Father Felt Sorry For His Son!

Father Felt Sorry For His Son!

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The crop in the village stands ready to be harvested. As usual, Rakesh was going towards the fields with his old bicycle. Suddenly he met the headmaster of the government school, from the headmaster he came to know that his son Jeetu has come first in class fifth. The headmaster praised Jeetu and also gave advice to Rakesh.

That it would be better if he did Jeetu's further studies from a good school in the city.

Rakesh, considering the headmaster's advice, did not go back to the fields and returned home. Rakesh hid his bicycle outside by a neem tree and went inside and sat on the plank. The wife Sunaina was busy in the kitchen at that time.

Rakesh was silent as if a deep thought had caught him. In this way the wife's voice was heard in his ears, You have come, you have come very quickly! MukhiyaJi had come, saying that "he is in dire need of money."

Sunaina came out of the kitchen and gave a pot of water to Rakesh, how did you come quickly? Rakesh was still stunned as Rakesh broke his silence, and said that his son Jeetu took the first position in the class. Hearing this, Sunaina was thrilled with happiness and pride and said, it is a matter of great pleasure that my son has come first in class! But you are looking for something upset, what's the matter?  Rakesh said in response that the headmaster had met on the way, saying that it would be right to teach Jeetu from a good school in the city because your son is so smart. Sunaina was very happy to hear this but others; Concerns streamed across the forehead.

She asks her husband for money.

Rakesh said that the crop is standing, after paying the loan from the money that will come from it, Jeetu will be able to study in a good school.

On the very next day, both wife and her husband fell badly in the fields, the crop was harvested in four-five days and in the market also got good prices. A few days later, Rakesh decided to go to the city with the headmaster and Jeetu together. Rakesh had to leave early in the morning to wake up early, Rakesh had not even slept properly all night. 

In the morning Rakesh, Headmaster, and Jeetu caught the bus.

Rakesh in the bus, with one hand on his son Jeetu's shoulder, had some questions in his mind, many thoughts were coming in his mind that he would be able to get a good job if he studies in a good school, maybe all our poor days can getaway now. With this thought, he did not know when the bus stopped at the intersection. 

Since Rakesh had arranged for the right amount of money, the headmaster decided to take him to the school for his identity.

Reached school, such a huge gate, such a beautiful room, access to everything, Beautiful furniture, fan, and cooler are also very good !!

 Rakesh was surprised to see all this. It was like a dream for him, started thinking that now Jeetu will study in such a big school, he will definitely come out from here as a big man in the future.

The peon outside told them the place to sit, after sitting outside on the bench for some time, the peon came back and said that you can go to the principal office now.

As soon as he went inside, Rakesh joined both the hands and said to the principal, 'namaste sir ji'. They all sat on the chairs in Infront of the principal, they were given a form for submission.

Since Rakesh was not so educated, the headmaster read all the conditions written in the form. After reading the paid form, Then came a condition that Rakesh, upon hearing, left for a few seconds. the condition was "it is compulsory for the parents should be educated ". Hearing this Rakesh suffered a lot, he did not say anything, just started thinking that I fought poverty for my son but could not fight with luck.

Rakesh felt very sad today for the first time being illiterate. And he was feeling sorry for his son.

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