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Sumana Sharma

Romance Drama


Sumana Sharma

Romance Drama



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Four months ago…

Sebastian Krane. A name no one forgets in this town of Wiseville. A self-established business tycoon, he started his life from assisting in the work of labourers in the vineyards. Now, he holds the reins to the most influential liquor company. No one dares question him, as he had his influence in every business around the corner. In short, he has everything anybody would ever need.

The only thing nobody knew was, Sebastian could never sleep peacefully at night.

Wiseville is known for its long stretches of vineyards that can be seen as far as one's eyes can see. Almost every family in this town has someone or the other working for the vineyards, be in whichever rank. So, there was a custom of holding a Gracing Ceremony every year, where everyone in town came together and graced one another with gifts and good wishes for the year.

This year too, the Gracing Ceremony was edging near. People were in the haste of preparing for the event. One such family was the Graysons. Mama Grayson had begun her preparations for her popular Dark Chocolate pie. Papa Grayson was chopping wood for the bonfire. And Mercy, their daughter, was due to reach home in two days. She lived outside town in the State University.

The night had finally arrived when Mercy was reaching home. Papa Grayson was waiting outside on the porch, his eyes yearning to see his daughter again. And then, just about twelve minutes later, a cab came to a halt in front of his gate. Mercy stepped down and went towards the back of her car to retrieve her suitcase. Seeing her, Papa Grayson was thrilled. Running hastily down the porch, he went ahead to help her. To his surprise, another head bobbed up from behind the open door of the car. A girl stepped out. Looking straight into his eyes, she gave a sheepish smile.

“Hello Mr. Grayson!! I'm Gabrielle.”

Mercy pulled out the suitcase and moving towards the front of the cab, she paid the driver and let him go. Then, turning towards her father, she ran ahead and clung to him in a bear hug. Pulling back, she looked back and forth between her father and Gabrielle.

“Papa, this is Gabrielle. She's my best friend in college. The writer girl I talk to you about. Apparently, the charity home she stays in had asked her not to return because of a virus panic that has taken over the other people. If I hadn't brought her home, she would have been alone at the hostel. I did the right thing, yes Papa?”

Mr. Grayson looked through at Gabrielle for a moment. And then, with a big grin, gave a big shout,

“Welcome to this family my dear!! Beware we will make you fat and lazy.”

And saying this, he broke into shaking laughter.

The morning of the Gracing Ceremony has finally dawned. Along with all other families, the Graysons had their specialty for the evening( ChocoPie) parceled up in exquisitely beautiful containers and trays. Both Mercy and Gabrielle were in a dilemma as to what to wear to the party. Girls never have anything to wear, right?

Anyway, they decided to go shopping. The store for party dresses was on the farthest end of the town, on the edge of a stooped hill. It was named ‘The Frills'. When the girls reached the shop, Mercy parked the car near the bent of the road and then went inside.

About half an hour had passed. Gabrielle had already chosen her attire for the evening and was waiting for Mercy to grab hers. Since it was almost noon, the heat inside the store was impossible to bear. Gabrielle excused herself and came out of the store for a fresh breeze of air. As she took the bent while walking down, she suddenly came to a halt.

A few steps farther, lay a black Mustang. And beside it, was a man decorated in mud splashes. But that wasn't what caught her eye. Another person, probably the man's chauffeur, was spraying him with water by a water hose. As the mud started falling off, Gabrielle's jaw dropped with awe. Standing in front of her eyes was a literal Greek God. With a wet white shirt and shiny black pants, every bend of his muscles was clearly visible. His small, yet puckered nipples peeked out from behind the shirt and Gabrielle couldn't help herself from looking straight at them. And then, the unbelievable happened. He started to take off his shirt, turning his back to her. As he started to pull his shirt out, his shoulders flexed in and out, forming a sexy V-curve along the backbone. Gabrielle started to feel a tingle in her private areas. She could feel her nipples getting erect at the mere sight of his skin drenched in droplets of water. A slow, but loud moan left her lips. The man turned around. With his hands nearly opening the zip of his pants, he directly looked into Gabrielle's eyes, both confused and curious. As soon as Gabrielle realized what she had done, she gave out a shriek and ran away back towards the store.

