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Every Picture Tells A Story

Every Picture Tells A Story

5 mins

Spontaneously one sketch of my daughter on the wall drew my attention towards it as soon as I got a message from Titan, telling some offers and discounts.

It was last year's May month we went (me, my husband, my daughter) to the Titan Showroom of Ghadi chowk.

Obviously to purchase a watch. We entered into the showroom. Different age groups and genders were busy in their segments along with the salespersons.

But even in that large crowd, I could see clearly in one corner a person aged between 25-30, in a very simple dress (not suggesting trendy), little beard on his face, pale eyes, ruffled hair, altogether suggesting a scrawny personality suggesting a pure artistic look, a carelessness (or a poor financial condition my conscience saying to me God knows!) who has been sitting on a table surrounded with peoples over there.

He was a center of attraction for everyone including me.

But what is happening over there I was curious to know. I asked my daughter to get help from her dad for selecting a watch.

Slowly I came near to that person and saw that he was an artist and was very busy making sketches of people who visited the store and after shopping mustered for making a sketch.

Oh, this is going on here. How much the cost would be of one sketch????? Whatever may be I too wanted to make a sketch. I waved my hand and called my daughter to come thereafter shop the watch. As she came I winked my eyes and asked. (Did she.....?)

She nodded her head in Yes. So we also joined the queue for making a sketch. This time three more shoppers were there before us. But a deep desire for making sketch was giving us the patience to wait. Over that watching how he making sketches within 10-15 minutes was more pleasurable for us.

The artist regardless of whether who are the models was busy only in his work. Two-three empty teacups were lying on the side table. Without tiring continuously was making sketches but it could be noticed tiredness his face and I was feeling little pity for him. My daughter out of patience started asking me to walk out.

Anyway, patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet, our turn came. My daughter sat on the table in front of the artist. He started his work then I asked him in the mild voice " what is the charge for one sketch"?

He told Aparna Vishwanath Ma'am it is free of cost. Listening to my name I just astonished and out of curiosity who he is? I saw his face but still couldn't recognize him. I asked him do you know me, dear? With his busy hand, he nodded his head and said yes.

How? I asked. Without stopping his work he was trying to explain, you were my subject Teacher in my school days.

But finding unmatched in any angles, I very politely asked isn't it? He said yes.

After giving some pressure on my memory, more clarification and little chit chat I got recognized him. Oh is this you? Yes, ma'am! (I could see a shine in his pale eye) with happiness he said. Everyone started looking at us. Even my husband and daughter too. I'd shine and a proud smile on my face.

Oh my god, it was very surprising for me that the artist sometimes used to be my student, wow! became so prominent artists. I asked him why he is doing free of cost sketches. He told he was appointed by the Titan for promotion purpose on a tender basis.

Oh, it's very nice indeed. Still, I couldn't believe over myself that he was the same to whom once I ever taught. We can't predict by only seeing any once outer personality. Here is his case, an inner skill beats the outer look or outer personality.

Still, with a mild voice with a smiley face, he was as it is as in school time. Not only me but all were impressed with his great sketches.

In a moment I discussed lots of things with curiosity about how he became a so great artist. He too along with work was replying to all my questions.....

I asked him if he took any art classes from anywhere? He said he did a Master's course in Art from "Khairaghar University". Meanwhile, he has completed the sketch of my daughter and offered me also but some small kidz were also waiting with very enthusiastic so I said ever again and gave I offered the chance to others.

Oh...Bravo! Felt proud. But apart from all happiness I'd some emotions for him and asked myself why should teachers have all the appreciation.

No, this time an offer of my Gratitude to my student. I asked my husband for something which I had quitely inserted in his pocket as a token of love and gratitude. Principally he was rejected to took, arguing he done his duty of Titan only that's it. But after my lots of emotional appeal, he got ready and took. He has given me his phone number with a great feeling. A feeling of teacher and student relationship.

Ah! At last my triumph.

We all gave him a Thanksgiving note and happily said bye to one another. My hands rose not for telling bye but for giving blessings to him. Do progress more and more in your life and become famous artists as Pablo Picasso, Leonard Da Vinci M.F.Husain...........

"The Proverb came true we should never judge a book by its cover..."

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