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Bonding With Veggie Seller

Bonding With Veggie Seller

2 mins

 Sometimes a speck of smile  says a lot more than words

 some people touch your life in such a way

 that, the gestures leave indelible marks 

 I was missing her for sometime

 she was not to be seen in the lanes for a while

 carrying a big basket of veggies on her head

 she would cover all by lanes to sell 

 and eke out livelihood for self

 She was different from a regular hawker

 as she had no bickering  towards any  

 used to mind own business

 and safe keep her modest earnings

 She would spell out names of veggies 

 in a sweet voice

 akin to a solo rendition sans instruments

 her ways were gentle, her dealings were good

 she had woven a tapestry of bond 

 caused uplift of mood


 Her typical style appealed to one and all

 never she raised voice nor picked up a brawl

 she carried a spread of fresh veggies 

 the basket was her paradise

 each purchase had an assured free gift

 of green chilly

Her toothless smile as she weighed and parceled

exposed her deep red tongue

that matched up with her large red bindi

that she wore all along

 In her twilight years she was 

 yet not at mercy                          

 she chatted and smiled with ease

 as she sold her basket full well ahead of return journey

One day I had offered her a glass of lemonade

when it was sweltering hot and sultry outside 

she was moving from lane to lane 

took no break, had no rest nor respite

she sat for a while and looked at me

her grateful eyes acknowledged my deed

"my spouse is sick and I may not turn up

I shall bring some goodies when we catch up"

I asked her not to bother

but she insisted and told-

"let me show a pinch of gesture my dear"

I have been looking for her since then

a fortnight or so has elapsed and in vain

do not know when I shall meet her again.

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