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Being Perfect

Being Perfect

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It was a usual day, in the province, Suresh got back to home

He spoke to his mother about the day and placed the noodles on the range.

The television was playing a horror movie, after the exhaustive day he was having his dinner on the sofa and was having his energy drink.

Suresh was a divorcee he has been insane and got suspended on the number of occasions.

It was his sixth job in four years, yet he was a genuine person in the virtual world.

He logged into the social site, continued browsing.

He did his routine job, gave the likes and comments on his friend's picture.

To make his presence, he posted and scolded and contributed his dedication towards humanity for the day.

The days passed, and Suresh diligently did his job every day.

There were many likes and comments for his post, soon within a week he was the maximum contributor.

It was a week after, he started contributing.

As he posted his comments, the lights went off, he was so addicted he kept pressing the post button, but nothing happened.

Though the internet was working fine, he was unsure of what was going on.

There was no reply to the comment.

He started posting again, to emphasize his concern for an unknown stranger's suffering.

None of them replied, then the power came back, and Suresh was missing.

The phone was lying on the sofa, and it got switched off.

Suresh's parents were concerned about him as he was not replying and they went to the police station to launch the complaint.

As the complaint was registered, the police station got a call to forward a case of missing to the separate team.

In a day about 11,50,000 people got missing there was no clue how they got lost.

Some of them were at home, along with family some at the office and some were commutating.

The common was light went off, and everyone continued typing on their phone, but they were across the gender and age.

The police were scratching their head they decided to track their Social activity on that day and for the past one week.

The investigation was on suddenly there was an anonymous call.

Inspector: Hello it is R2 HH station

The person on the telephone: Please come to the central drainage system, while clearing the drainage, we found a lot of human organs.

All rushed to the connecting sewerage, of the city capitals.

They found the missing persons, they were alive, but their fingers and tongue were chopped off, and it was blocking the sewages.

The media came to the location and made it as the news of the world.

Psychologist sessions shared with the victims, after a month, but there was no breakthrough.

They were crying and were terrified.

The police continued their investigations and gave the press report about the event.

On Friday 20-11-2018 there was a comment from a girl in a leading FB group. The girl was known to be YYY.

She said she was loved and cheated by HH, a cab driver by behaving in a wrong manner.

She posted his photo. Soon there was a movement, and people started trolling him.

On investigating the post, the police came to know, whatever the girl said was out of the vengeance, and under the influence of drug she posted it.

Reporter: What it has to do with this case, what do you say?

A guy cheats, and they need to be quiet?

Good to see so many people supported her, it's part of being human to feel for our fellow beings.

How can you question the freedom of our speech, it's our right especially when something is going wrong!

Police: The girl who posted it confessed it to us last week, and the victims are the people who supported her online.

The guy who got trolled lost his mind.

He was the only breadwinner of his family, his mother and sister committed suicide, out of public shaming.

The media declared him as a pervert before we could deliver justice.

He was innocent, in a day everything got ruined, because of a false forwarded message.

No matter media available for everyone, one should be responsible, in the way it gets used, and forwarded, be it public or media people.

Reporter1: I feel sorry for him, life is heartless, we can’t challenge it. They could be strong.

Reporter2: So is the guy in Asylum.

What punishment, given for his action, how does he account for so all the cases, is he a terrorist?

Police: No, he is in Comma when he heard about his family.

Reporter1: Sorry sir, but who committed this hideous crime?

Police: we are continuing our investigation. There is no breakthrough for us.

Reporter2: This is just a story! At the very second, the lights started blinking.

Satish, the cab driver, appeared in the press meet.

He appeared in front of the two reporters and said he is innocent.

He slaughtered their tongue, the other reporters dropped their mic and ran, the door got closed.

Police were startled, and they fired at him.

Satish: I will punish wrongdoers and will protect the innocents from devils.

He vanished in the air.

Everything got recorded as white noise, and the court couldn’t declare Satish as a convict.

Satish remains in Coma though he was declared as not found guilty.

The case remains an unresolved mystery.

Even if Judges fails, god exists to judge, but a judgment delayed is justice denied, be it any court.

Follow the words of Buddha, for living not for gaining followers.

After four years:

People changed humanity survived with common sense.

Sanjay, a lonely teenager, posted a video of himself, as a girl to gain followers.

There was no comments and likes.

He closed his laptop and slept.

Lights went off, and the entire world screamed again.

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