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Smruti Kulkarni

Romance Drama


Smruti Kulkarni

Romance Drama

Colors of Love

Colors of Love

7 mins 961 7 mins 961

I was born about six years ago in the workshop of one of the most well-known steel artists in the world. He made me with his own hands. My tip, my bowl, my neck, my back and my hand were all very carefully cut out and crafted – with utmost skill and delicacy. I was then embroidered with a beautiful image of a climber. The climber was then painted with bright colors. I looked handsome. My master looked at me with pride and said – “You are my very best spoon. I have never made a better looking spoon before.”

I felt like a king! All other spoons around me were simple, and they were all jealous of my unique appearance. But I enjoyed their envy – I was full of pride.

My happiness and pride reached another level when I was boxed together with the most beautiful lady in the workshop – a shiny, steel fork embroidered with a similar climber on her hand. To me, it was love at first sight! The moment I saw her, I knew I wanted to be with her. Love can be such a fantasy! It made me a dreamer.

At night when the master and his family went to sleep, I decided I’d strike a conversation with her. I‘d tell her how much I loved her. But I was too shy to express my feelings. The moment I looked at her, I forgot everything! I forgot who I was; I forgot where I was and what I had to say! I felt like a fool! So I stayed quiet. I just tried to secretly look at her from the corner of my eye, afraid that she’d somehow learn about my feelings and think – what a fool he is. But inside me, my heart was jumping with excitement! Love can be such a frenzy! It made me crazy.

The next morning a man visited the workshop. He was looking to buy a present for his daughter’s birthday. He looked around at the different articles there and picked up the box with me and my sweetheart.

“What a beautiful pair of cutlery this is Mr.Alloy” he exclaimed. “My daughter will be delighted to see this, and I am certain she will take this cutlery to school, in her lunch box every day.”

And he was right – the young girl of six loved her present. She opened up the box, gave me and my sweetheart a nice wash and after drying us, placed us gently in the kitchen drawer with the other spoons and forks.

The next day I and my darling had the opportunity to go to school in the girl’s lunch box. I secretly enjoyed the bumpy ride to school as it gave me the chance to brush against my dearest. She would blush away when I touched her, but I’d make every effort to discreetly move closer to her. I got the feeling that she was falling in love with me too. That smile on her face, that truth in her eyes let me know that she was falling for me. Oh, what a feeling that was! Love can be so magical! It made me enchanted.

We did this every day, and I started seeing that we were enjoying each other’s company a lot! In the evenings though, she would sleep together with the other forks and I was left with the other spoons. The little girl’s mum was very particular about her cutlery – she did not mix forks and spoons together. I would dream about her at night, twisting and twirling in my own spoon compartment. I’d look forward to the next morning for our bumpy ride to the school again. Oh, love can be so impatient! It made me so restless.

One day the girl took us to a park for a picnic. It was a beautiful day and both of us were shining more than ever in the sunlight. The children were all excited. The little girl quickly ate her lunch and packed the lunch box back into her bag, so she could enjoy playing with her friends in the park. In doing so, she did not notice that she had dropped my sweetheart down and had forgotten to pack her back. I was stuck inside the lunch box in the little girl’s bag, and my darling remained in the grass! I was helpless! What could I do? How could I get out there to bring her back to me? Oh, love can be ferocious! It made me fearful!

Hours passed, and soon I could feel the bumpy ride back home – only this time it was not fun, it was utterly disturbing. What would have become of my love? What if she gets crushed under some feet? Horrible thoughts came to my mind. I had never felt more desperate in my life before. Love can be such distress! It made me so anxious!

As we reached home, the little girl opened her lunch box to find that she had lost her fork. She started crying. Her dad said he’d go to the park to find the lost fork for her. But she insisted that she’d go with him to do so. This made me feel a bit relieved. I could only pray that they’d find her there. I waited for more news. Love can be foolishly optimistic. It made me stupidly hopeful!

A few hours later the girl and her dad returned from their search, but empty handed. The girl was weeping, as she now had no matching fork for her lunch spoon. I was put into the drawer with the other spoons. I was in deep agony. My heart was completely broken and was weeping out loudly. I wanted to die. Why hadn’t the little girl left me in the park too? I had come to realize that I’d probably never ever see my sweetheart again! My fellow spoons noticed that I was sad. Some of them tried to console me. But all I wanted to do was sink into my sorrow and perish. Oh, love can be such a pain. It made me hurt, hurt so much!

The next day the little girl received another special gift from her dad – another lovely pair of fork & spoon – shinier and prettier than me of course. Plus as it was a pair, so she preferred to use that one instead of me – I was now alone, lonely and really useless. The family would not use me as I did not have my matching partner! They’d prefer their forks and spoons to appear in pairs. So there I was, left all alone, sad and heart broken. Love had become solitude. It made me lonely!

One day the little girl’s mum was doing some house-keeping – getting rid of all objects that had been unused for over a few months. I was clearly one of them! I was put into a box of discarded metal items. With me was an old lamp, a rusty metal plate, some wires and a few iron rods. The box was placed out on the street for scavengers to pick up.

The scavenger who picked the box up sold it away to a mill. The items were then separated out and were kept ready for meltdown. I was placed in a huge pile of steel cutlery – all of which would soon be put into a huge machine that would melt down the steel so it could be used to make other articles.

So, my end was now nearing. If I could only ask for one last wish, I’d ask to have one look at my sweetheart, to tell her that I love her and always will. What a fool I had been to not have expressed my love to her, before I lost her. I shut my eyes tightly, trying hard not to weep. I was pressed against many other cutlery items in the pile, but I could hardly feel any physical pain. I was only thinking of her, and weeping within. Oh, love can be such anguish! It made me feel tormented!

My eyes tightly shut, as I was thinking these thoughts, I could feel some vibrations. Yes, this was it. The pile was just being pushed into the machine. Just before we landed into the machine, I opened my eyes full of tears. Ah! What was that before my eyes? Was I dreaming? Was this true? I noticed in those last few seconds, her climber stuck right over my face. She was with me, we were dying together. My joy at that moment knew no bounds. Oh love can be such ecstasy! It made me feel blissed!

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