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Breaking The Unbreakable

Breaking The Unbreakable

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Life isn’t similar to what we comprehend or dream about in our little hood. Life’s a trick, it plays us to and fro. It kicks us hard, bashes us to ground and tames us in every possible way till we become flexible, adaptable, acceptable, and then it nurtures us with what we always wanted to have with us. 

I remember once a priest in a temple gave his unfathomable advice to a little child who could barely understand the weight of his words. He had said – “The person we are going to become in the future is waiting for us in present!” 

Listening to this, I felt a strange ache in my heart and my feet went clumsy with the ground. All I could think was – “ Isn’t that, what we feel or desire about ourselves in our childhood, we hope for it as an epitome of happiness at that time and upon reaching to that perception or achieving what we felt we needed, we lose hope about it all?” 

I think, there I say life happens to everybody. From childhood to adulting, we discover harsh ways to sustain, design classy lies to sell, hide insidious truth inside and neglect dirty secrets for the sake of having a beautiful life or at least to propagate beauty in our life by sugar quoting other’s viewpoints.


To be brutally honest, 'I wonder why the grass is green and why the wind is never seen' just like Jeannie Kirby on how she wondered in her poetry but I think I was more conditioned to not wonder but to state and conclude everything and anything I perceived in my childhood, leading to which has made people like me to quickly judge and not like anything in today’s world. 

The society today in my observation has been fragmented into two different ideologies, one arising group of people who emerged to become stoic (more kind of not being able to feel anything or being vacuum from inside) and the other being excessively fantasizing or overly dreaming trying to stay away from the truths around. Further, the real struggle in such scenario stays with parents who have to build their children to stay liberal amidst such extreme ideologies. And in this extraordinary journey of life from being born as humans, to being human, to acquire human tendencies, to understand humanity and to further teach all these half-past life experiences to our little kids, WE EXHAUST OURSELVES!

The real question arises to me in such a condition is – “what could be the best way to live life?” 

Hopefully, no human under his mortality could ever find an appropriate answer to this. 

Even Robert Frost didn’t know which road to take when he was struck down by two choices on his path. And I think that’s perfectly fine. It is fine to stay in dilemma, to make efforts in improving, to travel from wrong to reach the right, to make mistakes and take time correcting it. I feel all of this is fine until one is a growing person, until one is wishing to source some quality in the present life.  

Trying to re-search myself between my own poetries and stories that I write, I cannot help but acknowledge some real hero’s in my small world who have been a part of the extraordinary journey from where I started to where I have reached and further to where I wish to go. One such person, I can’t help forgetting was one who always had said that “NO MATTER WHAT, he is there!” Ironically, we were similar and familiar with the fact of being similar, yet we're so different in how we approached our lives. It would be little less appreciating if I do not give him credit of what I have achieved today and also of how grateful I am to have had him once in life, as he would always be that known stranger living in my backyard who knows me little more than others but much less than my own self. He had always said he was a call away and he had stood by most of his promises which I appreciate too… but today, living a decade ahead of that person whom I once knew more than self, I only want to apologize for what we couldn’t be, for what we lacked, for what if we had been together and rest of such thousands of such what’s I have in my mind….. I would apologize for all of them but for such unrequited love, it would take a lifetime for both of us to payoff for the deeds we had done for each other as well as the risks we had taken in devastating each other’s peace of mind.  

I illustrate this example only to set out the wheels of notion in different times. Life is such unpredictable that it might make you sit at the roller-costar ride for lifetime where at the height of sea level, you would feel all elevated and may drive out of ecstasy around. You may meet someone and feel perfect for filling your hollowness with his light, you may achieve something and feel to be on the ninth cloud, you may find a diamond and set yourself to be a treasurer, you may travel somewhere and return with loads of wisdom not knowing how to handle, you may also be deemed, doomed and criticized for being honest at some point, you may feel void and gulp your own weight of thoughts several times, but you know what? all of that is fine because 'We are only humans!'. And don't think god is not justified. God is fair only to you because he is unfair with everyone around. You know everything has its unique nature and characteristics like how a chair is invented to sit, the computer was discovered to make work easier and faster and like such other things every living creature has its own identity. In this biosphere every other individual is a passing cloud who shall pass irrespective of how hard you want them to stay, so is you in your loved one’s life.  

They say that opposite attracts but nobody tells why they do. I came out with my own understanding that opposite attracts only to balance and stabilize the two extremities. Like see - "for every dusk, there is a dawn; for every person who takes birth, the other shall die; for watching every lively extroverted human, falls one such introvert by secretly admiring them; for only after many falls, the birds learn to fly and many more." To my understanding, this is a unique tendency of its own which keeps this universe going on and on.

Now think about, what if we attracted only similar things? Like if we would fall only for similar people, would eat the same things, would think in some way, and would have born or died in similar ways….. 

Didn’t your mind just crash thinking how it would have been to be similarly similar? Exactly, hence this heterogeneous mixture is important in its own way to help us keep going, to let us grow, to start good things as well as to end them at the right time. In short, I am attempting to say that – "the world how it is today, is already much beautiful and perfect. Also, this amazing world is hoping for its beauty to be cherished and applauded. All we are supposed to do is to perceive it in new ways!"

I don’t say, to stay optimistic always and be lively, neither do I ask to be pessimistic and be depressed, nor am I asking to be void or stoic, and definitely not asking to be ruthless and inhuman as well. I am just hoping for little more acceptance, and when I say acceptance, I ask to give all chances to be accepted as well as be flexible to accept whatever comes in ones way. We are not dogs who dig anywhere they find mud, poop there and leave. We are humans, very much with human feelings. I seek all of you to grow as much as you want to grow but giving others also as many chances as you took to grow yourself. We have to admire the fact that - this land, this sky, this air and the rest of such nature is not any different identity to be manipulated. They are very much our mother and nourish us the same way how our mothers do at the dining table equally distributing all rotis between our siblings. Through this write-up, I want to state that humanity is not a badge to drape around like a saree and to flaunt it with philanthropic ideologies. Rather, humanity is the basic humanism that takes birth with us, stay within us in our journey and die inside us in the end. In short, humanity is the only permanent shadow we have who has traveled with us from the start and committed itself to stay till the last. All I want to say is – don’t let the human inside you die. You are living because of it. Learn to forget others' mistakes but also learn to forgive yourself first for the chances you have missed and roads you should have traveled. Remember that humanity lives in hearts, and hearts that are pure. So, keep your temple pious to keep your own dignity flawless. 

To those, who have read this article and understood, I hope all of you have a great day, may you pursue a successful career, have the most understanding life partner, have lively and authentic friends and wish you all the health in your life!

And those who read but less understood this article, I wish you all the wisdom and knowledge in life. Hope you achieve the greatest level of intellects and may you be an ignited candle in someone’s needy. 

All the best! Love, live, laugh!!

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