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Pratik Prabhakar



Pratik Prabhakar


Dr. Ramu Ji

Dr. Ramu Ji

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Prashant is searching for the mobile phone number of one of his friends in old class notes, in books, in diaries. The fragrance of memories started blowing in the environment which is making him nostalgic. How had he opted biology in class eleventh. Many of his non _medical friends laughed at him.No one thinks about any course other than MBBS after opting biology. This is the biggest fault for which many students repent later not to get MBBS seats.

For preparation of entrance he got admission in famous institute of banaras where he met Ramu for the first time. Today Prashnat is searching for Ramu's mobile number.

Class fellows used to mock ramu for his name, his clothings and for his language. Prashant was the leader of these miserable acts. Today Ramu is pursuing MBBS in King George Medical College, Lucknow and Prashnat has to go there for his mother treatment.

Prashant remembered how Ramu talked with everyone using pronoun "aap " and replied with " ji ....ji". This is why many of his friends called him "doctor Ramu ji" . Many aspirants are pleased to write doctor as a suffix with their names. but when they are unable to getting seats of medical college, this becomes their biggest sorrow. But ramu was like a mud pot on which no water like comments works.

Today Ramu is a medical student but the way was not so easy. It was year 2012. Ramu topped in the coaching institute admission test and got free lodging and 80% scholarship in admission fees. Ramu was very poor. His father was a cloth painter in a company but he was unable to colour his family colourless life. His mother was a tailor but her saree was torn. He had two younger brothers and a younger sister. As Ramu was elder brother he knew his responsibilities. He did not want to be burden for his parents. When ramu entered in hostel he had only two dresses, one slipper, one small box in which books were kept and a phone with rubber wrapped cover. Many times phone didn't work due to signal loss or battery problems.

Ramu's grandfather was a cotton mill worker. He died infront of eyes of Ramu last year due to severe respiratory distress. Since that time Ramu decided to be a good doctor and help poor so that they will not die due to poor health facility. He was good in all subjects even in mathematics. But he opted Bilology as his main subject for higher secondary examination.

Previously Hindi medium student Ramu had to learn all things in English, only english. "Antah pradaravi jalika" became" endoplasmic reticulum". One day the teacher of physics made him stand up and asked a question. But, Ramu was unable in even understanding the question. He stood silent. Teacher also mocked him and said "you will never be a doctor, choose the right course". Three months had wasted in understanding English. But now it's too late. He was not doing well in monthly tests. His confidence was low. He was in the state merit list of class tenth, but now it's too late.

In year 2014, in class 12th examination he got 74% of marks but if failed the All India Pre Medical Test (AIPMT). Prashant remembered how Ramu cried very loudly due to which many students gathered near him. What will he do now? will he give up studies ? will he have to colour the clothes? By going through all these thoughts he went home. Mother knew all the mishappenings. She consoled him but what she could do. There was a financial crisis in the house. Work hard daily, earn daily and spend daily on common necessities. How could sleep promote Ramu to study or prepare for the examination once more time.  

Prashant got admission in a renowned Coaching Institute of Kota from where every year toppers are produced in wholesale manner. Ramu was unable to go to other city for studies. He decided to live at home and study. From 2014 to 2015 Ramu studied hard from home. Ramu had started his coaching institute where he started teaching the class 10th students. Many times concepts are cleared by explaining to someone. Now he was also able to earn some money on the other hand he was putting all his efforts on his studies to get excel in the entrance examination that year.

In 2k15 the all India pre medical entrance test was postponed due to unfair means by some people. Ramu did very well in examination but the examination paper was leaked and many students and parents were held guilty. All the dreams of Ramu got vanished and some which were left, also vanished due to breathlessness of his father. His father was admitted in local Private hospital.

This year Ramu only qualified the examination and was unable to get any MBBS seat in any medical college. Prashant had also secured rank within lacs.

Many times only hard work is not sufficient but it is necessary to do right work in right direction. what will Ramu do now ? will he quit the game? will he not dream or will he fight back. No, no, one more chance. It is said that medical entrances is a five year program. But from where he will prepare?

Now the father of Ramu is healthy. Something is good in coaching institutes of big cities so that many students get good ranks and also good choices of colleges. This was the thought of Ramu. He decided to go to Kota for preparation of entrance exam. He collected all his earned money and took a train. Mother of Raju opened the knot of corner of saree and give two notes of 500 rupees. Ramu didn't want to take money as he knew that her mother was collecting money in the box of tea for her saree but he took money as he thought this will be helpful for survival in Kota. While he was leaving his home his mother was weeping. Ramu heart also cried. There was very emotional scene

Ramu got some discount on admission fee as he got good marks in previous all India Pre medical entrance test. After one or two tests he was on the list of toppers of that Institute. He had got his self confidence back. Now he was able to win all the war with the help of his weapon 'self confidence'. 

Now now hurdle had power to stop him. That year he got all India rank within top 200. After counselling he was able to get medical colleges of Delhi but he admitted himself in king George Medical College, Lucknow which was near his house. 

Prashant remembered how he knew the truth about Ramu by reading his interviews in news papers the snaps of newspapers are posted by Prashant in his friend's whatsapp group. All the friends are surprised and praised Ramu. In all the leading papers there was news about Ramu with headings "Gudari Ke Lal ne kiya Kammal"( a poor fellow does miracle)

How did Prashant talk to him. That year he was unable to pass the entrance examination. He got admission in agriculture college for bachelor course. When some friend passes and someone is failed the passed friend didn't call the failed one not to make him unhappy. But the failed one misinterprets it. This is how, many times like long friendship dies. Friendship is like a two way relationship which is travelled together. Even a single partner is weak friendship is not life long.

Prashant was looking for a mobile phone number which he had noted down during coaching days. While searching within piles of book he came across physics book belonging to "Dr.Prashant", that was enough to put a sad smile on his face along with that name was the mobile phone number he was looking for. 

Call got connected, "aap kaun bol rahe hain ji?( who is this?)" On the other side of the phone was the same humble voice of Ramu.

Prashant told everything to Ramu about his mother illness, Ramu consoled Prashant assuring any help he'll need. They talked about all other stuff and memories they made. Prashant got to know Ramu teaches in a coaching centre to meet his expenses.

Ramu fixed an appointment with a doctor in his college. It was a 9hr journey to Lucknow. Prashant couldn't help but think nothing is unachievable if goals and priorities are sorted. Ramu was brilliant student but one thing in which he was unbeatable in was hard work and consistency, No matter what are the circumstances, which medium you have studied, hard work always pays off. Prashant decided to prepare for medical entrance once again with full force this time.

Prashant reached medical College in front of him was standing Ramu in white apron(coat). which was not less than a prize money which Ramu had won with his unparalleled dedication, consistency, hard work and self confidence. The Apron had a Batch, on which was engraved "Doctor Ramu".

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