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Yamini Mathur

Drama Inspirational


Yamini Mathur

Drama Inspirational

Chaotic Emotions

Chaotic Emotions

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Long after the sunrise in the eastern sky, the roosters had finished crowing and the birds were done with their chirping, was the time for people of Begonia to rise and welcome the noon shine. Its spring! The trees have refrained from leafing. The world is not ending. There is no global warming. Birds are continually chirping, squirrels squatted - eating fruits from their usual tree. The worms moving in and out looking slightly confused with their whereabouts. There seemed nothing wrong with the sun. It was up again today as it always is. Ah yes, the breeze. I pause to feel for a moment and conclude that it's flowing as cool as it would on any other spring day. But something somewhere didn't seem right, regardless, that there is and I can see our usual daylight. Undoubtedly something was missing. Thinking on a thought if maybe, it is the wind that is blowing slower than it would on a usual day? No answer from Mind. 'Not that I was expecting any', I said to myself unconcerned. Something somewhere deep within made me stop, sigh, and sit down.

"What is it?" I ask my mind. Why are you so filled with needless thoughts? "Can't you spot! It whispered back in annoyance. Instantly a strange rush of current ran down my spine. I shivered.

The phone shrilled without warning. That was an ugly jerk. No worries, my mood wasn't off as yet, how could it ever be? I am Calm, in case I forgot to introduce myself. Anxiety shrieked from the far end of the phone. "What's up?" Calmly I said, listening to the high pitched cry invading my eardrums. "Yeah, I'll be there in 10." quietly I said, placing the phone back down. 'This is what I think I heard', I say to Mind grinning wee bit from the corner of my mouth, 'We may have a new guest in town.' Picking up my car keys I closed the door silently.

Maneuvering the car around, at a leisurely pace I reached the spot - Anxiety's office positioned right in the midst of colorful chaos of landscaped flowers.

One look at me and it blurted out "Sadness is missing! Do something. We must get it back. I've called an urgent meeting. Get the hall ready for receiving." And it rushed off.

Hmm, Sadness. So this was the missing link for today's feeling. "I'm afraid that was not my best guess". I tell Mind. It must have moved on. Shaking my head I said, "Oh, such trouble Sadness was. Avoiding it, yes we were. It must have felt a pinch through and through its heart wouldn't it?" I paused for a thought, and for that wee bit of a moment, I felt awful to be a part of it all.

Looking out the window I saw a queue of cars waiting to park. A large gathering for the sake of one missing? We do have a heart somewhere. I was pleased with this acknowledgment.

Unhurriedly walking towards the great auditorium I begin helping, preparing the theater for receiving. A smell of dampness caught in my nostrils and I let out a loud sneeze. 'I'm glad', I tell Mind while cleaning my nose with an offwhite handkerchief, 'Finally, there is some good use of this auditorium. After months of darkness it shall, today, see the light, even though (I pause) … 'Ah, never mind'. Shaking my head looking down I can't help but hide a sudden smile.

Guests are now walking in. Admiration entered with its biggest smile hand in hand with Adore and Appreciation. Overloaded with a riot of colors on their most ravishing, and beautiful costumes. They must look their best because this is what they live for. Amusement and Awe couldn't quite stop their usual normal chitter-chatter. I always think there is a bliss in an attitude like this. Carefree, not careless, chatty not absent-minded. Awkward entered walking not but a straight ground. A thought crossed my mind that I should give it a helping hand, but too late it was quicker out of my sight than I thought. Boredom looking down, quietly in the hall, walked around and sat at the nearest spot. Confusion muttering shaking its head looking around absolutely lost. I walked up and took its hand, escorted it down the aisle, there it chose its perfect spot. Everyone was now in their respective seats. What a wonder I thought, this is the first time we are here witnessing a huge gathering for a missing.

Anxiety walked up to the podium picked up the mic and cried aloud "Sadness is missing! We need to get it back!" No response. The hall turned surprisingly quiet from, not a minute ago chitter-chatter loud jangle noise. Pain stood up and took the mic. "Accept what we did was not right. Ignoring, avoiding, eluding, Sadness; It wasn't right. Accept that we are all different. Accept that in that difference is our strength. Don't we know better than what it takes and what we have to give to be an emotion? Can anyone out there feel its pain? Steering clear off Sadness is not a way a true emotion works. We are like five fingers of a hand. Together we are a team and cripple otherwise. Feel - if you have a little empathy left. Get Sadness back or live in guilt for the rest of your life." Filled with agony, Pain walked away rattling the floor on a high pitch heal.

Whispers loud and clear. 'What do we do? There must be some clue.'

"So do we have a vote?" shrieked Anxiety picking up the mic once again.

Nostalgia got up from its seat. "We will get Sadness back. We regret our conduct. We shall fix it right."

Looking around at the nodding crowd it added "We all vote to put Calm in charge of the drill"

I gasped. A neon light flashed at my distant gaze. The attention of every eye was suddenly on my face. Compassion, I thought was the one I needed with me in this mission. Scanning the auditorium at the swarm of emotions, this fame of mine felt awkward. "Is this for real?" I ask Mind. Looking at all the hopeful eyes, and the humbly put in sincere request, do you think I could ever decline?

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