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Sara Daiya



Sara Daiya




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As Angelina walked down the hill, gazing at the thorny bushes, she heard a twig snap behind. At first, she just continued walking fearing that her mother will be angry if she gets late. On paying more heed, she could hear a cry for help and now she was sure, that some creature was in great agony.

She hurried to find a small pony with bruises all over its snowy white hide. 

The little animal was writhing in pain enough to make Angelina shudder. She felt helpless, and with no control over herself decided to revive this pony. 

Somehow, with every last ounce of strength, she managed to drag the pony to town. 

Angelina's mother, annoyed, enquired angrily, "Why are you so late and why did you bring this wounded creature here?"

"Who will look after it? " 

"I will." said Angelina with a firm voice. 

As she went ahead and applied a paste of turmeric and herbs on the wounds of the sore creature.

A few weeks later, the pony was perfectly healthy with its albino skin shining brightly under the sun. It looked simply marvellous, almost a fine steed in the making. The big scar caused by the injury on its right leg though stood out. 

One cloudy evening Angelina trot Ecstasy, that's what she'd name him, to graze in the pastures beyond her house, the cool breeze put her under a sweet spell of sleep. 

When she woke up, Ecstasy was nowhere to be seen. 

She yelled at the top of her voice, but the pony was nowhere to be found. Angelina was grief-stricken, and couldn't believe that the creature she had loved so much had left her. At the same time, she was also worried if Ecstasy had fallen into some trouble again. For over a week, she cried herself to bed, life for her did not seem as much fun as it was with Ecstasy. 

Years passed by and Angelina grew up to be a beautiful girl and the memory of Ecstasy was like a distant dream she had dreamt probably in a different life time. Presently, her mind (and heart) was filled with the thoughts of Johan. 

Johan had been her best friend since the time Ecstasy had vanished. She so much loved him and they were soon to be engaged. She was already waiting for him at her window, he seemed to be late today, which was kind of unusual. 

Before she knew it, the doorbell rang. Assuming it to be Johan she rushed down only to face a worried maid. 

The maid almost whispered sadly that Johan had sustained a serious injury during a horse riding session. 

Angelina, shocked, rushed out of the door, while pushing off all the wrong thoughts that were flooding her mind at the moment, while one thought constantly stuck out its ugly head, "Why are all my problems equine related?" 

She reached the hospital to find her best friend bandaged, unconscious. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she slid her palm over his forehead.

She went to the woods to collect some flowers for Johan. She plucked some colourful flowers and was walking back home, when she heard a twig snap again.

She turned around and saw a beautiful white horse, it seemed to have a horn on the forehead, was it what she thought it was? Was it a Unicorn? 

"Wait..... Is that a unicorn?", she murmured to herself. 

She continued walking but the unicorn followed her. She told him not to follow her and said "I don't care you're a unicorn or a horse, your kinds have always brought sorrow in my life!" she said and continued her stance. 

Suddenly it struck her and she turned around. She instantly noticed the scar on the right ankle of the unicorn."Ecstasy!" she cried. She ran towards it and pat its back. "You're back for me."

Ecstasy moved its head and a beam of light twinkled through its horn. 

There was a flash, everything was bright white. Angelina woke up with a jerk. 

She was there in the pastures, with slightly darker skies, the pony still grazing. She ran towards it hugged it and whispered in its ear "Ecstasy!"

Animals are our friends, care for them. Save them. They may create our problems, but they are the ones we have when all our friends leave us. 

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