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Pubali Halder



Pubali Halder


Cupid Played It Well

Cupid Played It Well

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It was 22nd of March, 2020, the 'Janta Curfew' day. The clock was striking at 1 o'clock at midnight when she suddenly heard the notification pop up on her phone.

Purvi was awake, she was having sleepless nights. Whenever she closed her eyes, the thoughts of her poor performance in competitive exams, sacrificing one year of not doing a job, and self-doubts wouldn't let her sleep. She was frustrated, irritated, and was feeling lonely. 

She was in her early 20's and no one showed interest in her. She used to watch her friends getting into relationships, her middle school classmates getting married, and enjoying to the fullest, and here she was, still in a dilemma whether she will ever get a life of a normal girl. You know, the one who is progressing in her career, enjoying life, traveling to new places, doing something for the needy people around, getting a man in her life, marrying, having kids and all. 

Sometimes, all she needed was a person, who would patiently listen to her failures, her desires, and hear success stories, but unfortunately never got one. Not that she tried, she was craving someone for the last six years but she wasn't valued and the efforts, the love, and the affections became a one-sided affair. She was tired of the mess happening in her life and in between all this crap, that notification, a message arrived. It was a usual message from a very unexpected man, Shivansh, a boy from Bihar. He was a training partner of Purvi when she was doing her final year project. She never noticed him carefully, and being an introvert, she rarely talked with him.

"Oye, what's up", he texted. Purvi texted back, "Nothing much, you say". And then the usual conversation began. After receiving some random text messages, she got to know that his mother was hospitalized and that he was also not well, he was texting her sitting in the visiting area of the hospital. She felt sorry for his problems. She was trying to console him and thought of continuing the conversation to make him calm down. They started discussing the weather, the current situation the whole world is going through, and other stuff. Then she asked him, "How many siblings do you have?", "2 younger brothers", he replied. And out of nowhere, she replied," So you don't have any sister right, I can be your sister". Seeing that message, he instantly replied, "No, you can't become my sister, you are my friend", she had seen the reply and took it lightly because she was used to it. Since college days, she was fond of making brothers maybe because getting a boyfriend was out of her range. Some made her a sister and some preferred being a friend. It sounds crazy and stupid but taunting a boy to become a sister as fun those days. Just when she was about to text back something else, at 1:48 am, he texted, " You can become my girlfriend ".

Purvi was literally laughing looking at that text message which she received. She took it as a joke. She had a habit of making fun of her own self in front of people, maybe because she had a very weird childhood, where she was made fun of by her own classmates, especially the boys, with whom she was studying since kindergarten. She always felt that people would start making fun of her and criticize her because of her different personality and so before any person could do that, she did it on her own. Maybe the society taught her to do so, to protect herself.

"You are a funny guy indeed " she texted, "I am serious", he replied back. Things were getting awkward." Are you kidding me? Look, I am not used to all these creepy things, you are a nice man but please don't make fun of me, I am a sensitive kinda girl, I don't like people making fun of me or flirting with me", she texted back. 

For some time there was no typing back, only the message was seen, she looked into the mobile phone intensely. It was 1:57 am when she got another text message and that message changed her life completely. Little did she knew that she would finally get all the happiness she deserved. He texted, "I love you". And it was although instantly seen, Shivansh didn't get any reply. He texted back, " What happened? ". She replied " I am nervous ", getting that reply, he couldn't hold himself back. 

He started typing, "Purvi, I started liking you ever since we met, you never noticed me but I really started noticing you from day 1, and trust me, it all went with the flow, I even tried to spend some quality time with you on the last day we met but couldn't tell you, you never tried to become friends with me. After our training got over, you disappeared and stopped using social media to concentrate on the preparation for your competitive exams. Remember? I texted you on Instagram and you replied after 1 month that you are busy. Maybe I wouldn't have shared my feelings today also if things were not the same. I love you and I don't care whether you are beautiful or not, whether you have a sexy figure or not. I love you the way you are. I don't want to know your past, all I want is to become your future". 

It was really a long message but while she was reading line by line, tears were coming out from her eyes, the words were becoming blurred, she couldn't believe that she will get so much love from someone that too just like the way she wanted. It was raining outside. It seemed nature too was crying and the tears were not of any pain but the extreme level of happiness that she just experienced. She was speechless and he waited for her reply. She texted, "It's raining outside", to which he replied, "Wow, it's amazing, romantic weather, an insane girl and a stupid boy, I love you Purvi". He proposed to her again.

Just when she had stopped believing the fact that there must be someone in this world who will love her beautiful inner self then just looking at her outer personality, he came. He is not exactly the guy he imagined in her life. Being from a convent English medium school, she always thought of having someone in his life who is well versed in English, decent looks, smart, intelligent, good sense of humor, who will encourage her in everything, motivate her, make her dreams his own and the list goes on. But Shivansh was partially the same man, and thank God he is not the exact one, maybe he is from the state board and not well versed in English, but he doesn't have the male ego, which most of the so-called gentlemen have. He never cared about society and never thought that his girlfriend should be presentable as if someone has owned a trophy. 

That night too was a sleepless night not only for her but for both of them, but there was something different in it. That entire night she was in a dilemma, after observing so many failed relationships her friends had, after seeing all those 'Crime Patrol' episodes, she was confused. She is too fragile to bear a breakup pain after giving her 100 percent to someone. She barely knew him. Their upbringings were different, and she never believed in her so beautiful destiny. She feared, she overthought, and finally, when she received a reply from her half boyfriend she was in one-sided love with, that she should do what she thinks good for her, she gained enough courage to give life a second chance to move on in her life. 

The next afternoon, she said yes. He was super excited. He all of a sudden turned into an amazing person, but inside her, she was still uncomfortable, she was still unable to trust him. The honeymoon phase started just like other couples but unlike other couples, they were in a long-distance relationship right from the beginning. 

Purvi heard people say it doesn't work, but in their case, definitely, they craved to see each other, but the love grew stronger, his confidence to make her forget all her previous bad experiences, his efforts to text her or call her whenever his family is not around him, his innocence and his transparency made him a true gentleman and then within a week she was so much comfortable with him, she started trusting him a lot, she started loving herself a lot, never in her life did she accepted herself the way she was, only always compared herself with others. 

But ever since Shivansh came into her life, she found the real Purvi she was searching, with the days passing by she started glowing differently, her scattered life into a track and she was happier and touch wood this may continue forever and end happily ever after just like all those stories in fairy tales.

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