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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Sanjana Rajpal

Drama Romance


Sanjana Rajpal

Drama Romance

Beginning Of A New Love Story

Beginning Of A New Love Story

4 mins 975 4 mins 975

Life is all about taking the next step, moving ahead and growing up. But some decisions are irrevocable. They affect your life, career and future choices. They tend to affect your relationship with your partner. Sometimes you cannot avoid them and it was time for Aditya to take that decision in his life.

"What is the result, Lekha?" Aditya said banging the door.

"Wait," Lekha shouted from inside.

In those five minutes, Aditya went back to his engineering college days, eagerly waiting for the results be postponed forever but in the deepest corner wishing them to be positive. Today he wished for a negative result.

"I had said missing periods is normal," Aditya said.

"Will you wait for 5 minutes?" She said irritatingly.

Nervously, Aditya started fidgeting with all the possible responsibilities of being a father in his head.

He imagined Lekha like a goddess in the pregnancy glow, looking more beautiful with every passing day. He would take her for evening walks, yoga classes, shopping, and all her favourite places. He would make her take an off from the work for a year. He would let her win whenever they'll fight over Avanya's last name. Avanya? Yes, that was what he would call his daughter as.

He would help Lekha whenever she would wake up to puke late nights. He would eat more than Lekha so that she didn't felt left out and fat. He would keep reminding her that she's the most beautiful women and does not deserve a man like him. He would pamper her whenever she would crank up her nose for not getting her favourite pani puri or when Avanya would kick too hard.

Aditya suddenly came back to the reality when Lekha said that the first test she took was negative. He, instead of being relieved was caught into a dilemma. The dilemma of Avyana, whether she was real or did he actually wanted her to be real?

"Adi, I am going for the second test," said Lekha.

"But it's just the third day of missing your periods. Why not wait for a week more?" Aditya told Lekha.

"Adi... I know but I want to be sure. I know you don't want a child now, but please just for my sake, can I do it again?"

"Fine. But just the last time."

He again started to knit the life of the little girl he was dreaming about a few minutes ago, just to be more sure about being a father.

When he'd hold Avanya for the first time, his world would come to a standstill. The touch of her soft skin, her little hands tightly holding his, her body would be the size of a palm, and her eyes from which she'll see all the love for her in Aditya's eyes. She would be just like her Maa, beautiful and flawless. Only her smile would be like her Baba, that dimpled smile of hers.

Avanya would be the same as her Maa, smart, successful, loving and beautiful. And she would be close to her Baba, always together as a friend. And she...

"Adi... Adi... Are you there?" Lekha said from inside, breaking Aditya's trail of thoughts.

"Yes. Wha... What's the result? Is Avanya positive?" He asked nervously.

" Adi, we are pregnant. But who's Avanya?" Lekha said in a plain voice.

"Our daughter. Don't stress much that would be harmful to Avanya. You should not stand for that long. Shall I come in to get you? Are you feeling nauseated? Let's go to a doctor."

"Adi, but what if it the result is not correct? What if we are not pregnant? But wait... you're prepared? How and when?" Lekha said, her cheerful voice coming back.

"Let's go. I'll tell you a story about a girl named Avanya. But before that let's go to a doctor and confirm the news about Avyana coming to life."

"But what if we have a boy?" Lekha asked with a childlike face.

"9 months would be enough to fall in love with Ridhaan. Anyway, mothers have a special connection with their sons and fathers with daughters." Aditya said winking.

The road to the beginning of a new love story had already started.

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