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Vaishnavi Bairagi

Drama Romance

First Night

First Night

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As I entered my 20's , 

My birthday was celebrated excitedly . Everyone here was as excited as I have won any war or something. But ahan slowly I realized that there were many things as a girl you need to go through as you enter your 20'

As I entered my 20's, I fell in love, I made my career, I did everything that actually made me happy as what my mother always told me 'beta you should do everything that give you happiness that make you happy no matter if everyone other are not happy with it'

Now I am 25 , well-settled , independent women . Recently I bought my new house , a car for myself , and not being feminist I pay my bills , I party on my own money.and despite of it I have saved too . But one thing that constantly frustrated me are my mother's call constantly reminding me that I am 25 and it's time to get married until it's too late because this society is spreading rumour from a long time that if you are not married before 25 , you will face a lot of problem in finding a right guy for you,.really? Is it so? I mean goodness of any guy or any person resides in his/her age?

By these daily calls and all the photographs of random guys everyone is sending me over mails over WhatsApp just to choose a guy among them , one day I said yes to get married. But that was not enough, I was in a complete dilemma of whether saying yes to this guy was a right decision or I did it early.but whatever, I said yes and I have to be on my words.

Following every rituals , I entered my new house, so called my in-laws house. 

The first night, after my marriage, every one was happy, all the elder ladies were giggling sending me in the bedroom.

I sat on the bed, but there were some thoughts breaking every nerve of my head, I was afraid umm not afraid I was tensed what he would ask ? What would be his reaction after seeing me? What he will do now? These questions were increasing my nervousness for the very first night.

I was never this nervous before. In few minutes he entered the room, it was clearly shown on his face that he was nervous maybe more than me I guess.

As he sat down , I called inside my mind, that now he is going to undress me, would ask a bundle of questions he would be keeping from all these years within him to ask his wife on their first night. He would check my purity on this piece of white sheet , a single white sheet will now decide my character. This sheet would decide that my heart or his wife's body is pure or not. It would decide my integrity now and what if there would not be a single spot of blood on the sheet?

Is he going to introduce me with different bad words? 

Are his family members going to accept me? 

But suddenly he held my hand and spoke up

'i know these years of your life, you might have experienced many things , some might be good and happiest and some might be bad , some might have made you kill yourself. I am mad why am I reminding you all this. Wait a bit, can you please move from bad just for a second?

Now what is he going to do now?

-i was amazed.

This was something I never expected

He was removing the white bed sheet with the something embedded with blue flowers on black sheet!

Yeah this bed sheet I once bought for his room when he took me to shop with him.

'what are you doing?''

'See , you know these bed sheets were put on this bed just for one reason and that was your virginity. And I don't want you to feel embarrassed a single bit. It doesn't matter to me if you are virgin or not. I know you since one year after we got engaged. I know how good girl you are. I might have never found a girl better than you for me. So these piece of clothing cannot decide anything. I love you and now you are mine and that's what I know now.'

That day I realised that finding a guy never depend on the age but depends on his thought. I realised that marrying him was the best decision I made. That day nothing happened as what I thought to be happening, he gave me my nightwear and told me to change and feel comfortable. 

As I came after changing he gave me a gift he bought for me and my favorite chocolate.

He kissed me and told me 'you should sleep today, I know you're tired enough after all these rituals . Other things can wait. We would be doing everything whenever you are ready ,not before that. I want you to feel happy with me and with this marriage. I never want you to take this marriage as a burden for you .'

This was the day I felt like I married the right guy. He made me first night worth remembering for.

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