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An Old Folk, An Untold Friend!

An Old Folk, An Untold Friend!

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............... While all that happened, happened all alone!

It was another ordinary day without the essence of life. I was tired and exhausted from part of social injustice, I subjected myself to.

R-A-I-N-S!! How amazing they are! They, to me, are metaphysical elements of happiness, wafting life into a memory. - said my grandmother, disrupting my flow of thoughts. She looked happy, rather I must adapt, she always is. The wrinkles on her face is cherished by the alluring smile she gives and optimism she possess for life. at the age of 75, she concise herself to the flowers of her youth disregarding the growth of her decay.

Pulling my hands into the chilling water flowing from the roof of the house on that rainy day she asked - " How does the touch feel ?"

" Frosty" - I replied.

"Isn't that one of the characteristics of the rain water?" - she murmured. This time, trying to signify something i couldn't interpret.

" Still frozen, the water is!" - I hazily replied not sure of my own response.

"That it is, this life. It has got colours in it. Colours and characteristics are not subjected to our preferences; They stand high, high above human obligations to defame it. We humans, need to consume it, the life!, merge and cling to it to survive and sustain which with course of time will be as beautiful as the seven colours of rainbow that will appear after this rain."

I understood what she said. May be, that I needed a change in perception. Alas, I needed to board a train next day to Pune which I was most considerate about. Horrified, at the thought of leaving home, I disappeared onto bed inside the cosy blanket and slept in peace.

NEXT DAY AT 11:00 pm.....

" What station is it?" - Kasak asked. Nobody had a clue. Train had stopped in the outskirts of a city. Everyone started preparing for a sleep. An old man on the upper side birth of the coach, glared at us signifying to switch off the lights but we were reluctant.

"Have you had anything? Will you like to have rotis at least? " - I asked to Mukta. She was one of the rarest friends from old folks to study in same college.

" No, thanks. let me have good music for dinner tonight." - she continued at her peace.

The train approached the station and I dropped down to have a little space over cram-full boogies of the train. I reached the public tap-booth to wash my face and brush my teeth before night sleep. (a habit i followed like a custom since childhood)

I saw passengers waiting on the platform to board the train, cooling rushing out with luggage, newspaper sellers and other shop keepers carrying out their business, two children playing with the black coat of travelling ticket examiner(TTE), annoying him etc. Nobody had time to stand and stare.The public place was crowded like never before. The continuous announcements of trains made it further clumsy.

And, I then observed my train which was already onto wheels for next destination. I rushed, I had to (what else would my reflex impulse have done in return?). My coach was far beyond my reach, I decided to hop on any coach under my capacity to catch. I could hear my friends shouting in anxiety from another corner. All at once, came a rescue for me.

A Man!

A man with decent looks and deep beard! He forwarded his hand in help from the door. He almost leaned towards the platform as much as he could! I ran accordingly to match his pace. This is little thing about life, I guess which grandma told me. It stuck you with memories when you are most unplanned for!

Above my incomprehensible abilities of such awkward circumstances, I proceeded with my left hand taking the help which had a toothpaste holding in it with it's cap open. Subsequently, the squeezed toothpaste merged all over the face of the altruistic man in an attempt to help me.

But -- I-- boarded the train!

Later, having a check I got to know the man was a student from the college I was studying and that unique feeling I got was the characteristic of friends and college life. It teaches us practicalities of manhood away to be found in resumes that we build.

Perhaps, grandmother wanted me to experience the college life, I was unaware of! Perhaps, I made a friend out of seventy five years experience. Perhaps, the man was a key to my struggling time.


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