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Marilyn Evans

Drama Romance


Marilyn Evans

Drama Romance

Christmas Mass

Christmas Mass

4 mins 316 4 mins 316

"Silent Night, Holy Night...

Son of God... Loves pure light..."

Carols songs were playing in Sacred Heart Church in Mumbai.

Hazel , the pretty daughter of Emily and Edwin was dressed in a cream top and Green skirt. She was just 13 but a Bollywood buff.

"She imagined a romantic life at a tender age and with her hormonal changes, her fantasy was shaded with different hues of Love. She was happy to go to the Christmas mass with her new hopes and dreams."

Hazel applied her dark Pink Lipstick and blue eyeshadow. She loved to deck herself and she had an inner pride that she was beautiful. She did not belong to a rich family but her cousin Nixon had gifted her a makeup kit from Dubai.

The church was the only place where she could flaunt her beauty. School life was simply boring with two plaits. She was all ready and danced in her belly black shoes.

She felt like a Cinderalla and her mother Emily slapped her tight.

"You look like a whore. Go wash your face..." Emily screamed.

Hazel felt like a Cinderalla with a stepmom, though her mom was her own mom. She even did not know what a whore meant? She had seen women in Bollywood movies dancing and singing in a glazing dress. She was ignornant about the deeper meaning. Her siblings were so elder to her and she was scared of them.

Hazel shared a friendship with Brother Xavier in the Church. She liked him a lot. He was around 6 ft tall, slim, fair and handsome.

Xavier was their bible class teacher and she never missed his classes. She was not very religious but going to church was a part of rituals. She very well knew Xavier was going to be a priest in the Catholic Church and she can't fall in love with him. That feeling made her cry buckets full of tears, at times.

"Thinking of him as a lover is a sin, she felt as if God was warning her. She feared the fire in hell and always apologized if she dreamt of a kiss."

She sat in the corner with a red face and her father allowed her to apply a light shade of lipstick but no eye shadows for the midnight mass.

"We are not going to a party but to the church." Mr. Edwin told his daughter.

Hazel applied some talcum on her red face and she looked perfect.

She hid the finger marks of her mother's slap with some foundation and her face shined not less than the film stars.

They reached the Church when the mass had just begun. The Church being crowded the family separated. She sat on a corner of a bench away from her family. She was blindly singing the songs and hymns but mind was fluterring here and there.

Due to a mosquito bite on her back, she now turned back. She saw a college guy staring at her.

" He was fair with had rosy lips. He had silky hair and eyes that care with a stare. "

Hazel was attracted towards him. She turned again and again and he ogled at her.

The friend sitting next to him called him by his name. His name was 'Darcy'.

Hazel had heard somewhere that one can read the alphabet of your would-be spouse on your thumb.

"She believed God had engraved that during birth. "

Hazel rubbed her thumbs and searched for an alphabet 'D', even though that D was invisible, her eyes blindly saw them and she blushed. It was peace-giving time and Hazel sitting on the corner seat took advantage and offered the peace to Darcy with a smile.

"Peace be with you." She said. Her soft fingers touched his manly hands.

He did not utter a word but blinked. Soon came the communion time and everybody rushed for the communion. Hazel was instructed to see her parents at the gate immediately after receiving the communion. They did not have their own vehicle and catching a bus always troubled Mr. Edwin

Hazel walked slowly and Darcy was behind her. She turned again and again.

Darcy screamed: " Look ahead."

"He is too rude and maybe I am glaring at him greedily. Is that I have never seen a man? Indeed I have seen a very charming prince." Hazel frowned and took the communion. ..

She took the communion and walked towards the Grotto of 'Our Lady of Lourdes.' She folded her hands and prayed.

Oh God, I know this is the age when my heart flutters,

My thoughts always clutter;

I get a jitter;

When I think of boys better.

I love to wear glitter;

Want to look sweeter!

Mama hits me bitter,

I don't know what to do later?

She saw someone was standing behind her and listening to her whispers. She knew it was Darcy and she got his perfume smell. She dared not to turn behind .

Her heart said:

"You are not a crazy girl."

She ran towards the gate and stood silently. She could not see her parents. He walked towards her and extended his hands.

" Happy Xmas..." He said with a smile.

" Wish you the same." She frowned.

He offered her the chocolate of love.

"Eclairs wrapper glittered in her hands. She made a paper ring with it and adorned her ring finger. "

The fun was lost when she saw her mom walking towards her.

She was so scared of Emily and she looked here and there. With a shrilling fear, she held her hands and without looking to the sides or even rolling her eyes she boarded the bus.

Edwin allowed his daughter a window seat. The bus moved slowly but she was happy when Darcy waved his hands and slowly blew a flying kiss. It was a memorable Christmas Mass for her.

Some love stories are short,

Cherish it forever...

Small happiness is cheer;

Enjoy it a lot.

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