Sebastian had been out since morning 5, closing of the deals for the day sooner, so that he could focus on the ceremony that was to be organised at his villa that evening. The whole town was coming over. His work was far from over. But you know what happens if you are running late. There always are things that delay you further. So when he had closed the deal at the ranch down the hill on the edge of the town, he was finally cleared for the day. Just as he was returning to his car, a frantic and scared retriever ran past him in haste. But in that process, it splashed up the pool of mud beside him, onto him. And since he had to visit his aunt's home before returning home, he had no other choice but to clean himself up then and there. While Rob, his chauffeur and bodyguard, was helping him wash, he suddenly heard a low moan from behind him, probably a female voice.

And there she was. With a loosely tied-up bun, her hairs fell lazily on her ears and face. With eyes so small, yet poked out of frame, she had a set of round full reddish lips that were slightly parted letting out that moan. She looked like an angel, so fragile and innocent, yet sexy and hot as if she has crawled just out of a bed. Drawing his eyes down to sweep over her body, he could see two small crooked folds on her shirt, her nipples standing out. She stood with a 4.5-inch heels legs that were slightly parted. He could hardly change his breath when suddenly, she gave a shriek and ran back in the opposite direction.

Oh boy, he was screwed.

That very evening, people from the town started flooding over to the Krane mansion. Mr. Sebastian Krane was the host of the evening, and he was the secret fantasy of every woman in Wiseville, starting from young teenagers to those elderly women who played poker every Sunday at his Aunt's place, just to have one look at him. Today too, almost every family in town were gathering at his house. The Graysons were getting ready. Both Mama and Papa Grayson were sitting in the living room waiting for the girls upstairs, who had still not gotten ready.

“Gab, I think you should just stop dreaming about that man and put on your dress. Not that I'm complaining. You look ravishing in that lingerie of yours. I'm sure if you show up like this, there will be many like him hoping for a chance to grope you”, Mercy teased Gabrielle and gave a wink.

“Stop pulling my leg, will you? It was best if I hadn't told you. It's so embarrassing.”

After a few minutes later, both the girls were ready. Mercy wore a emerald green gown, with a deep neckline and two small pair of golden studs and golden stilettoes. Gabrielle, on the other hand, wore a Prussian blue body-hugging maxi-dress, with a plunging back, and a slit starting from the lower thigh of her right leg. She paired it with a long dangling pearl earring and black pumps. Her hairs were kept open loosely, with a clutch that held them a little back.

When they reached the Ceremony, Papa Grayson went off with some friends of his to the bar and sat down for drinks. Mrs. Grayson too, went in and presented her Chocopie to her neighbours and started talking. The girls, with nothing else to do, started to mingle with the other girls present, some of whom were Mercy's childhood friends.

Around an hour had passed. It was around 7:30 in the evening. Suddenly, there was a clink of glass somewhere from the first floor of the mansion. Everyone stopped talking and whatever else they were doing to look up.

Mr. Krane had come.

“Welcome all, to this place I call home. Thank you all for gathering today. As we know, this day is a very important day to all of us. I would like to appreciate the efforts of everyone present here that strives to make Wiseville a better place to live, every day. I hope you all are enjoying yourselves. I'll be down in a moment, I assure you. Have a great night people!!”, Sebastian announced. The whole crowd went up in cheers.

Little did they know that at one corner of the lawn, stood a girl whose jaw had dropped open, twice on the same day, looking at the same man.

During that whole evening, Gabrielle tried her level best not to come into the view of the host of the evening. She was way to embarrassed to even face him and apologise. When the night drew closer to an end, she carefully looked inside whether the host was there or not. She was in urgent need to pee. After quite many drinks, she was already on cloud nine. So, tip-toeing inside the mansion, she searched for a washroom. Since most of the people had left, the mansion was almost empty. The only people left to still leave were out at the lawn. Heaving a sigh of relief at noticing the washroom, she ran towards it and open the door that was left a bit ajar.

