or observed anything.


         Again it was a time , I have to move hometown from college. This time Raghav accompanied me. As hes my Bestie I cant refuse. We started our journey. In the middle we had our lunch at a Restaurant. we shared a long blue same seat of the vehicle. He kept his shoulder on mine as a great friend. Raghav caught my palm and made me to cross the road as a responsible man.

      All these activities and his caring nature towards shows that he likes me.

            Raghav started expressing his feelings towards me. And the same repeated I can understand his inner feelings. I too like Raghav.. ..as I lost Aadhis love and Care.


     few months later a message from Raghav confirmed me that he's in love with me. The message was :


      Hi dear !

              I just want to be transperent and open up today. I cant stop my feelings anymore. Im afraid off that I may loose you if I won't open up.

               I love You moon and back bangaram !

   I can't imagine my life without you.. I love the way you are.

          waiting for your reply my dear cutie.


      I'm shocked and dont know what to reply. I know he loves me. But I cant accept because my parents won't encourage love marraiges and intercaste. We live in a rural small over crowed village. People don't accept love ,they take love as a sin and I cant betray my parents. I cant fade out their dreams. Im there here to full fill their dreams and become an inspiration to girls who come and study from a small village.

           These words made Raghav too hurt. And he petrified. If I love Raghav I not only betray my parents but also Raghav , as I like him but never had a thought of love.

    But Raghav adores me even more. He started saying that he forbid his life and end his breath without me. But here I'm in different situation.

    I started avoiding Raghav without being noticed by him.

few months later.. ....

        A weak time left to my birthday to celebrate. my friend brought me a corrior thats given by the watchman to handle me.

             It was a bluish , shining box with many onion layered package. Im in an excitement to open it. I removed all the layers and there it was.. .

          my lost keychain. I'm so excited to see it again. I'm having a zillion memories with it...keychain is made up of milky white glass. inside keychain...a 3D picture of me in childhood. This picture shines like the stars in the sky.

      The 3D picture is having a beautiful smile and it was a young pale beam of cresent moon touched the blue autumn cloud , and the smile was a degree of first born dream of dew washed morning. And I also found one teddy bear with red heart on it. I was still in shock who have send it. I lost this during my initial college days.. .from the bag.

I checked the corrior completely I found a letter..written as

.. .Hey Hi cutie !

       Advance happy birthday darling !

Do u really excited to know who I'm ?

OK baby you will come to know it at the end page !

immediately I turned the last page and checked.


              hlo hlo hlo.. ..my dear lady detective , I know how curious you are. I guess you turned the last page right !..

sorry dear I stressed you a lot. By the way you are in doubt how did I got this keychain !.. ...Don't panic baby I will answer all your questions. but no answer found in this letter.

Again I searched the corrior there was a small peice of paper.. ..it was written with

     I will be available on ur onion packed corrior cover.

  but shit man ! I tored it completely in an excitement. now no way to found the one who send this gift of my recently lost keychain .


  It was my fault. I should have opened it carefully.

But I'm furious on the unknown person who send me this.. .because he should have an intro directly without making me tensed !

.. .still searching for the one who gifted my old memory



                Part -3



 I'm still wandering for the one who gifted me.

Days went on , and it was my Birthday. My Bestie bought a cake @12am and there was a loving speech written on it.

                     Love you idiot. HBD my baby !

Its gods gift having a friend like you. And we are a family.

       i loved my darling gave a hug and kissed on her forehead and cut my cake. It was a black Caramel dark fantasy chocolate flavor.I loved the cake.

     As I born in typical Orthodox family , and familiar with laws and rules.. .I'm having a habit of visiting temple on my birthdays.

       I started going temple. I purchased one fresh brown oval two eyed kalpavriksha fruit filled with ocean of water. People around me are tranquil , and only chanting mantras are audible for lord shiva incarnation.

           I broke the coconut and praying to god.. .and sat for a while to gain peace. suddenly my eyes are closed by a wet palms of some unknown person. I'm sensing the one to found the hide and seek fellow. I patted the person to get open my eyes and speak to me.

           A strange voice came over saying                      

        Hi Bangaram!

    I'm still in dialoma how dare to someone call me so dearly without any familiarity.

       Then the person asked me to guess ? I can't get him , But still felt the person is the one who's very close to my heart, and felt very important. I didn't spoke a word.

           The one came dont wanna trouble me anymore and came in front of me.

And you know what....

    It was.. ..

                             It was.. ..

