Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Priyadarsini Yadav



Priyadarsini Yadav


Father-daughter ❤

Father-daughter ❤

3 mins

Dad: “Have you packed everything? You're getting late”,he checks if she has taken all necessary things with her. Don't forget to call me once you leave the hostel.

Riya: yes,yes dad. I didn't miss anything. I'll call you back.

( in home)

Mom: Come and have your breakfast.

Dad: Yeah,wait. Let me check if there is any delay in the arrival of the train. If so she would be in trouble.

Mom: She is not a kid. She can handle things better than you and me. I'm getting tired of seeing the same vacation drama again and again.

( a call from Riya)

Riya: Dad,I've just now left the hostel and got into a cab. I've texted you the vehicle number, didn't you recieve it.

Dad: Oh! Wait, let me check. Yes, I got your text. Your mom kept chanting some Ramayana stories from morning and so I didn't notice your text. Fine, call me when you get into a train and if there is any delay call me immediately.

Mom: Am I the one chanting the Ramayana stories for the whole day? and tell me, are you going to fly there if the train is delayed to pick your princess.

Dad: You don't understand these things. He sat in the dining table to have his break fast. Meanwhile, he kept worrying. It has been long time and she would've been to station. This girl is very playful, why didn't she call me yet.

Mom: She can't be giving you a live commentary all the time. She'll call you soon don't panic.

( she calls him after an hour)

Dad: Why didn't you call me so long? I was waiting for a long time and the lecture went on.

Riya: please give a pause so that I can explain you. The network is poor here due to the bad weather and I was unable to make a call. Train has started and don't worry anymore.

( actual worries start there)

Dad: Do you have some problem there? Don't talk much to the stranger, if someone troubles you call me immediately and again the lecture went on.

( her mom snatches the mobile from him) Mom: See Riya, don't blindly hear to your dad. If there is any trouble, you know what to do right.

Riya: Yes mom, I'll first inform some officers here about it and not dad. Dad is becoming a kid nowadays.

( She was about to cut the call ,meanwhile he got it from her)

Dad: Don’t hear to your mom, he said in a kiddish voice. Call me when you reach ( some xyz) station and he cut the call.

Hours rolled by, she don't know where she was exactly but she left those worries aside as she thought that she would knew it when the station arrives. After some times she got a call from her dad.

Dad: Are you fine there? Well you would reach the station(XYZ station) soon I guess. Am I correct?

The train slowed down, she looked out of the window and he was right. Tears welled in her eyes to see the concern and love of her dad.

Dad: you’ll reach here with in some two hours or so. I'll wait for you in the station. It seems to be rainy here, don't wet yourself.

Riya: Come to pick me sharply at 9.I don't want to see you waiting in the station from 8.Trains can be delayed but early arrival is a miracle.

Right in the station her dad was waiting with an umbrella and a sweater just for the sake of precaution. The love, care,protection showered by a father is the greatest gift for a girl on the Earth. This doesn't only happen with Riya . Every girl can relate it with herself, never mind how old she is? or how responsible she becomes? She is always the same little princess enjoying the long walk holding her dad's hand.


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