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Eternal Realm Of Dreams

Eternal Realm Of Dreams

2 mins

As I ready the bed to travel to my dream world, I realize it has already been time for getting the dishes washed, but still food is left on my plate. 

I go into his room and see the room is in a mess, the chair stacked with a pile of unwashed clothes, shoes lopsided on the white tiles, the bed has two side pillows and the blanket is not yet folded. 

Had this been yesterday, I would have just asked my son to clean up his room but today I just watched him sit there, smiling at me. 

I leave the room and walk to the kitchen to eat the last bit of food I had left uneaten. 

I could count the rice, that was left. It tasted different, yet so pleasant. 

A habit I have lived through was to not waste food. The clock is ticking. It's nearly quarter past 10 PM. 

As I walk back into the drawing-room I see the crowd has already gathered, and I can distinguish between murmurs. 

The accident was due to a rash turn in the very lane where the school was. Unable to smoothly pass, the head crushed under one of the trucks hired during idol immersion. 

Such a calm feeling it must have been, to not grow wrinkles or become dependent on someone and without the fear of waiting for death. 

Nobody is yet here, as the post mortem is an essential formality to be urgently carried out. I walk past hubbub of kinsmen and carry a bowl of sweet that my son loved to eat after dinner. 

He's still there, I see him smiling at me. 

As I walk closer to him I can see him becoming younger, one step more and I see the kid. My child. Slowly as I reach the bed and put the sweet in his mouth I can see the love and innocence in his eyes. 

The "roshogolla" must have been too sweet because I didn't see him asking for the second one. 

I pat his shoulder and put him to sleep. 

He was a little reluctant at first, but he is asleep now. 

I know it's time, for me to travel to the realm of eternal dreams. 

I lay down beside him, close my eyes and the murmurs soften, till it eventually fades out completely. 

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