It was.. ....

           " Aadhi"

Omg this idiot fooled me by doing mimic.

I patted him and hugged Aadhi. Asked his well wishes.

      He just smiled and said ;

  Happy Happy birthday my dear Lil princess.

I thanked him for joining my birthday. And asked Aadhi how come he get me at temple ?

Aadhi said I got you secretly by your friend who brought the corrior to your room from the watchman.

......oh shit I realized that corrior was sent by Aadhi. Omg I'm very thankful my dear I replied

     By the way I'm not a women detective ,Your such a men detective my dear I said.

Then I asked Aadhi how did you get my keychain in a pleasant way.

He said it was a long story my dear princess.I will let you know surely and answer all your doubted questions.

         We went to a restaurant. Ordered the delicious starters and some the varieties of non veg and finally ended with sweet , cool, ice cream and a dessert.

     My stomach was full as like pressure in the pressure cooker. my continuous burbs told me to really have a walk.

    Aadhi and me started walking towards a park.

park was a long , beautiful , colorfull with crazy pavings and resembles symmetrical style.

  Everyone knows How excited we feel while entering the park.

    Its like peeling of the city streets , lanes and entering into nourishing sense of tranquil.

     Im completely in the mood of enjoying the peace and beauty of garden.

    A beam of thoughts stuck my brain to ask Aadhi how could he get my keychain.

I asked Aadhi again.. ..

Aadhi : Baby do u have any contact with Arjun.

Me.    : Yes but which Arjun

Aadhi : Schoolmate, collegemate, relative Arjun

me.    : Yes Aadhi I know him and in contact    

              previously but not now.

Aadhi. : Did he troubled you by sending unwanted messages and continuous midnight calls

me.    : Yes Aadhi. Long back in school he proposed me and I rejected. And thats the reason he joined the same college of mine and started misbehaving. one fine day I warned him seriously. He never kept an ear to me. He behaved Raunchy.I complained the police and field a case , now no disturbance from him.

Aadhi. : No my dear , He came out via bail and want to devastate your healthy sound life. During your journey from college to hometown ,He started following you and found your keychain at the bustop. He started misusing your pictures and keychain and also tried to acid on your face. I came to know it by one of my friends.I got it through my friend.

Me  : OMG ! what's happening around me Aadhi ! How come he do this to me. I need to meet and give him left and right Aadhi please.. ...take me to him.. .please.. ..By sobbing.

Aadhi : O my dear ! Don't worry baby I already handled it carefully. I too filed a case on him and police gave him blue and black.

Me.    : Thank you Aadhi ! if you are not here with me the whole scenario will be different.

Aadhi. : This is what I need to tell you and you are not even caring and texting a mesaage to me.

Me.    : oh sorry Aadhi ! I thought I shouldnt disturb you as your are busy in your office works.


   After 5 min of silence.. .


    A message pooped on my screen.

Happy birthday my lovely angel !

I'm still waiting for you to accept my love baby.

My life is meaning less without you.

             ---- Ur loving Raghav

These meassage was read by Aadhi 😳

  I started gazing at Aadhi by blinking my lids continuesly with cute puffed face.

     Aadhi questioned me Who's Raghav ? with dark anger face and passionate love.



               Part -4



      Me with cute puffed face.. ..

Aadhi.. ...

               Actually.. ...

During my college days the friendship bond between Raghav and me made him to choose his right partner as me. He proposed me. But I didnt accept. As I dont know anything and dont wanna trouble Raghav in dialoma anymore I simply said no. He respects a lot to my decision. And he didnt except anything from me as he was such a broad minded and understanding soul.

      Aadhi said its okay. And you are actually lucky ,being loved by such good people.

      Dont panic my dear get the ducks in row.

OK Nanni its time to board , I have to leave ,have a great day my dear.He dropped me at hostel and started leaving.

      Okay Aadhi ! I gave him a warm hug and asked him to convey me , the safe destination after reaching.I said Miss you , Take care my dear.

        I liked Aadhi again because he never criticized me of not revealing about Raghav. Hes my cup of tea.

               I went to my room. Got fresh up and thinking of Aadhi and Arjun. As the thoughts flowing like waves continuously.. I invited the sleeping queen.

      Days passing away.

  I was like normal, and doing chores, going college , everything was fine. And I never pesterd Aadhi as well Raghav.

            Its time to come out as a Graduate. I achieved of earning myself. I became independent. Omg it was my first earning.. .I was offered a beautiful building and an expensive car as holding a green pen from the government..

