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Dnyaneshwar Nadre

Drama Romance


Dnyaneshwar Nadre

Drama Romance



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 14.02.2009 - A city in India

 She flew by in her red Sunny in a good mood and passed the colony gate. The reason for her mood was that she had got selected in leading IT Company in final year of engineering itself. He was still following her from college gate till the colony gate. She parked her Sunny and ran toward her home to tell the news to her parents. He stopped his bike outside the gate.  

‘She did not use the lift, it means she must live on first or second floor', he thought.  

He decided to wait outside the compound wall. He pulled a cigarette after half an hour and formed a small cloud of smoke. Still he could not get a glimpse of her pretty dimpled face. All of sudden he spotted her in nice red gown in one of the balcony on second floor. He threw his cigarette and hurriedly started to walk across the street. After couple of minutes he was talking to the owner of a flower shop across the street.

'Please send a 14 red roses bouquet to the flat on second floor in the opposite building', he ordered in low voice.  

'There are many flats on second floor. Which one, Sahib? ', the puzzled owner asked.  

'The one where you can see a young lady in balcony', he answered without looking back.

'Beti', her papa called and she had disappeared in her home at same moment. Another girl came out in neighboring balcony.

'Do you want to put a message with it, Sahib?', the shopkeeper asked while handing over bill to him.  

He slipped a small envelope in the bouquet and started to walk toward his bike.

  It was most almost an hour he was waiting near the biggest water fountain in the garden. 

'She will be reaching her at any time if she received the message', he tried to convince himself.

He saw five men all wearing big golden chains approaching him.

After a closer look he noticed that a girl in dark chocolaty salwar suite was also with them.  

'Who is she? ', he thought.

Before he could utter a word, he found himself lying on the ground surrounded by those five goons.

'Ghar mein maa behan nahi hai kya, saale?',she shouted. These were the  last word he could hear before he lost his consciousness.

 14.02.2012 – Pune

 It was nice warm Sunday evening in IT City. After fighting a lot finally he got transferred in the city. 

'Friend in need is a friend indeed ', he murmured after parking his bike in Central and looking at SMS which read 'Pune Central - Today - 6:30 PM'.

 He was just gazing through various articles ranging from Ray Ban goggles to skincare products on ground floor. However after every few seconds his eyes were focused at entrance of the mall. The clock in mall showed 7:00 PM and his eyes were enlightened. 

'OMG !! The same pretty dimpled face. Few things really never change!!’ were the words which struck him as she entered the mall along with her friend.

He followed her virtually everywhere in mall without getting noticed while she happily buying clothes, perfume and other household items.  Finally she arrived at billing counter. He quickly moved ahead of her in the queue and paid the bill for big box of heart shaped chocolates.

 He was waiting at exit door of the mall where security check was happening. As soon as she entered the place, he approached her.

 'Stop at once, you thief!! ', the security guard yelled at him while he was putting the box in her bag. He could sense the trouble ahead.

'Poor chap!! Don’t know what he was doing? ', She thought and she gave a surprised look. Meanwhile other security guard gathered there. While he was busy in explaining them the situation with lame efforts, she left the place thinking about him for about a second.

 14.02.2013 – Pune

It was as usual busy Monday at Bus Stop in Baner. 

'This will be my day', he told himself multiple times and waited for the bus to Hinjewadi.

 He was hardly separated to her by 4-5 persons in queue. As the bus approached near stop he pushed other persons to move closer to her. 

He was standing behind the seat where she was having a discussion with her colleague about some technical issue. He felt that she looked at him and smiled couple of times.  After about half an hour she stood up and moved toward the door. He followed her mechanically without realizing that it was not his stop.  She looked back and waived hand at him. Her friend was standing behind him. She stepped out of the bus to get down.

 All of sudden a honking black Vento came at lightning speeds behind the bus. Everyone there was sure that she will get crushed under the car.  In a flash of second, he held the bus by one hand and pulled her by other.  She kept looking at him in a shock. He could sense fear of death in her big rounded eyes. 

Even God was glued to the scene frozen for a moment. But Destiny had some other plan.  

 'May be I can die hundred times for these beautiful eyes', he thought looking deep into her eyes. 

 Both were fallen out of the bus. The car stopped with loud noise of brakes. Along with his clothes, the pink greeting turned into red by his blood. All her memories ran through his mind like a movie trailer, before he finally closed his eyes.  


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