Meerna Alreashy

Drama Tragedy


Meerna Alreashy

Drama Tragedy

Between coherence and cohesion

Between coherence and cohesion

2 mins

I am 18 years old Palestinian from Haifa. Our charming nurture charming you. My long journey to my college is not safe because of the Israel occupation of Palestine land. It's our land not as what they so-called them land. They have no historical rights in Palestinians as Israel and Zionism. They called us, terrorists because we defeat our land. Now let me told you my simple sine story of thousands of stores on the west bank. People who are from a huge separating Israel from Palestine. Not all people can wake on the Israeli side, you have to have entered the check point as a retired in your country. Also, people who can permeation in other areas have to bring some documenters. The wall tierra families you can see family in one area while your kinds in the other. not only that but also  The wall cuts the west bank from its towns. One of the hardest things in my life is time. The time itself bacon countable when I want to be outside because of the borderline and checkpoints.

Every single day Rafef zeara words nock my mine "my mother born under an olive tree and cross checkpoint,  their bares, there appeared and back to my homeland". I do not know where can end my story because it is endless until a Daum terrorist go far away. my dreams are not battered sweet women, but to see Palestinian free. One day I took my bag to go to college and I prepper my first presentation all of a sudden my happiness change into deep sadness because Israeli shoulders do not allow me to go to me college for no reason and so on this is our life in short. Once I took my pen and reply to that situation, 

Allow me to speak my mother tongue before they occupied as well

When I went to achieve my dream you come 

You come to steal it 

Yo come to damage it 

You come to smash it

But never never never

All I need is to educate, it is my simple right but 

You change the right into a crime

Civilized people teach the meaning of freedom 

And we breastfeed our children the meaning of it and how to get it. 

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