          Happily I'm about to my job.. I informed Aadhi in a cheer full of happiness ,and thousands of candles lightening up on my face with great charisma. He congratulated me and asked for a party....as the conversation went on.. .he said in a wailing way that Poorna got married.....I consoled him that very moment , saying   Aadhi its okay sometimes you have face it ma , I know its really hard to loose the loved one...but you should move on.. . Sometimes emotions drain off and the reality should become the priority my dear..Nothing can be done , you should start accepting the things....Aadhi conversation went on for more than 3 hrs.

                     Few days passed after, surprisingly Raghav met, holding some works with me.His works at my office was done. Formally I asked him to lunch as hes my friend.

            Here is a small french  polished ,decorative ,ostentative dining table,with super cute pots filled with fennel, youghart, and some hot desserts. We sat opposite to each other.

           Me ,being talkitive.. ..started beating over past college memories.I remembered all my college days at a glance. He was silent and simply staring at me. After I completed my non sense.. I asked Raghav why he was looking gloomy.

         His face is gazing to the mother earth..as he lift up his head and slowly stated opening his eyelids.. ..A pair of drops from his pair of eyes starting rolling with great innocence, and dreary.

        Raghav.. .what happened to you. Being your friend I knew , you are not such a coward. How I can help you. whats happening to you Raghav.. ....Plz Raghav.. ..dont be so childish we are here to help you and ofcourse our batch.. .all there to help you , whats problem with you , asked by me in a confused state of mind. 

          Raghav slowly started saying I feel I can't live without you my dear. I planned to go Australia to get over this, but its never gonna happen with me. My heart and brain is never going to accept another girl. I don't know why but something killing me badly. I always like to talk you, I always like to protect you, I always want to be with you.I feel none is going to keep you ever happy as I do my dear , I promise.

            I dont know how to reply.. ..he is in bad situation I can't be so rude to him and I said okay dear lemme have some time , and give my best answer after conveying this to my parents.

              His heart took new life. A small smile over his face , wiping his tears rolling down over cheeks.Okay let's go. I will give my answer soon.I gave send off to him and started going to my flat.

                 Next day early in the morning I heard a shocking news.. ..from one of my people.. ..that changed my life completely.


             Part -5



As I woke up early in the morning.. ..I'm getting ready for the office.

          A melodious song flowing like.....drops of the rain coming from the milky clouds.

    As im going from the way of kitchen to hall the call hung up. it was an unknown number.I redailed the number and did call back.

    phone rang.. ...

    I said hello. ? Who's this?

unknown: Hello mam.. .what you are to the person who met with an accident

Me. : which person ?

unknown: Hes Mr.Raghav pramood.

me. : what happened to Raghav.. .How was he ? is anything happened to him. Take him to the hospital immediately. i will start right the moment.

unknown : Sorry mam ! He is no more. He isn't wearing helmet and travelling from hours. The brain is completely damaged.

Me.   : dont know tears rolling down without any fail., I became like a numb with wide opened eyes , tomato red eyeball , cheeks getting back to its skull position.. .narrowing , hands and legs shaking like vibrator.. .face covered with a dense forest like sweat , body became weak and im unable to stand properly

unknown : u collect his body mam. please collect it immediately.

Me.   : with broken strings of my vocal I said o..k...

          Call hung up.

      Few min of silence.

I went to the spot. A lot of people surrounded around it. Many thoughts running in the brain. Our first meet, college days, trip memories, fairwelldays, and the before day which he met me.

That innocent face is still running in my brain.every word which spoke to him was coming like an echo.

By letting crowd away with my two hands forcibly,I am entering towards Raghav. My heart isnt going to accept him without life. I can't even step up my leg as i became too weak.

         Finally entered there. His two hands are displaced , Legs are out of its position, eye ball was like a cold moon , but out of socket, brain is like a boiling egg continuously beating over the road , which is completely filled with his red fluid.

                 I'm about to faint. But the physical presence and mental thoughts asking me to wake up.

   people around Me called an ambulance.They took to the hospital and dressed him and bought him to his native place in a glass cremation box.

I went along with him in the ambulance to his native place.

                      I'm speaking nothing , nor wiping.. my eyes are widened up with great grief and pain.Even though im surounded by hudreads of people I'm feeling lonely. And it was like a dark tunnel that never gonna end. Thats such a grumpy and dark days ever gonna happen in my life.

