Sneha Hembram

Fantasy Horror


Sneha Hembram

Fantasy Horror

Dark Forest

Dark Forest

2 mins

It was really late while I was returning home, the road to be taken for home was deserted… at night no one dared to go through that road, but I had no option, either stay outside the town and wait for the sun to rise or conquer the fear waiting on the way to reach home.

I just can't stay out of the house like a rover.

It was too dark and took a wrong turn into the forest, rumors were that: its a "DARK FOREST" (house of immortals).

After going for few miles… the petrol tank in my car got empty and the car stopped in the middle of woods.

I was stuck in situation where I couldn't ask for any help.

I had to get out of my car and walk by steps, there was a emergency torch in my car I carried it with me and started to look out for main road if I could get some help.

But all my efforts were in vain, I couldn't find my way out.

Few hours later I heard some noise… it was creepy at night but I gathered all my courage and followed the noise, I could see a man's back, I called him as he turned back… his appearance was horrific, he attacked me, I ran to save my life…

But the immortals started to rise up from grounds and started to hunt me.

I was lost in the DARK FOREST to be demised.

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