“Oh, I wouldn't come in If I were you.” A husky voice spoke up.

Shook by the sudden interruption, Gabrielle looked up. There, under the full force of the shower, stood Sebastian.

Embarrassed for a second time, she turned around to open the door and leave, when a hand shot out and grabbed her by the shoulder and pulled her back. The next thing, she was drenched under the shower, in the tights arms of an almost-naked man, with her chest tightly pressed to his. She was drunk already. It was becoming difficult for her to fight his grasp. Still, she tried wriggling out of his arms.

Sebastian was surprised to see his afternoon fantasy standing in front of him, in his own washroom. And God, she was gorgeous. Her open hair did so many tricks to his body that he found himself fighting against his control, for the very first time in life. And that wasn't all. When she turned to leave, her exposed back sent him going crazy. Plush-white, she had a small round mole sitting right in the middle of her vertebral lining. All he could imagine was sliding his tongue over that mole. And then, unable to fight any longer, he pulled her into his arms and looked into her eyes. They were the most sensual of all. Brown eyes, with a small nose and those moist lips, he felt his body sparkle at the mere touch of her.

With a sudden force, he pressed his lips over hers.

Both of them were shocked at the current that ran throughout their bodies. Entwining their lips, they both slipped into ecstasy so deep that they didn't realise they were moaning loud and clear.

They got pulled back to the reality by a frantic knock on the door.

“Sir, this is Rob. Your Aunt wants to speak to you. I'm afraid if you don't show up soon, she will come finding you, sir."

Letting go of Gabrielle, Sebastian looked deep into her eyes and let her go.

“Oh little one, this is far from over. I'm going to find you again. I'm Sebastian. And you are?”

“Uh-huh. Gabrielle”, she replied sheepishly looking down.

“Gabrielle, you are now mine”.

A few days later

Gabrielle had been quite busy helping Mercy in her volunteering works in town. Apparently, Mercy has been doing this since she was a child. But since yesterday, Mercy had fallen ill, of fever. So Gabrielle vouched to do full time volunteering for Mercy's sake.

So today, she went to this vineyard that stretched beside the Wiseville lake. The workers needed help storing the grapes in the barrels and so she was giving them a hand. As noon neared, all the workers went inside for their lunch. Gabrielle wasn't hungry. She walked out to the edge of the lake and sat down.

“If I knew I could find you here, I would have come for supervision every day”.

Looking back, there was Sebastian. She flushed in pink recalling the night in his shower.

“What are you doing up here, Sebastian? If I knew you would come here, I would have never come at all.”

“Oh no no. Don't pretend. Your face says it all. You enjoy my presence as I enjoy yours. Your body does things to me, Gabrielle. And It has never happened before. I need to get to the bottom of that mystery shouldn't I?”, saying so, he chuckled.

His laughter was music to her ears. This man was more than perfection. Sebastian walked up near her and sat down. Rubbing her hands in his, he softly, but with a stronghold, whispered near her ear,

“Will you go out with me, oh little one?”.

Sebastian was asking for a date. Gabrielle was ecstatic. She longed to jump into his arms and bob up and down, but she tried hard to refrain from doing so. Composing herself, and slightly lifting her eyes to match his, she said yes.

Quite many days passed since their first date. Both Gabrielle and Sebastian met and spent time every week, but even that was less for them, considering the busy schedule Sebastian had to be in every day. But their relationship evolved quite well. For starters, Sebastian wasn't a one-woman man. For him, this was a big deal and he wanted to be perfect in it. And for Gabrielle, well, she thought that Sebastian was a catch every girl wanted to have, but she was the lucky one.