             Cremation was done. His parents are out of presence like me. I stayed back with them for about a week and came back to my residence.

               I don't know every unit of my day is Raghav. I can't let welcome my sleeping queen.All the nights are nightmare.

                 I wanna share this to Aadhi. I think he's the one who can console me.

  I called Aadhi and said what happened. He was in a shock. Why don't you let me  know this. All the week why do you stayed as alone. Don't you remember me to share this and have a relaxation ?.. .

                 But I'm wailing. My dear I'm so sorry to console you like this but I have to say this , please don't feel bad and cry my dear. We are after all humans. Every one should face the death. Even Almighty can't stop it ,when its really going to happen , How sweet the person might be.

        Listen baby we have to start accepting the things.

           Grief if like ocean , waves ebb and flow. sometimes it remains calm , and sometimes overwhelming. All we do is learn to swim.

      He's today.. ..And I may be tomorrow.. we cant expect our complete life my dear.

     You never know how strong You are. Be strong baby I will start my journey early in the morning.My deep condolenses to Raghav.

    Next day Aadhi came to my home. I'm off to office. He hugged me and consoled me like a little child.

         A lone eye lash fell on his hand as he wiped my last tear.

      He made me to wish by closing my eyes. And I wished Raghav.. ..saying sorry my dear.It was my fault. I shouldn't have let you wait...And if I allowed you to go after the work.. .i wish u might be here today with me.Its all my fault.I'm so sorry Raghav.

             He gave a week company. And i started moving on.. ..and going with my job. Its time to leave again for Aadhi.He is about to airport. I give him the send off.

         My dad started searching for a groom. one day a call from my dad , Beta I wish to have Aadhi as your soulmate. He's so sweet and I know he actually likes you. Few days back Aadhi visited here and asked you as his forever.

         I said.. ....

                          Dad.. ....

        its.. .. its all your wish.. .I'm ready to accept Aadhi. Okay dad I will call you back and hung up

Butterflies running in stomach....

             It was cloud nine.

My eyes filled with pearls rolling down, and cheeks blushing pinkish and the white enamel of my teeth giving a sparkle like star, my brain was ecstatic.


           And Yes I love Aadhi.

I called Aadhi and as soon as I picked up my hello , he said :


                        " I love you my dear little princes"

And I said : I love you too my dear

      The very next day hes back to my hometown.We got engaged...Again we started our journey from where it was started.

we woke up early in the morning. I make him to do all my yoga asanas.

                 I made him to learn cooking along with me. He helps me in kitchen by chopping the veggies and companies me by sitting in the kitchen window and telling stories and sometimes we cook together and eat together.But now he feeds me daily.. ..my day wont end without his feed.We together do our chores and go to the office. While coming back from office we come together , by purchasing some groceries, and what ever we need.

           After relaxing we go for cycling again as like my olden days.. .But now only one cycle with both of them on one.

                            Aadhi used to cycle and I used to sit on the front handle seat. The same Pleasant music running in the background.. ..The same aroma of the soil ,The same cool breeze with extreme love. The clouds started talking to me and giving me the blessings of rain drops.He again plucked the delicious guava but only one ,sharing both with sheer love.. ..and we fed together.. Aadhi cares me a lot. He never hurt me. But i hurt him by pounding. I hurt for small things all because to take his love so nearly and dearly. He always plays a hide and seek game with me , where my eyes are closed by my love. He gives me full freedom and liberty. we are loyal to each other and we respect each other.He never let me alone. He share all the things and i too.. and I was never objectioned by Aadhi. He treats me as his mom , and shows me dads love. He always made me to sit on him like a little baby sleeping on her mothers lap..by discussing our golden days and memories.. He ties my long hair with complete love, and I never had a day without his cool and pure hearted kiss on my forehead early in the morning. When I'm having a nightmare he will wake up and take me to his hands by patting on my shoulder and starts singing lovely songs ,and gets me some water to get out of it. If I'm sick he stay with me the whole day by taking a leave to the office.. .He cooks for me and gets me in any situation.

                    If I wanna tell something to Aadhi I never speak.. ..only my eyes convey him the whole. What ever mistake was done by me Aadhi used to give a cute.. .cool smile on his face. This gives me tons  of happiness without any frown. I'm the luckiest person I feel 😍.

       By the way its me Aarchi

                          Aadhi  loves Aarchi

What ever the situations might happen but finally one will be worth of their soulmate


     forever smiles for both of us and our familes.



                           ----    The end  -----


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