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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Zahid Mushtaq

Drama Tragedy Fantasy


Zahid Mushtaq

Drama Tragedy Fantasy



2 mins 113 2 mins 113

Saghaar; (With a long sigh)

So, this is the Frozen lake!

Sebastian; Yes, sir.

Take off your clothes!

Saghaar; What! (hesitantly) Why?

Sebastian; {with a giggle} Worry not my friend, i am not into men.

Saghaar; (Taking off clothes)

Well, warrior skin or not; chills are insane here.

Sebastian; (Breaking off ice)


Saghaar; (Hesitating a bit) Jumping into the frozen lake, screeching through ice, protesting with veins and gulping down waters.

Sebastian; Jumping and dragging Saghaar out from the lake;

Saghaar; (Coughing & shivering)

Sebastian; (Handing him clothes) rushing to burn fire.

Saghaar; (In a choking tone)

i saw a lady inn there, as fair as princess...

she was saying something..

Sebastian; Now, did you! What she said?

Saghaar; Something like...Blood of my blood, what are you upto now!?

What else do you have to loose?....

Sebastian; Have you ever jumped inn before?

Saghaar; No, never!

Sebastian; (Transfixed)

Saghaaar; Tell me what do you know? 

what was it all about?

Sebastian; Well, if you believe; There is a story.

They say a princess of the suncity, as fair as a fairie, with all the beauty you could ask for in a woman was once there on the other side of lake. She saw a floating wounded warrior and decided to save him.She fell in love with him, A tribal warrior, they say!.That's when all the trouble began.

Saghaar; A tribal warrior, what was his name!?

Sebastian; His name was Kinaan.

Saghaar; What happened then!?

Sebastian; All i've heard he never returned, nor did his brother!??

Saghaar; His brother!?

Sebastian; Oh yes, his brother;

There is a Legend that his brother was the only tribal who was seen crossing underneath this lake to that Other side.

(If you believe)

Saghaar; It's impossible, isn't there any other way around?

Sebastian; No, even if we built thousand boats we can't fight uphill, the city is a Fortress out there.

Saghaar; (Making a move) And we can't walk across?

Sebastian; (with a smile) That's only benefit of me being a dwarf.

Saghaar; That means you've crossed!?


Sebastian; indeed, i've!

Saghaar; What is on the other side, watchtowers!? Camps!?....have you seen the city?

Sebastian; Well my friend, the suncity doesn't allow everyone. There is a spell, that's what the frozen waters are there for...I've seen nothing but a gigantic waterfall at the other side.

Saghaar: So there isn't a way!?

Sebastian; We'll see my friend, there is a vibe with you too. I've seen inn your eyes, you are meant for great things....

Let's call it a day, we'll try again tomorrow.

{Sebastain: Shouting in native}

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