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Nitin Kumar

Drama Tragedy


Nitin Kumar

Drama Tragedy



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Once there was a man who did not make it to college. So, his mother got him a wife. After the marriage, he worked as a labourer in a factory. Due to lack of education and early marriage he could not make difference between what was good for him, his family and friends. He relied on his colleagues, mother and wife for guidance. Since his wife was a little more educated than him, he most of the times never argued with her.

One day he returned home and enquired, how can he avoid being called a boring person. Why is he being made to accept others' request all the time?

There are always people who are skilful and non skilful. Some people have readymade experience through higher studies. As for you, you were in school all this while. So, you have basic knowledge and hence you need to develop correspondence skills. His wife recommended him to get admitted in the college. Man refused.

He went for a number of jobs but never stayed long in those jobs. Each time, he would return home with a dejected spirit. His wife would always comfort him and always suggested him to sharpen his skills. 

He was in his thirties a few years after and could never make up his mind for further studies.

Although he was a hardworking man, he had to face humiliation in discussions and was forced to accept the points and decisions of his peers. Frustrated, at times, he argued, raised his voice, threatened others to accept his view points. 

This had a adverse effect and a few of his peers started ignoring him. Since, others had competence over explaining their view point in a better way, they managed this man not only to surrender before, but also to blindly believe in whatever they wanted. 

One day he asked his friend, "Vasu, why should I obey and follow you always?"

Vasu - It is not mandatory, my friend. You may do whatever you want. 

Man - Bursting out in anger, shouted at Vasu, raising his hand, can I beat you ? 

Vasu, immediatley moved backwards and others pounced on him, before he could do anything. 

3 of the peers overpowered him and held him tightly. 

Vasu - Friend, when you know, you do not have appropriate skills to convey your feelings and thought, what made you think that you can prove your point by violence. 

Man - This angered the man even more and he started abusing Vasu and his 3 friends. One of the 3 friends, slapped him and advised him to shut his mouth, right away. 

Vasu pitched in and took Vasu besides and asked him to go home. Controlling his anger, man rushed home and narrated his story to his wife. She warned him, more you delay further education, the people around would exploit you.

Either you sharpen your skills or follow them. 

Since the man was in his mid thirties by now, could not make up his mind for sharpening his skills, or get further education, since he had children now, surrendered and blindly started following the peers. He never raised any questions, or expressed his view points before them. 

Pitying this man, the peers handed him a handbook.

Vasu - Friend, kindly sell this handbook in your spare time. 

Due to lack of wisdom, this man struggled selling the handbook as well. Peers allowed him to distribute it freely and this man did this happily and since then he remained indebted to his peers, forever. 

A few years later, he was found along with his wife, mother and children freely distributing these handbooks to others. 

Peers, now had arranged one time meal for his family since then.

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