Present day

One night, Gabrielle had been out grocery shopping. Both Mr. and Mrs. Grayson were out of town for a family errand and she and Mercy were left to manage the house. Since Mercy had some laundry to do, Gabrielle had offered to go shopping. As she was returning to the house, she saw two guys fighting over something. Looking closely, she notices they were Carter and Carlose, two workers with whom she worked at her time in the vineyard. They were good to her. So wanting to help them, she ran and tried to stop them from fighting. As she was pulling one from the other, she suddenly felt a bolt running through her stomach up to her shoulders. Looking down, she could see her cream dress turning red. Figuring out what he had done, Carlose gave a scared shout. Gabrielle felt her vision growing blur. With thoughts of Sebastian on her mind, she lost conciousness.

Sebastian was looking through the finances of the month that night when suddenly Rob came running into the office. He never does that. Sebastian was curious.

“I'm sorry sir but this was urgent. There was a fight between the workers on 5th street today. That is not the issue sir. I'm afraid there is some bad news.”

Sebastian asked him to continue.

Struggling for a moment, Rob said,

“Sir, Miss Gabrielle was at the spot by coincidence. She tried to stop them. But, she was stabbed during that process. Accidentally ofcourse. But she is critical and is at the Town hospital now.”

Sebastian shot up from his table and without any change of clothes ran down towards his car. For the first time, he drove his car, frantically and in tears. He didn't care who he would hit in the process. Gabrielle was the only thing in his mind. She was the only person he loved after his dead parents.

Oh my God.

He was in love.

And when that realisation hit him, he felt himself dying at the very thought of losing her. His little one.

Two days later, Gabrielle was back to her senses. The doctor had explained to her that other than the skin and the muscles to the front, nothing major had happened. And that was a miracle. When the doctor left, she looked towards the opposite side of her bed. And what she saw broke her into tears.

Sebastian was seated on a chair, with a night robe and a disheveled face, tired and sleep deprived. And Rob was standing beside him, allowing his boss to take his nap in peace.

“Rob, since when is he here like this?”, Gabrielle asked.

“Maam, since the day you had been admitted. Sir hasn't eaten or slept. He has been there maam”.

Sebastian could vaguely hear his girl speak. His eyes shot wide open. And there she was, beautiful as ever, even in a hospital gown, smiling down at him, probably laughing at his weirdsome attire. He could bear no more.

“Rob, get out. Come in only when I call. And yes, don’t allow anyone to come in.”

Saying so, he sped straight to Gabrielle and lay a kiss on her forehead.

“Oh little one, what am I to do with you?”.

A few days later…

It was a Wednesday. Gabrielle had almost recovered. Her wounds were gone, and she could slip into small household works at home slowly. Though Mrs. Grayson didn't allow her, she couldn't be stopped. That very night, after Gabrielle was done with everything, she got ready to go over to Sebastian's place. He had called her up for a dinner date and she couldn’t skip that.

As she reached his place, Sebastian was standing on the doorsteps of his home, wearing a…wait, is that a T-shirt? He never wore T-shirts. Atleast not after his parents died. Gabrielle was confused.

“Come up Gabrielle. I didn't call you over to gawk at my perfect muscles. The table is set.”

Both of them went in.

As they neared the dining area, Sebastian could wait no more. He lifted her up in his arms and took her straight to the terrace. Laying her down on the soft grass carpet, he looked into her eyes, like he did the first time, and touched her forehead with his like he did the last time.

Gabrielle felt a hint of moistness on her right cheek. She opened her eyes and looked up. He was in tears. Knowing what troubled him, she held his face in her hands. He could control the piercing agony no more. Grabbing her by the waist, he pulled her into his arms with a grinding force and devoured her lips into a passionate kiss. Hot tears and subdued emotions had finally taken over. He made love to her gently that night. Every part of her body was devoured with utmost care and love. He couldn’t spread his love enough. The moon was at its full, the stars at its brightest, and both of them, naked and dripped in sweat, but in each other's arms, content.

“Will you marry me, Oh little one?”

And all Gabrielle could do was break into his arms with a stupid yet the happiest smile.

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