Insane Lavanya

Drama Tragedy


Insane Lavanya

Drama Tragedy



3 mins

I don't know why, but today I am feeling different, I am feeling uneasy about something. I don't feel good, it scares me. But I am sure that I am just overthinking.

Well, it's my habit. I was never a calm person. I can even win an Oscar for overthinking, if there is any category such that. But today is different. You know, you always have this weird feeling in your stomach, when you know something is going to happen, but most of the time that feeling would weirdly and unfortunately come true. But I hope everything is fine and will be.. right?

Apart from having this weird feeling, today is something very special. It's the day finally I am going to meet the love of my life after so many months. He was away for business. But he is coming back today. But I have a feeling that today he going to propose me, while I don't know for sure..its just a weird feeling after I spoke to him last night, he sounded like that, I can't help it... I just feel weird... as you guys must have guessed by this time that, I always have different "weird" feelings..

After finishing my work, I called him, I just wanted to speak to him. I wanted to know where he is? I miss him so much.. well is it even possible to miss someone so much!!?? But I guess, that's how we feel in love. But why he is not picking up? He must be in sleeping in plain, he can sleep anywhere just like me. But wait... he picked up my call..

"Hey, hii...I was trying to call you since five minutes. I miss you so much. I want to see you so badly, please came back soon, I just want to see your handsome face very soon.hello? Can u hear me? why don't you say anything? Are you dead?

Wait.. Who is this...? Where is my boyfriend?

(from other side of the line)

Hello miss, we are from Victoria hospital. I am sorry to inform you this, but your boyfriend met with an accident a few hours back and.... he is no more,... We tried our best but the accident was huge. He was severely injured and lost a lot of blood by the time we could reach him.... We are sorry miss. Wait... Hello... Hello, miss, are you listening...???

I.... this can't be true. He must be joking. It must be a prank call. There are some crazy people like that.. Who just love making fun of others by such pranks, how could... how could that be possible, he told me he would meet me today... he told me, he would take me to my favorite restaurant, he told me, he would... he would.. he would introduce me to his family...

O God.. This can't be true.. No,no, no.. I don't trust this.... I don't trust him.

How can this be true.. this is impossible. We planned to leave forever and together... O, God... No, no.. I thought he would propose to me today...

No, no... I don't trust this, I don't..... I don't trust this. This must be a dream, yes, just a dream...a nightmare. I never knew.... My weird feelings would be this, not even in my dreams, I hate my feelings...!??

I don't know know what to do.. I thought we..I thought we will marry soon and have a small and amazing family.. I never.. I never thought this day would be like this.... I love him so much... What should I do now?

Is this what forever means?

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