Harpreet Kaur

Horror Drama Action


Harpreet Kaur

Horror Drama Action

Black Blood Rain

Black Blood Rain

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There was the loud, sparkling thunder sound of clouds and the sky was in the form of a mist that was making a stranger shadows and the night was about no moon day. A pregnant lady"ANNIE" was moving alone in the heavy rain to the jungle under the advice of an old magician lady "LIZA".

Annie was wearing long grey color maxi and was having a torch in her hands. She was continuously praying to god to protect her baby. No one did not know why she was doing that and why Liza was saying to go to the jungle. But the question here was how Liza met with Annie and her husband" JAMES". He was never like that magician lady as she was arguing the couple to offer the blood to an unborn baby and for that she was already preparing the water, by mixing the blood which was prepared with the black spell. Annie was accepting all conditions but James was not in favour of both ladies as according to him, this thing was relating to superstition. He was including that what if the doctor was saying that the child will die after the birth, I will accept it with rude heart but will never want that the world of the child will be difficult, different or uncertain.

He was strictly avoiding this ritual and then a huge conflict was taking place between both the couple. By taking benefit of this conflict, Liza was advising Annie to live separate from her husband. Both the ladies started living in a village, near the jungle "AZAM". The owner of the house was Liza where she was daily doing the black spell and was also worshipping the evil god. Annie was doing all the rituals as told by Liza, in the favour of thought that she will spend a lot of time with the child in the future. She never imagined that on that lady she was believing, that was using her in the demand to complete the desire for herself.

Liza was greedy of beauty and for that, she was already offering the blood of six children and Annie's baby was the last one after which she will get all as she wants. Annie did not know that her husband was following her because he was wanting to rid out her from Liza's clutter. One day, Annie's was ill and on the same day, Liza was cutting a layer from her hair for doing a spell in the future.

After some days when Annie was healthy, she was saying her to doing worship and follow the rituals on no moon day. When she was walking to the jungle, the black shadows started following her, she was getting fear completely and was opening the locket of Jesus idol which was hidden in the torch. After reaching the place, she was seeing the idol of evil god and a large empty bowl was at there.

After seeing the idol, she was getting more scared, through which she was getting confused to do what or nott. Her brain was saying to do rituals because her mind was controlled by Liza through that hair which was cut by Liza but the heart was not allowing for it. After long thinking, she decided to offer the blood for the sake of the long life of the child. But on the spot, her husband came and said to stop it.

He was detailing the whole matter to Annie how she was using the children to accomplish her demand for beauty. He came to know this all when he met with the parents at a cafe, who already accepted the conditions of Liza. They were saying, after that their child was behaving like an evil person. Annie was suddenly stop all the procedure. Liza was watching the whole scene through a magic jar, she was also reaching at their in the form of mist. When she came, Annie started questioning her but she was quiet because she was reading the "mantra" inside the mind for doing the spell on both of them.

James came under the spell but it was not working on Annie because of that locket. Both the ladies start fighting with each other.while fighting, Annie put that locket on the forehead of Liza by which she was immediately run from there but was not die because she was the follower of an evil god. When the couple was moving from there, suddenly Annie was slipping down on the ground and the pain was starting in her stomach.

After a while, she delivered the "baby boy". But that baby was not opening his eyes or not the crying. The droplets of rain was turning into black blood. The "black blood rain "was starting over it, this was happening because the blood which fell on the ground, automatically delivered to evil idol after the baby's birth. This was all set up by Liza as she already knew that if some wrong will happen while worshipping then she will take this step, by which the blood will deliver by itself so that she will return back.

With the black blood rain, the child was slowly opening his red color eyes which indicate that the child was born with an evil spirit, but he was also born from kind heart lady, maybe the human heart will also exist in him. The thing was that Liza was not able to accomplish all desires at that time because the blood was offered after the birth of the child but according to the evil rules the unborn baby blood was must be offered.

Liza will come back? The child, will he also react as evil or human qualities will exist in him? Will both meet again? This will again happen if the "BLACK BLOOD RAIN " will fall.

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