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Raju Ganapathy

Drama Classics


Raju Ganapathy

Drama Classics

Evidence Vs Credibilty: A Vikramaditya Story

Evidence Vs Credibilty: A Vikramaditya Story

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Vikramaditya was the king of Ujjain. He is called the greatest judge in history because he always gave perfect justice to his people. Guilty persons trembled to come to him.

Court of King Vikramaditya, Somewhere in Ujjain, India 2020

Case brief

With respect to Farm laws that corporates would loot farmers, lacks evidence. My argument follows:

Your Honour,

Please allow me to present my argument with the notion that evidence and credibility are entirely different things.

Do we still recall something called demonetization? If you do that you would do well to remember that so many claims were made with respect to good results that would happen. Do we have any evidence of the good results? But PM is an honourable man!!

More so recently we were told that COIVD would be defeated in a Mahabharata warlike in three weeks. Do we have evidence of COVID’s defeat? But PM is the honourable man!!

Yet again with respect to economy our esteemed FM (one of the top 30 powerful women according to Forbes) expressed her helplessness and claimed an Act of God, the question crops up was there any evidence to the claim. But FM is an honourable woman!!

Just a week back to a Right To Information query the government said they were not aware where records related to COVID vaccine expert group are kept.

Yet our PM informed that Vaccine is a few weeks away. Where was the evidence for this? Yet our PM is an honourable man.

To me, CAA and Farm laws have the same ring about them. Of course, those who protests are nincompoops, anti-national, have double standards, naive, easily influenced and so on. Is there any alternative to protest your Honour? Please note that 140 cases are pending at the Supreme Court with respect to CAA case. Yet the SC takes up the case of ‘most common man, Arnab over those of thousands of pending habaeus corpus petitions resulting from 370 Article abrogation and disposes of the cases in jiffy talks a lot about the importance of common man in this country. Of course, SC is an honourable court.

During the times of COVID, nearly 81 crores of people are subsisting on Government’s dole provides evidence that common men are thriving in this country and their lot is doing so well.

Regarding India, Oxfam said the combined total wealth of 63 Indian billionaires is higher than the total Union Budget of India for the fiscal year 2018-19 which was at Rs 24,42,200 crore. "Our broken economies are lining the pockets of billionaires and big business at the expense of ordinary men and women.

Of course, your honour, OXFAM is not an honourable agency. And our corporate honchos are making money for nation’s good

Speaking of evidence, the following is noteworthy

If there is anybody worried after the judgment of the Special CBI Court on the demolition of the Babri Masjid in 1992, it is the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The Special Judge said: "The charge sheet has no evidence on the basis of which it can be established that the named accused had incited any riot or were part of it." This is a serious admonition of the investigating agency.

Of course, the DM is an honourable man and the CBI is a dis-honourable agency evidently.

Let me end my argument with the submission that we have been told that ‘achche din aayega’ but I ask is there any evidence of it having come? Now we hear about the Ram Rajya. Is there any evidence that Ram Rajya existed besides the majority’s faith? If that is evidence enough as the SC had concluded in the land dispute case of Ayodhya, I have nothing more to say since I belong to the small minority who is trying to swim against the tide and tirade of the majority.

Jai Shri Ram.

King Vikramaditya was quite flummoxed with the case. He quickly reverted to the common trick judges used these days and declared the case adjourned.

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